Cant get enough of this area, this time we hit Gold Butte Peak and endure a wintery night followed by a brief exploration of the beautiful sandstone sculptures of Little Finland the following day.
Ascending Gold Butte Peak, we choose a more direct path and head straight up the North face encountering a very steep climb that has class 2 & 3 terrain. We end up calling it the 'Low Dog' route since we have to scout and adjust our path so the hound can keep up.
The night brings freezing rain and heavy wind gusts, so much for a mild desert night.
The next day brings more travel on wash boardy dirt roads that eventually land us at 'Little Finland' and wow, do we enjoy this little gem of sandstone delight.
More to come from this area, stay tuned and thanks for watching! Stay safe out there and don't forget to subscribe! Support for the channel is greatly appreciated!

Does straddling a foot wide ridge with 500ft drops on either side bother you, if it does then this might not be for you...or me for that matter.
The Knife's Edge, wow..sounds awesome so I decided to take a nice hike up and have a look. Wrong. What I actually got was a grind of over 3000ft of very steep elevation gain, countless exposed portions, plenty of route finding, lots of class 2 & 3 scrambling, a dash of actual climbing, a hair raising spidey crawl over the ridge known as 'Knifes Edge', and a retreat descent trying to beat the darkness.
Yes, good clean fun on the ascent/descent of Moapa Peak at 6,471ft and located in the Mormon Mountains of southern Nevada. I'll use the word 'trailhead' for lack of something better since there was no trail but a faint route marked by cairns, of which I added a few myself. Getting to the trailhead you will need a high clearance vehicle, I did not have to engage 4WD but I did spin a little and the 8 mile dirt road is washed out in multiple spots and there are portions of thick sand.
I'll also note that phone service was consistent except for the part of the canyon that winds you behind the first peak.
Some other notes on this route:
1) Start as early as possible, you'll want daylight and plenty of it for the descent from the Knife's Edge to downclimbing the final wall.
2) The cairns actually do a good job of keeping you on a consistent route but they do get sporadic at points and route finding skills are necessary.
3) You will have to climb and downclimb and there is considerable spots of exposure, especially if you attempt the Knife's Edge. Having some rope is marvelous idea.
4) No water to be found, bring a plenty!

Wont lie, Moapa Peak worked me and I cautiously approached the challenges that presented themselves. 'Knowing your limitations' is a good phrase to apply when attempting this route, especially when considering the 'Knife's Edge'. Thanks for watching, stay safe out there. Please subscribe, support for the channel is greatly appreciated!

I was able to get to the BLM office in St George and get a proper topo map for this part of the Beaver Dam mountains and after much research it is true that the peak we bagged did not 'officially' have a name. It should be noted that 'Hot Dog Peak' is not an official name either. The peak had to be called something though...
Just south of West Mountain Peak lies the peak we summited located in the Beaver Dam Mountains right on the Utah/Nevada border. Goes without saying that we got our adventure in. From our best guestimates this loop route is between 10 and 12 miles and most likely has an elevation gain of 4000ft AND it is all OFF TRAIL! Well, game trails count I guess.
We initially believed the peak in front of us on our beginning at campsite 31 was the summit but once we got up realized that there was a higher point...then realized there was an even higher point. At the time we did not have a proper topo map so we were unsure of what peak we were going after and for awhile thought it might be West Mountain Peak but WM Peak as we came to find out was highly recognizable since it is covered in towers and located just to the North.
On the descent we followed what turned out to be a nice little canyon with some fun downclimbs and slides and awful spots of almost impassable vegetation. There was a spring in the canyon with running water but there was no water on the ascent.
Lots of adventure on this route, bring pants! Thanks for watching and please subscribe, support for the channel is greatly appreciated! Stay safe out there!

Coming on the tail of Outer Glyph Route (Part 1) we return to Gold Butte National Monument to hash out a route exploring the abundance of mini slot canyons. Connecting these slots, we worked out a route heading south to the petroglyph site then exiting a drainage that heads east. Dare I use the term 'canyoneering'.
The route was awesome and consisted of boulder hopping, down climbs, rock crawling, and even a fifteen foot chimney section that was ascended. Rope was used to hoist packs but there were no rappels. More to come from the area! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! Support for the channel is greatly appreciated, stay safe out there!

