Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and the Knockout Game) Commentary News Video "Police looking for man behind 'unprovoked' attack of 70-year-old in Frankford store" black criminality violence assault attack punch out
PHILADELPHIA (FOX 29) - Philadelphia police say they need your help identifying a man accused of assaulting a 70-year-old man.

He appears to linger and police say the store clerks ask him if he needs anything and he does not respond. When Mason puts the gallon of milk on the counter and starts to pay for it, police say the man attacks.

“This man just assaults him with several punches to the head and face,” Northeast Detectives Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum said. “We have to go back and look and see if there was any interaction and obviously this was just an unprovoked attack.”
By Kelly Rule, FOX 29
Posted Apr 15 2019 10:40PM EDT
Video Posted Apr 15 2019 10:40PM EDT
Updated Apr 16 2019 07:03AM EDT

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Aston Township carnival shut down permanently after large fight, arrests made" black mob violence criminality crime chaos mayhem wildly out of proportion dmtbka
ASTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WPVI) -- Cell phone video captured some of the chaos that erupted at the Aston Township Fire Department carnival on Thursday night.
The images show a juvenile being put in cuffs

Unfortunately, a massive brawl would become the last few moments in history for the annual carnival.

Witnesses say it was like a stampede.

To control the crowd a much needed response was required from law enforcement from all across Delaware County.

In fact, multiple people say this was only a matter of time.

Fights were repeatedly happening frequently Thursday night.

By Bob Brooks
Saturday, April 20th, 2019 9:50AM

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Police: Elk Grove Home Invasion Suspects Stab Neighbor Who Confronted Them; 3 Arrested" ""Man found guilty of killing 5 in south Kansas City" "Gun violence in Philly: ‘An everyday mass shooting,’ Temple study finds" dmtbka black criminality break in crime robbery violence murder
April 10, 2019 at 8:41 am
ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Three home invasion suspects are in custody after a neighbor armed with a golf club chased them out of an Elk Grove home.

The homeowner ran out of the house, officers say, while the neighbor confronted the suspects in the home – thinking they had a gun.

They got into a fight and the suspects tried to strangle the neighbor – and stabbed him twice – before running off.

All three suspects were found with a pellet gun a few blocks away and arrested. The three have been identified as 21-year-old Ivory Spratt, 20-year-old Kymon Anderson and 19-year-old Zamir Alshabazz.

Chris Oberholtz Updated Apr 15, 2019 | Posted on Apr 15, 2019
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — A man has been found guilty of killing five people in 2014 during a rampage in a quiet Kansas City neighborhood.

Howell allegedly shot and killed the Taylor's neighbors -- Lorene Hurst and her son, Darrel Hurst, and Susan Choucroun -- as Howell drove off in one of the Taylor's vehicles, a Toyota SUV. He was later arrested near Interstate 29 and Barry Road in the Northland.

by Aneri Pattani, Updated: April 15, 2019
Mass shooting events in suburban settings such as Parkland, Fla., get a lot of public and political attention. They involve multiple victims shot by the same person at one location — a shattering blow to a single community.

Yet the urban toll of gun violence is much higher — and in Philadelphia, a frequent event. Shootings in the city often take place in different neighborhoods and involve different residents. But for the victims’ communities and the hospitals responsible for treating them, having multiple bullet-ridden patients come to the emergency room all at once from various locations can be as devastating as the more widely reported single-site mass shootings.

A new study from Temple University found that Philadelphia has seen 244 clusters of three or more gunshot patients rushed to a single hospital at once in an 11-year period. On three occasions, six or more patients were brought in as a single cluster.

The study analyzed data from the Philadelphia Police Department on more than 14,000 firearm injuries between 2005 and 2015. Researchers looked at how many patients arrived at the same hospital within 15 minutes of each other — considered a patient cluster.

Seeing clusters of gunshot patients is a near daily occurrence in Philadelphia, said Jessica Beard, a co-author of the study and a trauma surgeon at Temple University Hospital. Doctors call the influx of patients “an everyday mass shooting.”

