Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Controversy rises over costumes (Black Face), bananas left in locker room at high school football game" "Allegations of racism at Orange County high school football game underscore broader tension in the Trump era" "Racist threats, Nazi graffiti, Trump feuds: Records reveal racial tension in Orange County schools"
Some fans say some Ashland students were in black face and others dressed as bananas.

A player on the predominantly African-American Mansfield football team was offended and took to social media saying "Racisim and hazing are not cool."

Members of Ashland's Cross Country team also left bananas in Mansfield's locker room.

Ashland's Athletic Director Jason Goings released the following statement on social media, apologizing for the "misunderstanding."

"In response to the events of last night, and any misunderstanding that occurred, concerning the Ashland vs. Mansfield Senior football game we want to offer our sincere apologies once again to the community of Mansfield, the Administration, Coaches, Parents and most of all the players. What we thought was a gesture of kindness was understandably not perceived as so. For quite some time now (upwards of 20 years) our Cross Country team has held Banana Fridays in preparation for their races the next day. Any remaining fruit not consumed by the cross country team was left in the visiting locker room which the Cross Country team uses during the week. Here is a quote from my XC Coach explaining “We leave the box of whatever is left in the locker room each week in hopes that the football team will eat them if they like, so as to hopefully not waste them. I don’t even know who the football team plays week to week” Once alerted to concerns about this incident the administration immediately took action and explained that this was a tradition and there was no malice intended. The administration apologized to as many coaches as we could before kick-off of the game. There was also an allegation that Ashland students were wearing blackface. This is untrue. Our student theme for the game was costume night and there were students dressed in a variety of costumes including various food items. We are rivals on the field of play and that is all. When Ashland plays Mansfield Senior it is always a good game and we win some and they win some. Their players came ready to play last night and that is just a testament to the outstanding coaches and players they have in their program. Their game winning 78 yard drive to win the game last night is just one example of the resiliency of these players. I have deep ties to the Mansfield area being a graduate of Mansfield Senior and served the community there for 16 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator. I am deeply and emotionally tied to the students and faculty of the Mansfield school system and that this gesture by our cross country team has been taken out of context hurts me on a personal level. I have family on the current Senior High football team and want nothing but the best for all of them. There was no intent to send any message other than good sportsmanship. If the act was not perceived as such we again apologize."

By HOWARD BLUME SEP 09, 2018 | 5:50 PM
The fallout over allegations of racism at a recent Orange County high school football game erupted on social media over the weekend, reflecting the broader tension gripping the country in the Trump era.

Posted August 16
HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — In May 2017, an assistant principal entered a boys' bathroom at Cedar Ridge High School in Orange County. There, scrawled on the wall, was a threat: "Kill all (racial slur)." He soon found similar graffiti in other bathrooms. Swastikas and slurs littered the walls.

A few months earlier, a Cedar Ridge High teacher heard a student yell "white power!" as they walked to the bus, but she couldn't make out who it was. Back in her classroom, she found a swastika scratched into a desk in her classroom.

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Woman, 63, pummeled in random attack on New Dorp Lane" "Brutal and bizarre: New details emerge in random assault on New Dorp Lane" "Exclusive: Video shows woman violently shoved, dragged on Staten Island"
Updated Oct 10; Posted Oct 10
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A daily trip to the grocery store took a horrific turn Monday for a Great Kills woman, who reportedly was attacked from behind by a man she had never met.

The victim’s son received a call at about 9 a.m. on Monday, explaining what happened.

“I got a call saying they had revived her, and she was confused,” said John Owen. “She goes to church, and she buys her groceries. It’s not like she would provoke anyone.”

Owen said his mother, who weighs about 90 pounds, made the trip nearly every morning from Great Kills to New Dorp on the Staten Island Railway. She’d buy a few groceries at the ShopRite on Hylan Boulevard and head back.