This route does actually follow a trail if you stay higher up and further to the east but coming in closer to the rock gets you out of the soft sand and heading south gets you there regardless.
This area is a tad further West than the main petroglyph area which is why I decided to call it the Outer Glyph route and this video is Part 1 of 2 videos. The second video(Part 2) deals more in a canyoneering capacity.
You will need a high clearance 4WD vehicle to access this or you could park at the main petroglyph site and hoof it, really not too far.
I didn't spend much time on the 'trail proper' hiking out, here and there I got back on it. I mainly wanted to stay out of the soft sand. Returning I took a more choppy route entirely off trail to include some mild scrambling but nothing too intense. This is an awesome area to spend some time since it is warmer in the winter.
Thanks for watching and please subscribe, support for this channel is greatly appreciated! Stay safe out there!

Now this is a fun thru hike! Starting at the Hidden Pinon trail head in Snow Canyon State Park the trail winds through awesome red rock country. Nice maintained trails to begin with which turns into some good rugged walking as you enter Three Ponds and finally landing you in Padre Canyon. Guestimating the mileage at 5 miles or so with about a 500 to 600ft elevation gain to get to the Padre Canyon Saddle, this is a great blend of terrain to spend a morning or afternoon on.
Staging a vehicle makes this easier and a special note here, letting the gate attendant know at the Snow Canyon entrance that you have a vehicle to be used as a shuttle will get you a 'shuttle pass' so you don't have to pay for a second entrance fee.
Snow Canyon is also part of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Support for the channel is greatly appreciated!

Apologies, had a few spotty sections with the audio in the first half of this video but worked it out.
Fun little hike up to the saddle of Padre Canyon, this round trip hike only took a few hours but gave great views and also options to continue further or come back the way you came. Trail connections to continue into Snow Canyon to the East or vice versa or...try to get on top of Red Mountain to the West..or just a fun little morning or afternoon hike to the saddle and back to the parking at Tuacahn. Whatever the choice, awesome scenery abounds with many options to fill the day in this gem out in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve in southwestern Utah.
Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

After waiting for summer to pass and temps to drop, I decide to head back into the Hellhole looking for a route to the top. The route I chose does not fail in the adventure department. It should be noted that this route involved Class 3 and perhaps a touch of Class 4 hiking and I did create two rappels to descend.
The route did not take me to my desired destination but it did have a cool viewpoint and it answered a question I'd been thinking about since Part 2. Be safe out there folks! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

I return to Hellhole for further exploration and intending to create rappels for my decent therefore making HellHole 'technical'. I successfully create two rappels (perhaps first decent of this canyon in that manner) before the rain chases me out. located in Ivins, Utah in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, HellHole is a somewhat trail that takes you back into a pocket at the base of Red Mountain. On my last trip I hit the end of the trail at an upclimb of about 20ft or so that could be descended by rappel. I had to come back and see how far I could continue up and how many rappels I could get in. I'll have to return since I was shut out by weather but this looks even more promising than I originally thought. Stay tuned, thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

Had an opportunity to get back out into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve for some more hiking, this time it was the Hellhole trail. Not much of a trail, you could wander the wash back. I missed a turn and mucked about in a finger canyon then realized my mistake on the way back. Turned back and got into Hellhole proper. Hope to return and get back farther to hopefully turn Hellhole into a semi technical decent, to be continued.
The hike wasn't hellish (well, maybe all the soft sand in the beginning) but quite pleasant and the area has a lot to offer. Perhaps opt for something else in the middle of summer. Spring, Fall, and Winter.....great place to spend a day. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

This was a fun canyon to run, fast with a big drop at the end, right outside of St George, Utah. Took a little detour on the approach and had a look down a small canyon that may have never been descended...yet.
Getting back on track we encountered pools at every rappel, a wetsuit is a good idea for this one. The water was surprisingly cold.
Six rappels, the fifth one is around 110ft and the final rappel is 190ft...nice big drops to finish out the ride.
A fantastic canyoning adventure that can be had in 3 to 5 hours. You do have to stage a vehicle and this canyon is closed during the summer. A permit is required, heads up.
Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

