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Comedian Uncle Dust brings his brand of humor to a perspective anyone without ovaries for balls can enjoy. I'm just a dude living life & putting my comedy out to the real people who enjoy real comedy . I can't wait to get better recording equipment but it's free so don't gimmie any shit . LOL . Full podcast episodes are audio only which i like to listen to LOS & The Bonfire , YKWD , & Real Ass Podcast while creating content and writing jokes . Laugh-Comment-share #teamfuckery saluteskees and above all #dontbeacunt .
AnchorFM , Stitcher , Google Podcast and some other internet stuff i don't care about.
Follkw me for skits and other funny shit [email protected] @teamfuckeryvoiceovers & @dust_and_grime plus @tdotmeffert has some skits we shot in Santa Ana . Enjoy .

Neva evah shoot dice with wiggas ya don't know . Tip of the day the ol' stoned Southern California Irishman . New podcasts out almost daily. Have a laugh. Find more free entertainment and I'll send ya midget. Lol.
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Original comedy Uncle Dust Podcast out now on free platforms ie. #stitcher #anchorfm #googlepodcasts and more . Have a beautiful day .

Doing some voiceovers with @teamfuckeryvoiceovers stop by if your on Instagram or Facebook . Have a beautiful day from old uncle dust comedy . I also have started a podcast, just google uncle dust comedy podcast to find it on most platforms. Peace & love .

Coming in from @teamfuckeryvoiceovers on IG & Facebook . Make sure to like & comment . #teamfuckery is a collaboration of #voiceovers from the fuckery fam . Appreciate the subscribe . This was done by Uncle Dust @dust_and_grime on IG . He also has a podcast called " Don't Be a Cunt " on AnchorFM.Com .

The best comedy skits coming out of the Inland Empire of Southern California . Thanks for subscribing , we are bringing original comedy sketches to you directly. This clip comes from a caveman ginger stoner in Hemet California , Uncle Dust or just Dusty . Be sure to check out more on our social media pages .

Stay tuned for the summer sketches , gonna be a funny summer . Have a beautiful day .

I been making skits with @tdotmeffert down at Lipdrum Studios with my man Mark aka @thefowl_owl . I know I'm old but dammit comedy is comedy in my unwritten book . If you wanna make some comedy with us Direct Message @tdotmeffert if you have a video you've already made , send it and let us take a look . We love working with anyone who doesn't get offended easily .
More skits to come stay tuned .
I also just joined up with upstart Inland Empire Comedy on YouTube where I'll also release original content & be building with comedians in my neck of the woods in Riverside County California . I thank all who have subscribed & shared my content , i thank you much love .
I am still on Instagram if you wanna find me @dust_and_grime we do have #midgetmondays & whitepeoplewednesday every week & new voiceovers throughout the week , just having a blast . Best feed on the Gram as the kids would say .

Inland Empire Comedy is looking for more comedy content creators who want to expand their respective audiences . If you or someone you know is looking to work with other comedy content creators in the Inland Empire California & Orange County area , contact us through Instagram @tdotmeffert . Send us a video you've made & introduce yourself , we love meeting & working with fresh faces & new ideas . We look foward to hearing from you .
More to come stay tuned . Share & tag us for a shout out .

These content creators can be found respectively on Instagram

- @captaincur3 - MC & actor

- @thecityofparamore - film buff & comedian

- @dust_and_grime - Comedian & serial offensive offender

- Shot by @thefowl_owl at Lipdrum Studios in Santa Ana , CA

No N bombs were dropped in the making of this skit . 😉

I'm uncle dust aka dusty morrow . I'm just getting started on moving into a new apartment on March Air Force Base , I can't wait to get out of my father in laws house & him hearing me have his daughter call me daddy that stunts my orgasms. 😆 I'm on an infomercial voiceover kick my friends bear with me . 🤗🆚🌍keep your sense of humor no matter what happens life is hard enough without a shitty attitude , you don't need to compound the situation . #teamfuckery saluteskees
I'm banned from YouTube , go figure right ?? Thats what the sheeps say . " don't talk about that stuff dust , it's offensive " so they ban anyone who hurts a feeling from YouTube , whatever I'm gonna keep pushing foward with my comedy . Stay Tuned for new content all the time . I upload A LOT 🇺🇸💎