“She doesn’t own a cell phone, but she had remembered a few phone numbers,” said Owen. “They called her sister, and she called me.”

wen said his mother suffered broken ribs, a broken shoulder and non-life-threatening bleeding in her brain. She is expected to make a full recovery, but there’s no telling how long that will take.

“She’s got osteoporosis, so broken bones will take a long time to heal.”

Updated Oct 11; Posted Oct 11
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.-- Family of a woman brutally assaulted by a stranger Monday on New Dorp Lane say her injuries were more horrific than initially reported, while the man accused of the attack has been hospitalized for psychological reasons.

A relative told the Advance on Thursday the victim suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which potentially could result in permanent brain damage, in addition to an eye hematoma “rendering her incapable of opening or using the eye for any sort of function."

In addition to being knocked unconscious and suffering broken bones, the attack ripped skin off the woman’s back, "causing deep, deep lacerations across 90 percent of her backside,” she said.

Friday, October 12, 2018 11:30PM
NEW DORP, Staten Island (WABC) -- A 63-year-old woman was brutally assaulted on Staten Island Monday, allegedly by a homeless man with a lengthy criminal record and history of mental illness, and the entire incident was caught on video obtained exclusively by Eyewitness News.

The suspect, Eric Coleman, was charged with assault to intently cause physical injury. Prior to that, police say he had approximately 20 arrests, 13 convictions and history of mental illness.

The latest incident, believed to be completely random, happened early Monday morning on New Dorp Lane and Clawson Street in the New Dorp section. The victim, Doreen Belloni, was innocently running errands when she was savagely thrown to the ground, kicked, then dragged down the street.

The video also shows the man dragging Belloni by her leg after the attac

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "NO MORE MR. WHITE GUY" "Police arrest man who allegedly attacked 80-year-old woman, stole purse"
Ann Coulter September 26, 2018
“They know the optics of 11 white men questioning Dr. Ford ... will be so harmful and so damaging to the GOP.” -- Areva Martin, CNN legal analyst

[And Many more Quotes about White Men]

By: Blaine Tolison Updated: Oct 9, 2018 - 5:27 PM
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A man was arrested and accused of knocking down an 80-year-old woman to steal her purse while she was leaving physical therapy on Randolph Road.

She celebrated going from a walker to a cane Monday, moments before she got dragged down face first onto a curb.

She noticed him in the parking lot as she left her appointment around noon but thought he was going inside.

"Someone came rushing from behind me very, very fast, grabbed the purse handle and dragged me along with the purse," Malcolmb said. "I hit full face onto the curb, and I fractured a bone in my left cheekbone."

She felt anger at first but later felt pity for her assailant. "I felt sorry for the person whose life was so degraded they had to take advantage of someone in my compromised position," Malcolmb said.

Colin Flaherty "Video shows men violently beating Roseville bowling alley employee with fists, stool, bowling ball
Police say men attacked employee after being asked to leave" "United we kneel: Teens use football to protest police brutality"
By Shawn Ley - Reporter, Derick Hutchinson
Posted: 3:48 PM, October 12, 2018
Updated: 3:50 PM, October 12, 2018
While they were bowling, the group became unruly and started causing a disturbance, officials said. They were asked to leave by a 28-year-old Roseville man who works at the bowling alley, police said.

Several members of the group surrounded the bowling counter where the employee was standing, officials said. One man reached over the counter and punched the employee in the face while a second man stepped behind the counter and began to violently beat the employee, according to authorities.

The first man picked up a bar stool during the fight and struck the employee on the head, police said. He then picked up a blue bowling ball and smashed the employee on the back of the head, according to officials.

In a county just outside of Washington, a small all-black high school football team has started kneeling during the national anthem at their games. They say they are protesting against police brutality — both what they see on social media and what they've faced in their lives.

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Racial tensions lead to Western High fight" "Massive fight breaks out during high school football game in Cleveland"
Updated Oct 11, 2018 | Posted on Oct 11, 2018
Students and police said racial tensions lead to a fight at Western High School ending in pepper spray.

