I'm scared mommy my butt hurt . Episode #82 out now everywhere | ITunes | Spotify | AnchorFM | radio public | Google Podcasts | stitcher | & go leave a 5 star review on iTunes to get this bad bwoy where it should be . I really had no idea what this broadcast would be but never thought as many people would get a shit eating grin from it . I appreciate all the love frok India to Italy to Alaska & back to Ecuador thats crazy , I'm hoping to meet everyone in person cuz your all sick bad ass mofos & the world needs ya now more than ever. Long live truth and the American dream we're infamous all around the globe. See ya next time on Infamous UDvE unscrupulous uncensored and unfeared to kick it raw with love in our comedic hearts ! SALUTESKEES

When the dinosaurs roamed ...
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This would be a great time to shut down the elevators to make fatties use the stairs to lose weight and not become a COV 19 death statistic. Thnx 4 subbing. More content all the time so stand by to stand by folks. Love ya .

Came across this comedy battle gem . Everyone who subbed to my bitchute channel i appreciate ya . More uncensored comedy is always coming . Hope y'all are getting through this coronavirus okay. Americans will wake up soon enough hopefully and put a dick in these politicians mouths who wish to destroy small businesses . My strength goes out to those families who are getting fucked right now. If i can help ya let me know. I don't have money but tell me ya story i wanna hear it.

Good morning folks ! Hope ya granny didn't die from cancer & COV 19 got the credit on the death toll board ! Kiddin'. New subs how are ya ? If some aggressive vulgar jokes baffel and make ya man pussy hurt i still think you can hit the close web page button to get rid of the fat ginger vet on your screen . To my Bitchute soldiers ya know how we do it ! Push that joke into insane land for a good smile !. Appreciate ya as always. My other video from yesterday is up to 23 views and counting and thats 22 more than I thought it would get so thats a win for DustKast. I'm banned on you tube for a week for violating " Hate Speech " because I'm so white power it scares San Francisco to it's white fragility core i guess lol. The show must go on regardless if its on bitchute.com YouTube or bitube .com or broken up in 10 minute increments on my Instagram page @uncledustcomedy so that'll be where she is if its banned or blocked or deleted my friends. Geeze who would of thought trying to give the world a giggle would be so gawd damn nerve racking huh. Open mics are closed due to BatAIDS season so online it is and thats good for you the viewer. So thnx again for watching have a beautiful day .
- UD4P

Sup folks thanks for subbing, i still cant my videos uploading to both bitchute and YouTube at the same time but I'm working on it . If ya wanna know more about any topics today leave a comment here or on Instagram @uncledustcomedy , I'm a nobody who's 2 years into comedy & continuing my growth. Contributions can be made on Cashapp $DustKast if you feel so inclined. I have nothing for sale & if ya don't wanna contribute the content here is always free . Have a productive day .

Sup bitchute i see my videos aren't being uploaded from YouTube still , idk wtf to do to fix it i emailed them sum beetches. Check out the YouTube for more content, i just got my channel back after fighting my 4rth deletion from YT those irresponsible cunts. Me , my brother Zen Buddha , & the good bwoy Bernardo are Doing It Ourselves on a truck stop tour in NE Arizona & Northeast New Mexico for 2 weeks so come out & do some shots , smoke a bowl , & let Bernardo invade ya personal space with his mouth . Gonna be a hoot nanny . Daily wild posts on the Instagram story & lives . This is gonna be fun . Happy Friday & fuck this COV propaganda horseshit take ya mask off & push back or they'll push us into our own ass holes.

Small channel.
Uncensored comedy.
Just got my YouTube channel scrubbed for the 4rth time . it was just a matter of time.
Appreciate the support.
Have a beautiful day.

If ya get it ya get it.
People that smiled your Americas balls & heart don't change that for nobody.

Loved watching both these bwoys back in the day .

tell me you dont like my beer
tell me my beard looks like a Tards pubes
tell me you hate my weed
but dont ever tell me you cant find the balls in your wifes purse to laugh at whatever you want.

Treat ur wife to ...

1.AC in the house

2.91 octane gas

3. Let her water the grass on a weekday

4. She can hold the remote for 30 minutes

5. Let her Tell you 1 story about how funny her friends are
Sick & twisted original adult humor check me out everywhere there's free speech in context.



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Peace to the realskees.
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dustkast is an experiment in free speech comedy , how far can we push the joke ? Wait and see. Thnx for subbing .

#teamfuckery saluteskees
Midget Monday is now approaching it's third year , no small feet.
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return to the essence of grease monkey butt pirates. peace.

Need a comedy club up in Lake Arrowhead , beer store had broken fridges & no discount , fuck outta herearrreere!!!
DM your beer stores with dumb shit they do and are PERFECTLY fine with it . Shame non cold beer stores , SHAME em .



Sometimes comedy writes itself, jeez Louise , white people with white guilt will be the downfall of whats left of our American culture. Live PD was cancelled probably because it actually showed in real time how many black people don't comply with a officer of the law. We're all not brainwashed by lies CNN , we know all the black faces on Tshirts & spray painted on the wall would still be alive if they would've complied.
DustKast is uncensored comedy but how the fuk do i not talk about our current landscape in America.
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From the bottom of my disabled united states Veteran heart .

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great show today folks hope ya enjoy it and spread the word . We are all being manipulated by the media. Clown world is what i call these WHITE GUILT liberals who view themselves as slave owners & love getting bullied and seem to enjoy the shame like a glutton. This show is for the rest of america who are are just trying to work and raise familes and dont need some media telling them their racist because they dont do as their told.
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I'm a husband,Dad, A gawdamn Granpa ,Uncle & disabled US Navy veteran who at 40 decided I was gonna be a comedian , Bad life decisions never stop do they folks. I knew I was not going to be doing Seinfield sock jokes ( no disrespect the guy has made a billion of socks) but bringing a more adult style heroin mom & biker stepdad humor for mature sexy audiences. I raised 2 kids now they're out of the house and me & my wife are walking around naked ( update my son moved back in FUCK ) . Thnx for subscribing .
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Welcome All , The country is gonna be just fine & If not, I'll throw my fat gut, busted back, & dentures wearing self back into my 98' Navy uniform & Jack Burton this Little China .
Dusty Morrow aka Uncle Dust .