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Yo yo yo what up what up #teamfuckery back for ep #30 and I'll apologize for the blackout ahead 😤first time this app bugged on me 😒still funny to listen as i go in rhyme 4 rhyme in a rap battle of sorts 😆 if you have half an imagination it's still holds up to #teamfuckery standards of funny per section 189.754 of the Fuckery handbook . 🙏come find me on Instagram @dust_and_grime i always follow back . My reddit page is what I'm focusing on now and putting my videos in the "community" of comedy of all types . Share my videos there not mine after i upload them so if ya find em entertaining do you boo 😆 my wife says that to me 🤗I'm on bitchute.com \uncledustcomedy unedited and unfiltered . I appreciate all the support and i always sub back no matter what content ya make .

Yo yo yo !! Another installment of Uncle Dust Vs i think thats episode #28 or #29 . Saluteskees to all who support my channel . Leave a comment and I'll subscribe and support its hard put here for a YouTube pimp my friends. Shout my Discord fam , YouTube messaging fam , & my #teamfuckery family love y'all keep up the laughs we need some positivity in thus cold world.
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I'm putting out comedy almost daily . I'm Dusty Morrow aka Uncle Dust i had a rough childhood & i use my channel to exercise the comedy demons my friends . Join myself & #teamfuckery as we cover all the best topics in an anti-social way so to speak . 😆 we mean no harm but if your a sensitive little prick I'm gonna need ya to hit dislike , leave your name & address so we can send hate mail 2 ya mom's basement where you live im sure. To my #teamfuckery family fam i love ya & we're gonna get even bigger in 2019 ' I'm having stickers & shirts made for longtime friends & the stickers are gonna bring the #fuckery 2 the next level especially on the Gram . If your new the channel #teamfuckery is the hashtag on Instagram . DM @dust_and_grime cuz i keep it private to keep the riff raff out . i sub and follow back so hit me up ! 🙌peace & love appreciate the support have a bad ass day saluteskees.

I'm a comedian making jokes #getabar of real ass comedy in ya life with Dusty Morrow aka Uncle Dust bringing str8 heat on topics for days son . Much appreciated for all the subs we're almost at 500 lets keep sharing videos dont be a comedy snob your friends wanna laugh too.
Shout out to my Instagram homies #teamfuckery is the greatest team ever assembled . We got more crazy content coming all year long so stay tuned .

you know what time it is !! I'm Dusty Morrow aka Uncle Dust & your rocking with the best comedy channel since YouTube was invented.

RIP to 2 greats in our childhood 🥃🙏my man Mean Gene the greatest announcer ever in any sport real or fake he always held his laugh back 😆 must've been a blast with all those coke heads ! Saluteskees #teamfuckery loves ya kid !
Super Dave made me laugh but his appearances on The Norm Macdonald Show really introduced me to his style of comedy i would have loved to work with him . Rest easy you 2 made a mark on my childhood and made my grandpa grab me by my red hair and carry me to the car heading to church on Sunday when all little dust wanted 2 do was watch Hulkamania run wild brother . saluteskees to everyone who subscribed i thank you 🥃I'm new to the comedy game but nevertheless im bringing you funny content i hope you enjoy.
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I'm Dustin Morrow aka uncle dust and i approve of this video 😆 thanx to the 10 subs #teamfuckery 🙌appreciate you big time my friends i won't let ya down !! Support real ass comedy ! Fuck YouTube in general ! Support FreeSpeech online ! We need a bill of online rights before these liberal companies sell us out to China like we see already . smh . Thnx 4 rocking with me go find me on Instagram @dust_and_grime for a great feed i pit out alotta content that will cheer ya up while ya at work taking a shit . 😆 4 realskees! We got alotta funny shit coming down the #teamfuckery pipeline 4 ya stay tuned and share this with someone we depend on your shares and likes thats how we get paid here , this is all free and i like making it so please share with co workers and the homies, we're not gonna save lives on this channel but we're gonna make ya laugh 4 sureskees .
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Midgetmondays fell on New Years eve so excuse the extra day but I'm sure all will appreciate my man @KEEPINITREALSINCETHE90S remix of our little big headed friends . 😆 I'll be back later in the week for more original comedy stay tuned and share these videos with friends and family it's how we are paid . We do this for free and we love it #teamfuckery

Our last day of 18' so do as much bad shit as you can legally get away with then make a resolution and fuck that off as well 😆#teamfuckery has got all types of comedy content for your 2019' hangover blues folks go watch over 200 videos for FREE!!! FREE !! THEN SHARE EM AS #TEAMFUCKERY GROWS EVERY DAY ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !! LOVE YA !! PEACE 3 THE REALSKEES!! I'M UNCLE DUST AND IM OUT !!



The parents filming this should be put down good lord i felt bad for the kid , on the other hand if the kid wants to be a rapper who am i to judge . I'm Uncle Dust & your rocking with #teamfuckery thx 4 watching & peace to the realskees. LIKE , SHARE , & SHARE AGAIN !!