CLEVELAND -- At least one football player was taken to the hospital after a massive fight broke out during last week's game between John Adams High School and Glenville High School.

John Sherman, who was in the stands when the melee happened, said the teams are known rivals.

"The kids were kind of heated and words were exchanged," he recalled. "Then when the meet and greet was happening, someone reached over and hit his own player while trying to hit someone else and that's when it started."

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry and White girl bleed a Lot) Commentary Video "Family members speak out after 89-year-old woman is attacked, robbed entering church" Black on Elderly Criminality Attacks wildly out of proportion
By: Michael Clark Posted: Sep 03, 2018 10:44 PM CDT
Updated: Sep 04, 2018 12:46 PM CDT
OHATCHEE, Ala (WIAT) -- An 89-year-old woman continues to fight for her life at the hospital after she was attacked and robbed while walking into church Sunday morning in Ohatchee.

It happened outside Christian Assembly Church around 8:45 a.m. No arrests have been made.
Family members of Margaret McCormick are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect.

If you have seen a red purse or know anything about what happened, call the Crime Stoppers of Calhoun County at 256.238.1414.

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Parent claims bus driver forced students to stand on moving bus because they're white" "Teenagers attack school bus driver in DeKalb County" "Deputy injured during fight at Harrison Twp. school" "15-year-old arrested after teen was shot on metro bus full of students"
By: Matt Johnson
Updated: Sep 19, 2018 - 11:27 PM
Some parents said their children are being forced to stand on a moving school bus, and they believe it's not because the vehicle is overcrowded.

Several other parents said they have been complaining about the bus driver for weeks. They said there are safety issues with children standing and claimed the minority students never have to do it.

The African-American bus driver is now the focus of an investigation.

By: Portia Bruner, Cal Callaway
POSTED: SEP 18 2018 05:14PM EDT
UPDATED: SEP 18 2018 05:34PM EDT
DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Two female McNair High School students face serious charges after the attack of a DeKalb County school bus driver went viral on social media.

School superintendent Dr. Steven Green said the bus driver was attacked from behind as she asked a student to take a seat Friday afternoon.

Videos circulating on Instagram show a woman identified by authorities as the bus driver push one student off of her and hit her as the student sprayed mace in the driver's face.
By: WDTN.com Staff
Posted: Sep 21, 2018 03:46 PM EDT
Updated: Sep 21, 2018 10:17 PM EDT
HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputy was injured during a fight between students at a Harrison Township school Friday afternoon.

Posted: Sep 19, 2018 04:41 PM CDT Updated: Sep 20, 2018 08:57 AM CDT
A Madison police official said they received a call at 3:57 p.m. for someone shot on a bus at Pflaum Road and Monona Drive. They were looking for the shooter overnight Wednesday and one person was taken to the hospital, Lt. Jamar Gary said.

The 15-year-old was arrested Thursday morning by the Madison Police Department's Violent Crime Unit, officials said.

The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was shot in the leg and is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. The victim and shooter are both believed to be students. Police said the two knew each other and that it is not clear if the shooting was intentional or accidental at this time.

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video Podcast: Relentless Black Mob Violence, Criminality, Mayhem, Riots, Large School Fights, Wilding Out, Ruining County Fairs - All over the country, if you listen, this is what you hear following an episode of black mob violence: “Oh yeah, its been happening here a long time.” Result: Many examples of black mob violence in White Girl are just the tip of the iceberg. Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/oh-yeah-happens-lot-relentless-black-mob-violence/ Date July 11, 2014

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "'He stabbed her, I can’t count how many times:' Witness explains brutal stabbing attack" He Just Wanted to Kill Her. Stabbed Countless time. Save By Hero Bus Driver who fended off attack with only a stick. Then reads his bible
Author: Lauren Padgett
Published: 4:23 PM EDT September 10, 2018
Updated: 12:04 AM EDT September 11, 2018
ATLANTA – A MARTA bus driver stepped in to stop a man from stabbing a 63-year-old woman to death, after he witnessed the attack while driving his Sunday morning route in the Peoplestown neighborhood of Atlanta.