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Cell phone video of a brawl at a gas station between 6 black women and one big black dude. They are throwing every item not nailed down at him. Black dysfunction chimpout

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Some arrests made as large groups of teens gather on Mag Mile" "Arrests For Brawls, Phone Thefts After 500 Kids Descend on Downtown Chicago, Police Say" black mob violence crime criminality assaults
April 17th, 2019 11:03PM
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Police said as many as 500 teens, many broken into groups of 50 to 100, congregated in Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue Wednesday evening.

About 30 people were arrested, mostly Chicago Public School high school students, police said. Police had some administrators come downtown to apparently identify some of the students involved.

The arrests were made for fighting, trespassing, disobeying police and harassing people, police said. No serious injuries were reported.

April 18, 2019
Social media, a warm night and spring break for Chicago Public Schools all combined to draw hundreds of teenagers downtown for the evening Wednesday.

It’s a perennial issue in Chicago as summer comes: Teens connect with hundreds of others within seconds online and congregate in the Loop and along the Magnificent Mile, sometimes resulting in chaotic encounters with officers trying to contain the crowds.

Officers in the downtown and Near North Side districts over the years have used a variety of tactics, including directing the teenagers onto trains and buses that carry them out of the area.

But such strategies have raised concerns about the rights of teenagers who aren’t causing problems, especially when most sent away from downtown are black and from the South and West sides.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Cell phone video of a brawl at a gas station between 6 black women and one big black dude. They are throwing every item not nailed down at him. Black dysfunction chimpout

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Three Charged In Connection With Man's Beating Death In 2018 Lewiston Brawl" "Three arrested in connection with reports of gunshots in Lewiston" black mob violence criminality media denial deceit delusion
Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Lewiston man during a brawl last June. The death of 38-year-old Donald Giusti came at a time of rising ethnic tensions in the city and sparked a call for peace by immigrant community leaders.

Authorities say one of the juveniles, a 17-year-old male from Lewiston, was charged with manslaughter. His first court appearance is scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m. in Lewiston District Court.

Officials say a 13-year-old male from Lewiston was also arrested in connection with the incident, and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Giusti died after being severely beaten during the brawl last summer that Lewiston police estimated to involve as many as two dozen people. Some claimed that racial conflict contributed to the fight, which prompted the city to establish a curfew.

Updated July 9, 2018
Three men were arrested by Lewiston police Saturday night in connection with reports of possible gunshots fired in the downtown area earlier in the day.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and White Girl Bleed a Lot) Commentary News Video: Don't Be A Becky. Open the Door Wide.Get Close When Help. Don't Call Cops - Piggy back into apartment and rob assault victim dmtbka wgbal

Colin Flaherty: Police Fun Time With The Black Kids cell phone video of chaos dysfunction and violence in black schools and in the black community

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Pregnant victim randomly attacked by group of teenagers speaks out" black mob violence criminality knows no bounds wildly out of proportion
QUINCY, Mass. — A pregnant woman’s pained screams could be heard in a Quincy courtroom Thursday as Judge Mark Coven watched a video that prosecutors say shows the woman being beaten by two Quincy teenagers outside a downtown post office.

The Patriot Ledger reported that after watching the video, Coven ruled that the two defendants, Tyrese D. Johnson-Nurse, 19, and David D. Russell, 18, could pose a danger to the public and ordered that they adhere to additional conditions, including wearing a GPS monitor, if released. The two had been held behind bars since their arrest Tuesday on charges of aggravated assault and battery on a pregnant woman and assault and battery.

ussell, who is also charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, was expected to be released Friday with a GPS monitor. He was not required to post bail but must stay away from the woman and any witnesses and remain in his house except to go to work.

Hindy said she cannot understand what triggered the violence. She was grateful for the good Samaritans who came to help. "Thank God for the citizens, if it wasn't for them I don't know if I would be ok," Hindy said.