I'm uncle dust and your at the right place for comedy my friends and you are #teamfuckery .
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Another banger from my man J @KEEPINITREALSINCETHE90S 🙌#whitepeoplewednesday every Wednesday on IG along with a new video on this very channel . 🥃🎄🎁merry Christmas to all and to all a #fuckery night LOL.

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95 was the year and everyone in the hip hop game was scared of one man , even with all the guns Biggie said he had , all the gangs DJ Quik said he banged with , all the Shaolin shadow boxing Wu Tang said they did 🙌they were all scared of one man ....Suge "Dont call me late 4 a Hit & Run " Knight . 😆 Uncle Dust lets ya know how it was . Please Subscribe , Share , & like i need your support . YouTube is outta hand but whatever im gonna just do me #teamfuckery gets all my love saluteskees .
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I'm doing the lords work for Uncle Dust Comedy #teamfuckery on #midgetmonday . My wife Bobbie Sue & I are supplying weed trim to senior citizens and showing how to make edibles for pain & stress relief my friends . We all can make a difference! My grandparents are dead but that doesn't stop me from caring about our communities . We all can make a difference a little weed edible at a time !! Saluteskees to all on this beautiful day ! I'm in Southern California hit me up [email protected] to work on some comedy skits and collaborations ! Im on Instagram @dust_and_grime , Facebook @unkledust , Twitter @comedy_dust , www.bitchute.com\uncledustcomedy follow all and tell your friends !! Peace to the realskees !!
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What up fam!! Uncle Dust Comedy back for the first edition of "Origins" of a viral pictures LOL on our first special we have " Lockneckx Meth Mosteer" aka "lockneckx meth monster" LOL the big neck black dude who keeps getting arrested for dumb shit like meth , weed, & manufacturing meth !! LOL come on b !! So hit the subscribe,like , & share but above all enjoy a laugh my friends. I'm live from Southern California where its raining like a tropical storm its reall nice actually. Hope my east coast fam is warm and getting it in i see you. Remember to follow my accounts @dust_and_grime on IG @unkledust in Facebook , @comedy_dust on Twitter and Reddit UncleDustComedy I appreciate your continued support of this channel. Oh yeah www.bitchute.com\uncledustcomedy is phenomenal go subscribe to that as well okay thats it ....im out . peace to the realskees.

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Another day another dollar store beat down LOL
Make sure to hit like , comment, & share i need help promoting the #uncledustcomedy channels here on YouTube, #bitchute , & Instagram @dust_and_grime I'm on Facebook @unkledust on twitter @comedy_dust I'm a comedian here for your entertainment pleasure #teamfuckery is the hashtag to use my friends lets have a beautiful day and don't throw shopping carts at glass houses LOL peace to the realskees thanks for watching i appreciate your support my friends.
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Hey hey hey bombs away LOL Fat Albert style !! LOL whats up #teamfuckery I'm back from overdosing on Turkey from Thanksgiving to bring you these lovely ladies of the Porn Industry with triumphant tales of Anal LOL So without further A-Doo LOL #uncledust proudly present Anal Is Corny LOL or is it ?? LOL
This and more on Uncle Dust Comedy Channels wherever you google Bitchute.com , YouTube , @dust_and_grime on Instagram @unkledust on Facebook & @comedy_dust on twitter I'm a comedian with Low Income Comedy join us weekly by subscribing and liking and tell a friend about me if you got sick senses of humor its a gift . Enjoy your holiday weekend .New Videos all the time so hit the notification bell . Appreciate your support . Peace to the realskees. Im outskees.

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Subscribe for more videos like this from Uncle Dust and #teamfuckery . Who is Uncle Dust ?? Im a dude like you who hurt himself working and now is making his way into the world of Comedy. Join us as we journey the internet one video at a time having a laugh. Im Uncle Dust and you can find me on Instagram @dust_and_grime and www.bitchute.com\uncledustcomedy also on Reddit.com , Twitter @comedy_dust , & Facebook @unkledust . Support real ass comedy my friends its a dying breed.

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I'm Dustin Morrow a patriotic comedian aka Uncle Dust and I'm sick of youtube censorship I'll be putting my brand of funny which is unfiltered, raw, & cannot be said isn't offensive Lol on Bitchute.com . I'm 40 and worked a 9 to 5 since i was 15, i joined the Navy at 19 went around the world came back and married my wife Bobbie and raised a family . I tore my back up and can no longer clean floors so i took to social media to make jokes to help me not go crazy & make you laugh. If you enjoy the content i have a go fund me under Dustin Morrow to help pay the bills . Thanks for choosing me as your neighborhood online funny man theres a ton out there i know i appreciate you rocking with me . Peace and love and above all else FUCK YOUTUBE & FUCK CENSORSHIP!!!