According to the police report, the driver of MARTA bus 2375 said he was driving north on Ormond Street when he looked in his side mirror and saw the woman walking down the street with a walker, when a man walked up behind her and began repeatedly stabbing her in her back, side and chest with a butcher knife.

One witness told police she saw the man following the woman from behind before attacking her, and that she watched him stab her over 20 times.

The bus driver slammed on his brakes, stopped the bus and yelled for someone to call 911 as he chased the suspect down, witnesses said. The bus driver told police he grabbed a stick and swung at the man repeatedly.

While the bus driver tried to get the man off the woman, the man attempted to stab her again. The knife made contact with the walker, breaking the knife.

The bus driver and another person were able to hold the suspect down and the bus driver wrapped him up with an extension chord until police arrived.

Faith J Goldy: Bell Media Refuses to Air Toronto Mayoral Ad - Litigation Filed. Cell phone conversation of denial and return of certified check and media press conference of announcement to sue. 3 Faith Goldy videos merged together with promo pictures at end. Faith does not have a presence on BitChute so some videos related to her election bid will be uploaded to this channel. I will try to merge them in topic groups when possible to minimize notifications for those uninterested.

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video on Kaepernick and news "Lower Chichester police officer being hailed a hero after saving woman" "Suspect in shooting spree, 3 killings across south KC and Raytown in police custody" "Suspect dead after massive police chase, shootout in Rochester, New York"
POSTED: OCT 10 2018 07:28PM EDT
UPDATED: OCT 10 2018 10:48PM EDT
"As I pulled out of the parking lot that's when I heard a faint scream," Lower Chichester Police Officer Tim McBride said.

McBride says a man—now identified as 56-year-old Richard Simmons—was behind the counter on top of woman who was screaming for her life. McBride says drew his weapon ordering Simmons to stop and get on the ground, but he says the suspect started to come towards him. That's when McBride says he put his gun in his holster and tased Simmons who fell to the ground as backup arrived.

October 07, 2018 02:34 PM
Updated October 08, 2018 06:09 AM
A manhunt ended Sunday night after police took into custody a man suspected in a series of shootings that left three people dead and two wounded in three separate crime scenes across south Kansas City and Raytown.

Wednesday, October 10th 2018
Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - An investigation into two separate shootings scenes in Rochester, New York on Wednesday morning ended with a massive police chase on the city's east side with the suspect being shot.

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Mayor of Brookhaven, other officials react to Forest Hill band performance at Brookhaven High School" "4th person charged with attacking officers, locking them inside Englewood home" "Bail reduced to $20K for man charged with trying to kill Alsip cop with car" Black mob violence hostility criminality and the denial deceit delusion and excuses that follow
By Waverly McCarthy and ShaCamree Gowdy | October 5, 2018 at 11:19 PM CDT - Updated October 8 at 6:48 PM
Many are saying the performance depicted students dressed as doctors and nurses holding SWAT team members at gunpoint.

Two Brookhaven police officers were killed in the line of duty responding to a shots fired call last week.

Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene released a statement on Saturday.

"On behalf of the Jackson Public School (JPS) District, I want to offer my deep and sincere apologies for the performance by the Forest Hill High School band during Friday’s football half-time show in Brookhaven. Based loosely on the movie, “John Q,” the band’s performance depicted a hostage scene that included toy guns.

JPS has a great deal of respect and appreciation for our law enforcement partners. The band’s performance does not depict the values and people in our community, and was incredibly insensitive to the students, families, law enforcement officials and the entire Brookhaven community. For this we sincerely apologize to all, and we pledge to do better in the future.