Updated: 11:20 PM EDT Apr 12, 2019

Colin Flaherty (Author of don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "13-year-old girl attacked by classmate at Cutler Bay Middle School - Family claims school failed to contact them, despite victim's serious injuries" black violence schools fights assault mayhem chaos
CUTLER BAY, Fla. - A 13-year-old girl said she was attacked by a classmate Tuesday at Cutler Bay Middle School, and students recorded it all with their cellphones.

Denali Gonzalez told Local 10 News she doesn't even know the girl who hit her and isn't quite sure why she wanted to fight.

Denali said after the first punch, she never had a chance, as the girl went on a rampage.

"I didn't even get to hit her back. She just slammed me and hit me and kicked me," Denali said. "I passed out. All I saw was when she hit me and kicked me, and I looked down, and I saw a lot of blood and I passed out right there."

By Todd Tongen - Anchor/Reporter
Posted: 2:05 PM, April 10, 2019
Updated: 6:14 PM, April 10, 2019

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Man arrested after 5-year-old boy thrown from third floor at Mall of America" criminality violence crime wildly out of proportion dmtbka
A suspect has been arrested after a 5-year-old boy was reportedly thrown from the third floor of the Mall of America in Minnesota on Friday morning.

Police rushed to the scene in Bloomington after witnesses called, reporting a woman was screaming her child had been thrown over a balcony around 10 a.m., local time.

One man told the New York Daily News he saw the immediate aftermath of the incident and that the child was lying “motionless...in a pool of blood.”

In a press conference outside the mall, Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts said that authorities arrested a 24-year-old man they believe threw or pushed the boy and that he does not appear to have any connection to the boy or his mother. He reportedly sprinted away from the scene after pushing or throwing the child, but was apprehended while still in the mall.

April 12, 2019

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video of drug traffic police stop pull over car. Suspect runs cops chase shots fired. Bodycam camera footage Perp dead shot in self defense they say dindunuffin dmtbka in Arlington Texas

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "White supremacy remains ‘persistent, pervasive’ threat to US, FBI director says" "‘Quintessential Urban Nightmare’: Killer Gets 20 Years To Life For Shoving Woman In Front Of Subway Train" "Jack Osbourne attacked outside coffee shop. Man arrested after random attack, police say" "Sucker-Punches Woman Getting Off Subway, Breaks Her Nose" "5 teens shot in North Las Vegas neighborhood Monday" "Suspect arrested in fatal shooting of Philadelphia police inspector's son Nicholas Flacco"
POSTED 12:29 PM, APRIL 4, 2019
WASHINGTON– FBI Director Christopher Wray said Thursday that white supremacy presents a “persistent” and “pervasive” threat to the United States, breaking from President Donald Trump, who has sidestepped questions of whether white nationalists present a growing problem.

“The danger. I think, of white supremacists, violent extremism or another kind of extremism is of course significant,” Wray said at a House hearing. “We assess that it is a persistent, pervasive threat. We tackle it both through our joint terrorism task forces on the domestic terrorism side as well as through our civil rights program on the civil side through hate crime enforcement.”

April 5, 2019 at 2:13 pm
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Queens woman who shoved another woman to her death at a Midtown subway station has been sentenced to 20 years to life.

Posted: Apr 05, 2019 02:39 AM EDT
Updated: Apr 05, 2019 04:57 AM EDT
Jack Osbourne, the son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, was randomly attacked outside a coffee shop in Studio City, California.

Published Apr 4, 2019 at 4:42 AM | Updated at 5:45 AM EDT on Apr 4, 2019
A woman has a broken nose after she was sucker-punched by a man who followed her off the subway, police say.

Posted: 6:36 PM, Mar 25, 2019 Updated: 10:52 AM, Mar 26, 2019
UPDATE MARCH 26: North Las Vegas police say that 5 teenagers were shot on Monday. It happened in the 2500 block of San Miguel Avenue just before 4 p.m. The shooting happened during an after-school fight in the neighborhood. No arrests have been made at this time and police are still trying to identify a suspect. None of the teens were seriously injured.