This was a long time coming and what a hoot of a canyon, Echo Canyon is a true delight. Finally getting to do this canyon in mid October we were in for a somewhat chilly ride. The prior two weeks and seen some good rain storms so the canyon had plenty of water and we had no problem with the one problem pothole, which we didn't even notice. Four short rappels and a whole bunch of swimming through almost subterranean slot at times made an awesome canyoneering experience! Echo Canyon is up on the favorite list! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

Back in Zion National Park for a back to back canyon day pulling off Keyhole and Pine Creek canyons. Keyhole was fast and very busy with low water and Pine Creek had more swimming in the dark, narrow section which added to its awesomeness.
Thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe!

At 8,028 ft, Mt Trumbull is not hard to miss. We head out into the Arizona Strip for some exploring/camping and to bag Mt Trumbull.
Our first day is spent checking out the old Trumbull schoolhouse and the rock art of Nampaweep. The second day we bag the peak. The trail to the top of Mt Trumbull is good/navigable till you hit a burn section and then it is gone due to growth and deadfall. From there its a grinding, bush hogging sludge to the top while trying to avoid the large growths of Cats Claw. Good times out on the Arizona Strip! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

We fix ropes and ascend the small canyon known as Ghost Rider. I should note that we use static canyoneering rope for the ascents. The trip consisted of two rappels that needed to be ascended, one being 80ft high and the other between 40 & 30 ft high. The other two optional rappels could be up climbed. A fun way to do this small canyon and it saved us from having to hike out the steep exit as well as gave us some more training on ascending.

Nothing like some off trail hiking bordering the Grand Canyon. We follow a drainage by Indian Hollow that meanders for miles with a fun section of downclimbs near the end that spit s us out onto the Esplanade. From there we camp for the night and the following day make our way to our exit which is up the steep, loose trail of Sowats. All hiking preceding the ascent was off trail, bush hogging miserable goodness. We had to hump all our water since we weren't sure if any would be available to pump, that came to two gallons a piece. Great little two day thru hike with spectacular views and a few butt puckering moments. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

Another epic Lake Powell fishing adventure over the Cinco de Mayo weekend. We do hit and run style fishing, making our way through numerous canyons and spots in the main channel. We also encounter two Striper schools along the way picking up fish trolling with Ratl Traps. We believe the Striper to be spawning at the time since they weren't too interested in the lures and bait we threw at them. However we did manage to catch quite a few Striper by trolling and keeping the lures far back, this was the only technique that worked for us.
Smallmouth Bass were EVERYWHERE and we absolutely slayed them using the Ned Rig as well as picking up a few Walleye. This is the kind of Lake Powell trip that keeps you coming back for more! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! Tight Lines!

Anxious to get back into a canyon in Zion National Park, we opted to do Spry Canyon. Talk about hitting it right, a heavy storm hit the night before ensuring that Zion would be totally soaked and Spry would be full of water....moving water. Last time I did Spry it was dry for the most part and as canyons continually change, when a canyon has flowing water it is a completely different animal than when it is a dry canyon.
The trip through the canyon was fantastic. We should have brought wind breakers to wear over our wetsuits since the wind howls through this canyon and it chilled us to the bone. The quicksand through some parts was unmerciful.
After the last rappel, while moving down the boulder field, I stepped on a large stone that spat out the ground and I took a very hard fall with all my weight including the pack centering on the point of another large stone right into my upper rib cage. Initially I thought I had broke a rib and punctured a lung since I couldn't breathe but once I calmed down a sec I realized I had the breath knocked out of me. How I didn't break anything is quite amazing. The walk out from that point sucked but it was better than being carried out. Still in quite a bit of pain, looks like I got some down time to heal up.