We have taken some initial actions in response to this matter, and you have my commitment that we will investigate it fully and take additional appropriate action with respect to procedures and personnel."

10/10/2018, 01:27pm
About 2:30 p.m., police were arresting a person for spitting into an officer’s face in the 7000 block of South Throop when another person came up and threw a piece of wood at the back of an officer’s head, police said.

When the officers chased the person into a nearby home, other residents locked them inside, police said. The officers eventually got out and took three suspects into custody.

All four suspects live in Englewood, according to police.

They all appeared in court for bail hearings Tuesday before Judge Stephanie K. Miller, according to Cook County court records. Traylor and Williams were ordered held without bail, while bond was set at $10,000 for Lewis and Booker. All four of them were scheduled to appear in court again Oct. 15.

10/09/2018, 09:41pm
Bail was reduced on Tuesday for a 25-year-old man charged with trying to kill a suburban police office with his car during a traffic stop last week on the Far South Side.

At a hearing to review his bail on Tuesday, Campbell’s attorney Michael Oppenheimer said the police-involved shooting might have been racially motivated and questioned whether Chicago police were covering up for the suburban officer.

“Although this was an Alsip officer [who shot Campbell], this happened in Chicago and there is a history of cover-ups, as we saw last week,” Oppenheimer said in reference to the conviction of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke on Friday.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Video: Woman feels "lucky to be alive" after Federal Hill attack" "Baltimore Police charge 23-year-old man in fatal shooting near Federal Hill" Black criminality murder homicide killing shot point blank outside home
WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
Published on Nov 3, 2017
A woman said she was beaten with wooden boards and sticks while walking down the street in a Federal Hill neighborhood. Baltimore police said eight people were assaulted, and or robbed in several incidents Halloween night in South Baltimore.

Oct 4, 2018
Baltimore police have arrested and charged a man in the death of Timothy Moriconi, the 25-year-old gunned down outside his home last week in Riverside, near Federal Hill.

Deandre Devon Sleet, 23, attempted to rob Moriconi as he was walking home on Riverside Avenue before fatally shooting him, police spokesman T.J. Smith said at a news conference Thursday. Sleet was part of a pair police believe are responsible for a series of robberies across the city.

He was charged with first- and second-degree murder, robbery and multiple handgun violations, among other charges. Police also charged Kiara Treasure Wesley, 23, of Baltimore with a handgun violation in the case. Additional charges are pending against her, Smith said.

Last week, Moriconi left a relative’s house and was almost home when one gunshot pierced the side of his head at about 7:22 p.m. Thursday.

It wasn’t the first time Moriconi had been the victim of an attempted robbery. Last year, he recounted his experience being robbed at gunpoint and chasing his assailants until they dropped his phone.

“Moral of the story is, be careful, no matter what neighborhood you’re in, always be aware of your surroundings,” he wrote in a neighborhood Facebook group.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Video shows fight at Go Bananas in Norridge; petition seeks to shut down the amusement center" black mob violent fights and throwing large object at restaurants and amusement establishments.
Jennifer Johnson August 27, 2018
The cellphone video, which was shared on Facebook on Saturday, shows two women striking each other and large objects being thrown inside Go Bananas, 4516 N. Harlem Ave., while children are playing games nearby. A woman clutching a young child can be seen running past the melee.

Within hours of the video appearing on Facebook, an anonymous petition entitled “Support the closure of Go Bananas in Norridge” appeared on Change.org, calling for citizens to hold the business’ owner, Jerrold Marks, accountable and “force his hand on closing establishment.”

Norridge Village President James Chmura, said he had not seen the petition, but, following Saturday’s alleged incident at the establishment, has been in contact with the village’s legal counsel to determine what, if anything, can be done regarding the business, which has been owned by Marks since 2005 and bills itself as “the ultimate family entertainment experience” on its website.