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 5:29AM
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The son of a Philadelphia police inspector will be laid to rest Thursday, a day after the suspect in his murder was taken into custody in Delaware County.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Terrifying video shows gunfire, robbery in northeast Houston" gang mob violence criminality shooting
HOUSTON — The Houston Police Department wants you to take a good look at this video. They need your help to identify the people in it.

The video from March 26 at around 11:30 p.m. along Galaxy in northeast Houston shows a robbery. The victims were outside a house for a get-together when a group of men with guns came up and demanded money.

While this was all happening, one of the suspects fired multiple shots, hitting two victims in their legs.

The suspects then went through the victims’ pockets and stole money before taking off.

These are the suspects' descriptions:

Suspect #1:
Black male, 25 to 35 years old, 5’8 to 6’0, 175 to 200 pounds.

Suspect #2:
Black male, 25 to 35 years old, 5’8 to 6’0, 180 to 210 pounds.

Suspect #3:
Black male, 25 to 35 years old, 5’8 to 6’0, 180 to 210 pounds.

If you recognize anyone in the video or know who these guys are, call 713-222-TIPS (8477).

Author: KHOU Staff
Published: 12:57 PM CDT April 6, 2019
Updated: 7:33 PM CDT April 6, 2019

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "An American terrorist linked to Joanne Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur, dies in Cuba" "Conference featuring 2020 Dems begins with fiery chant quoting fugitive cop-killer Assata Shakur" We have nothing to lose but our chains. Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard.
Published 6:10 a.m. ET Feb. 16, 2019
At her birth, her name was Cheri Laverne Dalton. But to the cadre of gun-toting revolutionaries, including Joanne Chesimard, who left a trail of blood across America in the 1970s and to her compatriots more recently in Cuba where she sought refuge, she was Nehanda Abiodun.

She was also still a fugitive from U.S. justice.

On an October day in 1981, Dalton joined a team of operatives from the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground in an attempt to steal $1.6 million from a Brink’s armored truck as it parked near the Nanuet Mall. In the ensuing firefight, one of three Brink’s guards was shot to death and another was wounded.

As Dalton and the other robbers tried to escape, another gun fight broke out and two Nyack police officers were killed.

Several years later, Dalton made her way to Cuba where the nation’s communist leader, Fidel Castro, hailed her as a revolutionary and granted her political asylum.

April 02, 2019 By Gregg Re | Fox News
A conference featuring eight prominent 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls kicked off in Washington, D.C,. with the fiery rallying cry of a fugitive cop-killer on Monday, as the labor and political groups in attendance shouted in unison, "We have nothing to lose but our chains."

Jamal Watkins, the Vice President of Civic Engagement at the NAACP, began by telling the audience at the We the People conference that he would invoke the words of Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard.

Shakur's words, in turn, were appropriated from the final sentences of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' Communist Manifesto: "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!"

Among the groups in attendance were the Sierra Club, MoveOn.org, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, SEIU and Communications Workers of America.

They were drawn to the conference to hear from a series of speakers that included 2020 Democratic White House contenders Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Beto O'Rourke, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "“We are scared:” Parents concerned for students safety at Milwaukee school, call for change" "‘No control:’ Parents worry about student safety at MPS school, demand change"
Apr 1, 2019 4:43 PM CDT
MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Parents at Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learners are concerned after videos surface of students fighting.

A few parents and the Milwaukee Black Panthers held a press conference on Monday.

“‘We are scared, not only for our children, everyone else’s children, and the staff,” said Taisha Cole, parent.

Milwaukee Public Schools confirmed there was a fight on Thursday involving two students. On Monday, the Milwaukee Black Panthers sent out three videos showing students fighting. Parents and the Milwaukee Black Panthers say the videos were recorded within the last two weeks.

“When you have children running into classrooms, jumping on other students and no one is helping out that is a major problem,” said King Rick, Milwaukee Black Panthers.

MILWAUKEE -- Parents say fights are breaking out nearly ever day among students at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning (WCLL), a Milwaukee Public Schools facility near 12th and State.