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#uncledustvseverything episode #63 is chocked full of chuckles at everyone elses expense . I'm a small time #comedian & servant of the good Lord may #teamfuckery be forever blessed . 🎯🛐 My #600lb life consists of the victim mentality dipped in batter & deep fried then served in a tortilla with cheese on a 5 gallon ice cream bucket . I'm Dustin Morrow aka Uncle Dust and if you reading this your are the resistance 😎😉Check the rest of the content if ya got full size #comedy balls & follow me on

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More upside down logos even in fantasy land of these kids in Cosplay wtf is the world coming too ? Twitch is bitch just like all social media except #Bitchute .com . #NotreDame Catholic church that stood the test of time for centuries thru war and more war is burnt to the ground by #French men who dip french fries in f'n mayo . #teamfuckery pouring out some liquor for the lazy eyed hunch back Quasimodo we'll see at the crossroads ( Bone Thugz N Harmony ) plays quietly tonight. 🤣🎯
#Brazzers Prank call #skits at the end will be edited & uploaded on @tdotmeffert & @completlyoffensive on IG stay tuned .

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Don't trust the media , believe half of what you see & nothing you hear 🎯

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More comedy from the sick polluted mind of comedian Dusty Morrow aka Uncle Dust.
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How do we know the #internet is gonna keep our history & information safe from being deleted ?? Libraries used to be how we went down #rabbitholes now we look up Allester Crowley & reverse engineering of alien technology on YouTube . Does the information we consume online have any valid truth to it ?? Idk i don't see anyone monitoring that , we probably are all sheep rambling and regurgitating bullshit thats mass distractions .
#teamfuckery is the hashtag for us on Instagram . You can find me on Instagram @dust_and_grime . #midgetmondays is tomorrow stop in and hit follow i always follow back . I'm a comedian thats kinda funny . I'm a father that raised 2 full adults. I married my sojl mate and best friend and now i create comedy content full time . Any other original comedians pit there in Southern California area hit me up lets make some comedy dablooms together. #nohomo .

Some people like cars , some people love #money , I #motivate the masses to aspire to be better aspirations of awesomeness . UDVE - ep. 61 . If you wanna throw a few bones my way Gofundme Dustin Morrow i appreciate all the support . I'm a regular dude but kinda funny. I'm a husband but don't cheat . I have been around the world but don't know how to order food. I want the best for ya but will shit on fakes and frauds. I speak truth but lie to the IRS . Respect is earned and I'm an earner . If your on Instagram support the #teamfuckery movement @dust_and_grime . I believe in order but i hate recess height lines . Join the #comedian as he works out material on YouTube . God is good the media isn't.
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Doing some yard work hanging out with my wife it's such a beautiful day God is Good . Need to do these live more often i lose my train of thought LOL . Saluteskees to my #discord fam , my #teamfuckery family & everyone who hates sodomites & the Hollywood bullshit they push to the kids & weak minded this is a culture war & I'm all in . 🎯
I'm Dustin Morrow aka Uncle Dust , i am a real uncle i do not have a pervert windowless van with screams of kids coming from it but i am talking 80s kids , spoiled kids back in the day , crazy friends who baseball batted frozen field mice & more . Join us a #comedy mission from God . Family is everything , God is order in the universe , money is nothing but Satan using evil men to his bidding but we do have to have it but we don't have to love money. Appreciate the support . I lives one hell of a life , i was raised to be a prisoner & after i took a beer shit on the devil's chest , raised 2 beautiful souls , & married my soul mate I started my # comedian quest . I'm the king of common sense , I'm the dumbest dude in any alphabet math class , I pull my car over for old ladys with heavy bags , I will punch aggressive hobos harassing my wife for 5 bucks fucko Lets start #UDVE ( uncle dust vs everything ) nice to meetcha .
I won't light you on fire but be polite when asking for money i been there bud don't get choked out on Florida Ave .

Never to early for #midgetmondays 🎯🤣who recognizes these fine fornication fucks from fist fucking files of #teamfuckery ??? Comment there names for bonus points in the showcase showdown bob 🎰
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Nothing but original content from the sick mind of comedian Dusty Morrow aka Uncke Dust & #teamfuckery 🎯peace to the realskees. Free Speech all day from America the greatest country ever invented.