Colin Flaherty Commentary video "Police: group beat man during attempted robbery" "Video Shows 4 Teenage Suspects Ambush, Rob Boy in Elk Grove" "Students report being attacked on SEPTA's Broad Street Line after school" "'We need help': After brawl at apartment complex, residents plead to Cedar Rapids officials" black teen mob violence hostility criminality beat unconscious robbed assaulted
Oct 3, 2018
A group of 3 women and one man severely beat a man during an attempted robbery in Brooklyn, police say.

ELK GROVE -- Elk Grove police arrested four teenage suspects Monday afternoon after a surveillance video showed them attacking a boy and stealing his shoes and cell phone.

"I thought I would, like, get murdered because I didn’t know if they have a weapon or not," the boy told FOX40.

The eighth-grader says he was biking home from school on Swann Way when he was followed by the teens. One of the suspects asked him what kind of phone he had then the attack began.

In the video, three more teenagers are seen rushing the boy from different directions. As one of the teenage boys runs up he appears to violently kick the 12-year-old in the head.

The teenagers hit the boy as they drag him by his backpack and pull off his shoes.

By Christie Ileto
Wednesday, October 03, 2018 05:05AM
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) On five separate occasions, students from the Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter in Spring Garden report being attacked on their commute home from school.

This week was Elijah McPherson's first week back to school after being beaten unconscious on SEPTA's Broad Street Line after school.

Tue., August 14, 2018
The brawl outside the southwest quadrant complex involving teens and young adults on Monday was the last straw for some residents of Cedar Valley Townhomes, 3000 J St. SW, who say they are trying to raise families and live in peace.

Some criticized police response as insufficient and not quick enough, but police said they were on scene in four minutes and an officer was out of his car trying to break up a fight, not in his car for fear of the large crowd, as some speakers suggested.

Colin Flaherty Commentary Podcast Video: Gentrification Dangerous Urban Neighborhood Pioneers Targets of Racial Violence. Fresh Meat for the Fellas 9JUL14 Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/urban-pioneers-targets-racial-violence/ Date July 9, 2018. Black hostility criminality crime rates

More people are moving into cities than ever before.

So the potential for racial conflict is also higher.

Urban pioneers suffer the most: They are victims of racial hostility and violence that the predators scarcely bother hiding.

That is what this podcast is about.

Author Colin Flaherty Commentary Podcast: What Kind of Person Kills a Cop. Ask His Family. Black criminality violence murder. Relatives and mother excuse bad behavior of black teens. Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/kind-person-kills-cop-lets-ask-family/ Date July 9, 2014

Author, Colin Flaherty, White Girl Bleed a Lot, Podcast Video: Master Chim a.k.a. Justin Garcia Interview Discussion - Black mob violence hostility racial tension. Defending against black teens school years. Leftist media denial deceit delusion excusing black community hatred and violence toward white people Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/white-girl-bleed-lot-meets-master-chim-bronx/ Date July 08, 2018

Colin Flaherty Podcast: Death From Racial Violence. What It Looks and Sounds Like. black Criminality Murder Testimonial from Killer. Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/death-racial-violence-looks-like-sounds-like/ Date July 04, 2014 WARNING: Killer's Testimonial include lots of F-Bombs and N-Bombs

Colin Flaherty Podcast: Black Mob Violence Is Normal, So Is Leftist Media and Government Denial Deceit Delusion and Apologizing For It and Blaming it on White Racism. Source http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/new-podcast-black-violence-normal-apologizing/ Date July 02, 2014

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Man accused of slugging 90-year-old woman is released from jail due to overcrowding"
By Stephen Sorace, | Fox News
Sept 30, 2018
An Oregon man arrested last week for allegedly punching a 90-year-old woman in the face was later released -- because the jail was too crowded.

Filbert Mwezi Gacinya, 34, was taken into custody shortly after the unprovoked attack and charged with indecent exposure, public indecency and assault in the fourth degree, FOX12 Oregon reported.