Epic, Epic, Epic! What a trip, this is Lake Powell turned on! Heading back to Powell I was wondering how I'd fare with another full moon trip and I was not disappointed. I encountered a huge school of Striper hanging out in clear water in depths of 5 to 12ft and had a hoot landing them trying quite a few methods with the Rattl Trap being the ticket.
Next I moved into West Canyon, spending most of the day exploring said canyon and staying busy with lots of Smallie action. Camped in Middle Rock Creek to try and get out of the wind I ran hard at first light the following day fearing the dreaded 40mph gusts that were supposed to arrive in the afternoon. I finished Sunday strong with lots of action in Navajo Canyon and some nice hook ups in Wahweap. Can't wait to get back! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

The smallmouth action was on fire for this two day trip on Lake Powell over the Memorial Day weekend. Didn't run into any schools of spawning Striper this time but we did catch a few. We also landed some Walleye, a couple while trolling Ratl Traps. We didn't bait fish for Striper so no news on that. A fantastic trip given the front that was pushing through with howling wind and an almost full moon, the fishing was still red hot. Once again, Ned Rigs and trolling Ratl Traps produced fish.
We travelled almost to the Escalante the first day and worked our way back hitting the back of Rock Creek and some points in Warm Creek on the next day. We caught fish everywhere and as the title suggests...we slayed the Smallies!
The lake level had increased since our last trip but not by much and water temp is on the rise as summer begins. With the spawn dying down, fishing patterns may change. We'll see what happens on the next trip to this awesome lake!

Lake Powell fishing never ceases to amaze! Returning to the lake in early September I was curious if we would be able to top the incredible fishing trips we had had in the Spring. We did, this trip was epic.
We found very aggressive Smallmouth Bass in the Rock Creek area and Warm Creek and the best were in water between 3 and 10ft deep. We also found a huge school of very healthy Striper also in the Rock Creek area in 70ft of water. This school boiled at sunset and it was awesome to finally experience a Striper boil. Returning the following morning before dawn we found the school to still be in the area but it failed to boil...interesting indeed.
Stay tuned, more trips coming! Thanks for watching, Tight Lines! Don't forget to subscribe!

Just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada is Mt Charleston at 11,918ft....the highest point in the Spring Mountains. We were in Vegas for a show and decided to bag that peak the following day. I've been itching for this peak and the weather was looking good so it was on.
At almost 17 miles roundtrip, it is a full day to summit. The first four miles consist of on long stretch of switchbacks till you get to the trail junction for Griffith Peak. After the junction the trail is another 4.9 miles to summit. Pretty cool section of the trail takes you through a burned out Bristlecone Pine forest till you are finally above tree line and the final part is around a 500 to 600ft push up to summit.
Bring plenty of water and get a very early start....and don't forget the ibuprofen.

Hiking Angels Landing
I hit the classic Zion National Park hike, Angels Landing on a crisp January morning. The great time about being in the park in the winter is there are virtually no people. No lines, no crowds, no problems.
I spend a little more time recording the climb after Scouts Lookout to show the exposure and the view descending back to Scouts Lookout. Spectacular way to spend a few hours while in Zion National Park. Don't forget to subscribe!

Been itching to bag this peak located in the Pine Valley Mountains of southwestern Utah. Signal Peak tops out at a little over 10,300ft making it the highest point in the Pine Valley Mountains. My original plan of hiking up Oak Grove to summit was thwarted by a forest road closure which resulted in me having to do an alternative approach from the Browns Point Trail. This approach worked me good since it was 4 miles up a steep, bumpy trail with spots of deadfall and long switchbacks. Total roundtrip is somewhere between 12 and 14 miles. The final push to summit is off trail and the peak is forested but does have good views. Having to do this over, I would probably attempt in late spring or fall. There was no water to be had and I ran out for the final 3 1/2 miles back down into the heat. A good day all around! Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe!

Right in the Tushar Mountains (which are the third highest mountain range in Utah) is Delano Peak at 12,169ft. Multiple approaches to summit and aside with some heavy breathing, a pretty easy hike. We took trail 224 to basically go straight up to the peak. Prior to the hike, we camped out the night before in the Fishlake National Forest at an area known as Big John Flat which sits at almost 10,000ft. Great place to acclimate with beautiful meadows. All of this located just east of Beaver, Utah. Fantastic area, awesome hike and good for kids as well. Keep an eye out for mountain goats in the area.
Thanks for watching, stay safe out there and don't forget to subscribe!


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