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Uploading one more while i have WiFi at this hotel we're staying at while looking for a new rental in anywhere but Hemet CA . 😏
#comedy used to be where we Americans went to free our minds and have a gut laugh and up until the past 10 years or so it was untouched pretty much , i believe the last #comedian arrested for speech was the great Lenny Bruce but in Americas culture climate today we see the jokes & attitudes are low low hanging fruit & regurgitating jokes about Trump & whitey and Chris Rock does 2 lines about Jussie Fag Ass Shmollett and the media acts like he just said something profound. I don't claim to be Louis CK or Rodney Dangerfield but i was put here to brighten peoples day with humor & kick truth to the young black youth .WuTangDust 😉
.God gave us all a new day so enjoy it my friends #teamfuckery @dust_and_grime on IG if you wanna donate to the cause Gofundme @dustinmorrow . I just Want more from the sick mind of American comedian Dusty Morrow aka Uncle Dust check the social medias until they delete me for something I'll say to piss people off eventually . Shouts to my discord fam as well .
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And everything else idk wtf the kids are doing.

I'm uncle dust & welcome to some seriously whored up mass media promoted whore-dom where the stakes are hugh to keep females confused and be anti men even if it means drinking shots of cum & not even getting dick in the process . Upside down world with no Logos . Hollywood has sold prescription pills,energy drinks, abortions , make up poison , whoredom via liberal satan worshipping along with atheists who are stripping women of their God giving worth & wonder why they are depressed constantly & now swigging cum by the gallons and selling it to the young women as if its a cure all . Snake oil salesman we called em back in the day for my 70s folks who know the saying. The Hollywood Jews idk if they're in on this one just another confused whore who's been brainwashed by commercials & popular culture and is now showing us how mentally ill she is and some are even buying into her new found knowledge. Is this how we want women to end up ? I don't . I take no pleasure besides making jokes about this behavior but at the end of the day this is nothing new to us but i hope the rest of America wakes up and rejects this PC invasion and shoots it straight to the youth . I'm on Instagram @dust_and_grime on reddit.com \uncledustcomedy as well as YouTube I'm pushing hard to bring some sane funny to the people who aren't lost , the brainwashed i cant help em , they watch Comedy Central & don't even know they're being politically groomed by the Daily Show & Jim Jefferies who i use to like his brand of comedy but him playing the role on Comedy Central is pathetic but what do i know I'm just a wittle ginger veteran using comedy as a vessel to bring some truth into the public . I'm Dustin Morrow appreciate you subscribers we are #teamfuckery saluteskees.

If your a comedian or musician in Southern California who wants to create #comedy specifically geared towards the online communities ie. IG , FB , Reddit hit me up @dust_and_grime the recording will be done at Lip Drum Studios in Santa Ana . DM me your old comedy clips @dust_and_grime this is not paid work we are building as a @tdotmeffert thats T.Meffert it's a group of #comedians and musicians getting together to make something bigger that hopefully results in money being made through online sponsors . If this is something you'd be interested in and you feel you'd help the Team DM me . no fakes , no frauds comedy full balls .

#UDVE - episode #55 - #kyjelly , #gambling #tallboys - with featherweight kickboxing champion of the Kumotai Uncle Dust .
Never seen before extravaganza of #elite top shelf , top tier , hidden & not , product's to #unpack unwrap then wrap back up & return to the store for a full refund . Walmart takes anything back without a receipt with promo code #teamfuckery . I'm not your average sized comedian i have a huge #beer gut & micro size cock . Comment products you want me to review next episode . Don't share this video with anyone who has black nose boogers they are not #teamfuckery and will try to diddle your pickle don't ask how i know . Thnx 4 f'n with the King Goyem of Comedy .