“He was out there dropping his pants, and displaying himself, oh yes, he was an exhibitionist," the victim, who was not identified to protect her safety, told FOX12. "And he was shouting. But I was trying very hard not to pay attention to that and just walk along."

The victim told the station that she can’t remember what happened next.

"I was out cold and when I woke up I was on the curb in the cement and this woman was helping me up and I said, 'What happened, did I fall?' And she said, ‘No, you were punched.'"

Colin Flaherty Commentary Video "Family of murdered 19-year-old Ypsilanti woman says she had 'heart of gold'" "Argument over breakfast food led to woman being stabbed 49 times" around black watch your back

WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
Published on Jun 19, 2018
The family of a murdered 19-year-old is opening up about the life of the young woman that was taken away at the hands of a knife-wielding killer in Ypsilanti.

Updated Sep 27; Posted Sep 26
By Nathan Clark [email protected]
YPSILANTI, MI - What started as an argument about sharing a plate of sausage and eggs ended with a woman being stabbed to death by her housemate.

Washtenaw County Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Allecia Wilson testified in court Wednesday that 19-year-old Jamie Barsegian died three months ago in her Ypsilanti apartment from 49 stab wounds to her chest, neck, abdomen and appendages.

Officers found Sims-Scott standing in the street, covered in blood with two knives raised above his head and yelling at the officers to shoot him and that "he had nothing to live for," Kofahl said.

Colin Flaherty ( Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry )Commentary Video "Broken Arrow teacher killed trying to protect wife, daughters from armed teen" "Prosecutors: Woman's grandkids mistakenly kill helpful neighbor" black violence hostility murder homicide
BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Students are paying tribute to an Oklahoma middle school teacher who was shot and killed in his Tulsa home.

Tulsa police say 44-year-old Shane Anderson was shot and killed by 16-year-old Deonte Green in front of his wife and children inside their home.

Investigators say Green had already robbed and sexually assaulted a woman in the hours before he found Anderson’s wife and two daughters outside their house.

Author: KARE Staff
Published: 7:32 AM CDT October 2, 2018
Updated: 11:53 AM CDT October 2, 2018
ROCHESTER, Minn. - Prosecutors allege a Minnesota man fatally shot in the face as he opened his door last month was targeted by grandchildren of his elderly woman neighbor who mistakenly thought he had harmed her.

Twenty-seven-year-old Malcolm Jammal Woods and 34-year-old Kielah Shanae Parsons, both of Rochester, Minnesota, appeared in court Monday on second-degree murder charges.

Police say 38-year-old Brandon Arndt was shot Sept. 10 when he answered a knock on his door. According to court documents, Arndt had checked on his disabled neighbor and given her water and her prescription pack.

The woman later was taken to a hospital, and six men confronted Arndt and accused him of giving his neighbor illegal drugs.

Police tell the Post Bulletin there's no evidence of any wrongdoing by Arndt.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry)Commentary Video "Man, 73, shot to death while walking dogs in Rogers Park" " Cook County Jail drops below 6,000 inmates to lowest level in decades" "No bail for 2 men charged with murdering landlord found in South Side sewer" ""Same gun" used to kill two men in Rogers Park since Sunday; Suspect photo released"
Sunday, September 30, 2018 10:54PM
CHICAGO -- A 73-year-old man was found shot to death Sunday morning in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side.

He was found with a gunshot wound to his head at 10:07 a.m. in the 1400 block of West Sherwin, according to Chicago police. He may have been wounded during a robbery.

Megan Crepeau Contact Reporter
Chicago Tribune
December 22, 2017
The population at the Cook County Jail has fallen below 6,000 inmates, its lowest point in decades, sheriff’s officials said Thursday.

Cara Smith, chief policy officer for Sheriff Tom Dart, said the number has been declining for some time in part because of a drop in arrests, but the biggest change came some three months ago when criminal court judges were ordered to set bail only in amounts that defendants could afford to pay.