Parents say the fights have gotten so out of hand over the past month that the students basically run the school. In fact, when FOX6 News was outside the building on Monday, April 1, our team noticed a boarded up door, people banging on the outside of the building, and students yelling from the windows.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Student protesters shut down Philly school board meeting over metal detector vote" policy 805
Protesters shut down Thursday’s Philadelphia School District board meeting after a 7-2 vote to require metal detectors and X-ray machines in every district high school.

Philadelphia Student Union executive director Julien Terrell and around 60 students and faculty who called for a “no” vote on the policy stormed the front of the school board auditorium, denouncing the less than year-old board.

“We are not talking about conversations,” shouted Terrell. “We’re not talking about officers being nice. We are talking about the everyday traumatization of students.”

Terrell continued to speak to an audience of supporters and some district staff. When board President Joyce Wilkerson threatened to have Terrell removed, he reacted in defiance.

“There’s not enough of you all to remove us,” he shouted. And I f–king dare! I dare you to come and remove us!”
March 28, 2019

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Citizen Tip Leads to the Arrest of a Man Who Robbed a Woman in Walmart Parking Lot" "Chris Lawrence, currently at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., will join WFAA/Channel 8’s news department in January 2019" Being black is exhausting revolving door prison jail criminal justice reform repeat offenders of violent crimes
A citizen tip has led to the arrest of a man who robbed a woman in a Walmart parking lot March 21, police say.

Kori Draper got in to a woman’s car and demanded her to get out, according to the arrest warrant. He dragged her by her hair and ripped a significant amount out before throwing her to the ground.

Draper tried to steal from the woman’s car, but after several people noticed the situation, he ran away from the parking lot.

The Arlington Police Department Media Unit released a cell phone video with the suspect in it. A tip said that Draper could be a possible suspect. His facial and physical characteristics matched the person in the cell phone video, according to the arrest warrant.

By Taylor Boser
Published Mar 29, 2019 at 9:36 PM

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary New Video of large scale black teen juveniles mob violence large fights brawls shootings dysfunction at mall schools basketball tournaments rap concerts bars nightclub fellas and their never ending riots the require mass police presence arrests

McDonald's large fight riot chaos mayhem black mob violence crime violence McRiot

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Community meeting to discuss some Savannah mayoral candidates allows ‘black media only’" "Jordan Peele Says He'll Never Have a 'White Dude' Star in His Movies" "Jussie Smollett is nominated for an NAACP Award, and host Anthony Anderson hopes he wins" "White People’s Eating Habits Hurting the Environment, Academia Claims" "On the West Side, the street shows no fear of Chicago police" "Man who assaulted Hawaii sportscaster John Noland is sentenced to prison"
March 27, 2019 at 7:05 PM EDT - Updated March 29 at 11:21 AM
I was made aware that the organizers restricted this event to "Black Media" only. I chose to give my statement as scheduled and afterwards made myself available to the media gathered outside. I have expressed my concerns to the organizers of this event as my history of service in this community has ALWAYS been one of inclusion, of partnership and of communication.

The meeting, publicized as a community meeting to support only one of Savannah’s two African American mayoral candidates, also had the condition that only black members of the media could go inside the church where it was held.

Mar 27 2019, 2:08pm
"I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie. Not that I don’t like white dudes—but I've seen that movie."

Published 12:08 p.m. ET March 28, 2019 Updated 10:54 a.m. ET
March 29, 2019
Smollett is nominated for the 2019 NAACP Image Awards, scheduled for Saturday. Six-time host and "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson told Variety on Wednesday that he hopes to see the controversial actor there.

29 Mar 2019
A report published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology claims that white people’s eating habits are contributing more to climate change than their black and Latino counterparts.

“Potatoes, beef, apples, and milk are some of the worst offenders,” the New York Post reported.

March 22, 2019
Authorities confirmed that two police officers — TAC cops, not rookies — were making a drug arrest shortly after 2 p.m. on Sunday.

A mob appeared, threatening the officers, surrounding them, threatening to reach for their own weapons to shoot them dead, and the cops let the suspect go.