Volume #2 edited by #teamfuckery captain @KEEPINITREALSINCETHE90S on IG my main man . If your new to my channel and this doesn't make you laugh go ahead and spare yourself and unsub now ya ball less wonder shat . My 14 solid #teamfuckery friends of the uncle dust comedy channel this ones for all the plantation owners down in the deep ......deep.....deeeeeep south who don't know why their free labor " workers " went 😉slaves !!! His damn slaves are gone bwoy !!! Have a laugh and be sure to comment and tell a friend who also down with full ball comedy . Sharing is caring so share the funny 🎯thats what my sponsor at AA tells me . 😉🥃Saluteskees from old uncle dust i hope your enjoying the channel I'm brewing some comedy dablooms with the Fowl Owl over at LipDrum Studios to upgrade my editing which is almost top notch Oscar worthy but we're gonna work to bring it around for the full comedy crown eventually . Kepp free speech free so we don't pay for it later . Keep throwing comedy daggers at SJW's soft baby balls . I'm at a motel 6 writing this in Sun City and am gonna go live on YouTube in a little bit .

Comedy from the sick mind of comedian Dusty Morrow aka uncle dust & #teamfuckery .
Hit the sub button 🎯Joos hate truth & losing sheckles spread the #goyem word 🤣 . Do you like #freespeech ? Do you hate getting fucked when your not looking? Consider subscribing to the Uncle Dust #comedy channel & join #teamfuckery . Use it or lose it like ya cock muscles kiddos . Remember you aren't shit to YouTube Joos you just be a good goyem and keep making free content forever for them you little special boy you . ( rubs dirty money grubbing Joo hands together ) 😉Follow my Instagram @dust_and_grime & www.bitchute.com \uncledustcomedy for full ball comedy from Dusty Morrow . I've been there and done that except " shat " or " skat " idk if i would take green diarrhea on my pretty ginger cheeks but have at it you dirty sodamites . In the #teamfuckery lords name i pray for antibiotics...Amen 🙏😳

#stereotypes are fun to play with . If you follow my @dust_and_grime on Instagram account you know some of these characters , idk why i keep getting snubbed at the #Oscars 🤷guess I'll have to settle on not being a Satanist brain washed sheep for the God of Hollywood... Money 🎯I'm a regular dude making a run in the #comedian game, follow the account to watch me successfully bully my way into comedy & insult every "gate keeper " on the way for the everyday dudes that hate Comedy Central propaganda humourless humour being rehashed daily . If you read this far consider subscribing here & my backup account on bitchute.com\ uncledustcomedy when the Jews come for my monetized YouTube account😉they can smell money 25 miles away 🎯Exercise your Goyem free speech daily & don't be controlled by the media #teamfuckery thinks for themselves & doesn't buy what media matters is selling on T.V.. It's a great time to be alive ! Be excited!! Be ! Be ! Excited !! Its requem for a teamfuckery dream over here ! Pass the joint & do 4 shots to face the day ! Saluteskees ! Much love and respect for the support !

So yesterday i decided to hit the #links and get druuuunnnk 🍀🎯🥃👈and said hey, they got #challenges for all type of shit so lets get a #teamfuckery one for the regular folks in the world 🤼and this is some of the footage from what i could record solo . If your new to the uncle dust comedy channel go start at the Uncle Dust Vs Everything #playlist and then consider hitting subscribe. We have nothing but grown folks activities and social commentary . I have a family and am in the beginning stages of my comedy career so my posts are random but all have jokes & comedy content . I suck at editing so don't ask why it looks like does editing is for kids and people making money on YouTube and i am neither 😆 follow me on Instagram @dust_and_grime and support your regular dude type comedy not that horseshit Hollywood libtard bullshit we all hate . Shouts to my discord peeps and my #teamfuckery who've been nothing short of bad ass supporting my channel i cant thank ya enough.... And now the presentation of glorious drinking & fat sexy ginger king 🍀🤗UNCLE DUST COMEDY SHARE THE VIDEOS AND HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY !


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I'm a comedian. I'm an American . I have a sick mind . I hope you have a sense of humor and real balls not those ovaries they're handing out these days. I have a podcast thats on most platforms idk Stitcher , AnchorFM , Google Podcasts and some other ones . I smoke weed . I'm living with chronic pain from injuries in the Navy . I don't care if you don't like me or my humour . I appreciate the subscribers . I hope you enjoy my content. Laugh-Comment-share and above all # dontbeacunt . thanks .
UncleDustComedy .



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