The decline is especially significant given the jail’s chronic struggles with overcrowding. Over the years, the jail population often exceeded 10,000 inmates. At times, inmates had to sleep on mattresses on the floor because of the crowded conditions.

The jail came under the oversight of a succession of federal judges after a 1974 class-action lawsuit cited the overcrowding and other problems. A judge ended more than 40 years of that oversight in June.

Authorities credited the recent drop in the jail’s population largely to an order by Chief Judge Timothy Evans requiring judges to set affordable bail amounts for defendants charged with nonviolent felonies.

As a result, judges have been more inclined to free defendants on their own recognizance while awaiting trial. When judges do require a defendant to pay bond, it is supposed to be an amount he or she can afford — ensuring defendants are not languishing behind bars simply because they don’t have the money for their bond.

CHICAGO — Bail was denied Monday for two men accused of murdering a missing landlord from Rolling Meadows.

Brothers Elijah Green, 25, and Tony Green, 22, are charged with first-degree murder in the death of 76-year-old Vasudeva Kethireddy, whose body was found last week in a sewer in the city's Englewood neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018
Chicago police this afternoon revealed that two men killed in Rogers Park since Sunday morning were slain with point-blank shots from the same gun. They believe the same person is also responsible.

Colin Flaherty (Author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry) Commentary Video "Student arrested after fight breaks out at Hartford Public High School" "Over 20 fights reported at Lorain High 16 days into the school year" "Teacher's hair torched, student charged with aggravated assault at Tennessee" "Teacher carjacked at gunpoint by 13-year-olds who don't know how to drive" Black Teen Violence Crime Assaults Hostility
Kaitlyn Naples Oct 2, 2018
HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) -- A student was arrested after a fight broke out at Hartford Public High School on Tuesday afternoon.

Some students told Channel 3 they started punching and stomping a security guard who reportedly had a student involved in the fight in a choke-hold.

Posted: Tara Molina
Posted: 5:22 PM, Sep 13, 2018
Updated: 6:27 PM, Sep 13, 2018
LORAIN, Ohio - There have been than 20 fights in Lorain High School not even a month into the school year, according to School Board President Tony Dimacchia.

According to Garvey's statement, students involved in recent fights have faced suspensions, even with a new discipline policy in place focused on restoration first.

Per the policy, before facing suspension, a student involved in a conflict will participate in a restorative process where they will complete an assignment, meet with a guidance counselor, meet with a social worker and attend a conference with a director. Then, the student behind the conflict will take part in a "restorative circle" with those impacted.

Per state House Bill 70, District CEO David Hardy is in control - the bill stripped the board of most power, after years of poor state report card performance.

The Lorain Board of Education is currently actively speaking out about these issues and isn't happy with how they are being handled.
USA TODAY NETWORK Cassandra Stephenson, Jackson Sun Published 10:59 p.m. ET Oct. 2, 2018
A teacher at Haywood High School was monitoring the back of a classroom after a stink bomb was set off in class Friday morning when a student used a lighter to set her hair on fire, according to a Brownsville Police Department report

The teacher reported that some students in the back of the classroom "got in her face" and asked her why you she was checking out the black kids," according to the police report.

As the teacher walked away, a teacher assistant alerted her that her hair was on fire and the teacher patted her hair to extinguish the flames, according to the report. Assistant Principal Alex Aikens and Officer Anthony Jones investigated the back row of the classroom where the incident took place and located a black cigarette lighter.

Jones took three students to the office for interviews while Aikens and another assistant principal, Steven Hoofkin, spoke with the rest of the class, the report states. One student was charged with aggravated assault after two students in the classroom helped identify the the assailant, according to the report.

The teacher at Biscayne Gardens Elementary School in north Miami-Dade was approached by a teen with a firearm as she was leaving school on Sept. 25.


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