What is learned here? The street is officially no longer afraid of the Chicago police.

March 27, 2019 Updated March 28, 2019 5:46am
Mark Coleman was found guilty in February of assault in the second degree in the death of Hawaii sports broadcaster John Noland. Today, Coleman apologized to Noland’s daughter in state court.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News "Graphic video shows man running for his life before being gunned down in New York" "North Las Vegas Police: 5 teens shot after 'neighborhood fights'" "Deputies identify victims in deadly shooting at Pawleys Island nightclub" "'This is ridiculous': Four men shot on Boston Street in Southeast Baltimore"
POSTED 5:42 PM, MARCH 28, 2019
NEW YORK — A 21-year-old man killed in New York City was chased for blocks by a group of at least 10 people who cornered him and gunned him down.

"Ultimately he's cornered, like an animal, in the back of a private residence, where he's shot multiple times," Shea said. "This is eerily similar to last June in the 48th Precinct in the Bronx when Lesandro Guzman was the victim of a mob chasing him through the streets in the Bronx."

The group of men split up. Some chased him on foot and others chased him in a car.

He hid behind a car as the attackers hunted for him. One of the men spotted him and the chase resumed.

One of the men threw a rock at the victim. A man shot the 21-year-old victim five times. The group ran out of the backyard and fled the scene.
Joe Nelson Updated Mar 26, 2019 | Posted on Mar 26, 2019
NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) - Five teens were shot in North Las Vegas Monday afternoon, according to police.

The victims were not very cooperative with police, who said they're having trouble identifying suspects as a result. No arrests had been made as of Tuesday morning.

By Marissa Tansino and Brad Dickerson | March 29, 2019 at 4:58 AM EDT - Updated March 29 at 7:07 PM
GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Two people have died following a shooting early Friday morning at a nightclub in the Pawleys Island area, according to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office.

This is the second deadly shooting at this nightclub in less than a year. Last July, Damien Chevere Grate was charged with murder in the death of 24-year-old Lamar Nathan Easterling.

march 28, 2019
Two adult males were found with gunshot wounds just before 4 p.m. in the 6200 block of Boston St., and another two arrived at a nearby hospital around the same time, said Detective Jeremy Silbert, a Baltimore Police Department spokesman.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) MAGA Hats Killing Black People All Over The World low IQ sheboon black woman triggered chimpout goes berserk because someone wore a MAGA hat college snowflakes black dysfunction tantrum freak out mentality of a 5 year old

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary News Video "Hundreds of juveniles prompt large police presence at mall" "Several teens arrested after fight breaks out at Eastpoint Mall in Dundalk" "Baltimore County Police Arrest Multiple Juveniles At Eastpoint Mall, Pepper Spray Used" black mob violence crime chaos dysfunction
Updated: 6:26 PM EDT Mar 30, 2019
Officers were called to a large disturbance at Eastpoint Mall involving hundreds of juveniles in multiple fights during "The official high Schools March Madness Party," which was advertised on social media.

While de-escalating the incident, several officers deployed their departmental pepper spray and additional units were requested from other precincts, aviation, K-9, Maryland State Police and Maryland Transit Administration police.

The incident resulted in nine juvenile arrests. While investigating a large disturbance and fight at Eastpoint Mall, officers were made aware of a possible robbery where the victim's vehicle windshield was destroyed and her purse and cellphone were stolen. The victim declined medical treatment.

The MTA rerouted buses to get the juveniles home.

Posted: 10:29 PM, Mar 29, 2019 Updated: 4:26 PM, Mar 30, 2019
By: Khalida Volou
Kids said they were at the mall for a March Madness party and when they moved to the parking lot, fights broke out. Then, Baltimore County Police started getting calls for fights and destruction of property.

Officers who responded to the scene used pepper spray to break up the crowd of an estimated 300 teens. They also arrested several juveniles for second degree assault, robbery and destruction of property.

By Max McGeeMarch 30, 2019 at 8:10 pm


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