Corroboration of the FACT 'socialistas' are FAKEs setting us up for the usual '''communist''' 'Revolution'; this girl appears to be Jewish, so AGAIN, put away your broad brushes!

"National Socialism" was ALWAYS a fake stepping stone to full slavery as seen in Jewish '''communism''' in Russia and China.

This is what an American looks like!
Never aim for the head; aim 6" past your target and follow through with your body, if you're not in the mood for a fight.

tags:#BlackViolenceMatters This garbage is local to me and RACIST BART will only release videos of 'white' robbers!
No sh**!
A library of African attacks, on ALL OTHERS, and media cover-ups is here:

'Random [racist] attacks' of Occidental LADIES, children and men are NOT random!
"Mental problems", and 'hate speech are the same EXCUSE and COVER for violence used by their Jewish brothers and sisters when they're caught doing crazy a$$ sh**! (e.g. selling 'anti-semite' false-flag services like bomb threats or swastikas-for-synagogues or turned over graves to then be media 'victims' with needs of protection.)

These RABID Racist F*CKS are totally unhinged and bursting with HATRED carefully inculcated by the Aardvarkian overlords of chaos! See for the massive cover-up and INVERSION of our 'racial problem'.

Speaking of 'over-representation'? Esp. in 'random' shooters, and [Masonic] police murder of all cultures.
Does anyone believe these horrible actors?!

Our people have been totally kucked! The result in a 'Red State' would be quite different with all those 'religious nuts'!
Makes ya say hmmmm; smarten up people and stop sweeping with a broad brush.
Educated and Euro conditioned American/European Africans are actually quite gentle except when attacked, and many are fighting with us and against so-called BLM!

Notice how the child said, "Someone help me you're not my dad", ONLY around them; not exactly a fair test, but they were ready to give the guy what it appeared he had coming!

tags: #JewsKingPhu, #meetthenosenbergs44, #PaidTraitors44
The so-called "ANTIFA" arm of ☭Jewish fascism are the brains of their boots on the ground, ☭BLM branch.

It now looks very likely you will have to 'Kill a Commie,[or TEN], for Mommie' or they'll snatch your children after "Order 66-xing good cops/military and murdering YOU!

Imagine what would have happened if an ARMED 'white man' did this?
Seattle will soon have no choice but to take out the communists and keep in mind this is IDENTICAL to both the "Paris Commune" and those created in Germany, BY JEWS, that pissed off the Germans just like they're pissing off Christians of all colors!
Note how the BLM 'PROTESTER' pulled a knife @:32, but he's no fool and had a gun!

The person who made this video too is a 'moron' as he's unaware of why this was NOT 'stupid' at all for COMMUNIST MEDIA!
Begelian dialectic:They want us to face these deliberately weaponized African beasts with a 3 shot clip.
DO NOT GIVE ONE INCH ON SELF PROTECTION or you will be DEAD and your 'kids' will be harvested!

More demonic sh*t with Africans believing they can cure themselves by having sex with babies! South African Occidentals need to be evacuated!
Sounds a lot like what led to the "Battle of Blood River" and Zulus put white babies on their spears and their Jewish brothers used same to smear Occidentals in Germany!

if one or more of these 'unarmed' racist THUGS comes into your personal space don't wait for them to knock you out, as many would love to torture, rape and kill you for FUN; and that's just the BOYS!
What should be apparent is the Jewish "communists" have been here all along and have successfully weaponized enough Africans, world-wide, that anyone giving up their God given rights to defend against these violent communist scum, or their Kult and pedo agents in control of LAW ENFORCEMENT, are fools!

One of David's early interviews. Click here if/when BitchU delays setting the security flag causing it to not load.
(I.e. Before he claimed his "sister had a blood test and it turns out he's not Jewish, but a NAZI".)

Order from Chaos method found in ALL Masonic COUPS to piss off the people and divide the military.
The other pattern is dumping prisons onto the populations. Masons all around the world have been dumping their prisons onto European populations, most recently using the COVID scam as an excuse!

My youngest had an issue like this; it's a neuro-anxiety issue. This is something that came from her Jewish lines as this has never been otherwise seen in my family. This was also looped, by others, to make it look worse, but watch his right hand; this is not normal. Watch the audience to the left to see how long the EDIT was and wonder where is the rest of the clip? Why was it edited?
(They have every anxiety issue in the book and very high rates of schizophrenia.)

I'd been holding off on releasing this, but for several reasons changed my mind, not the least of which was it's all over the 'Final' grammar evidence!

See "KEY" on the blog:

An interesting travel documentary where you will learn, among other things, that Occidental meat tastes salty, African meat is far more tasty. If we 'man-up' this information will not be of use here; trust me I'm living evidence God has our back NOT theirs; at least those of us who 'find our FIRE'!

This person, while terribly misled on the Jewish supremacy crap, has been quite open and honest on her teachings; props to her for that and naturally she's still allowed on JTube and ignores her tribes genocidal 'communist' and 'satanic' gigS. She actually denies the latter despite a dozen or more Jews that have testified to the contrary corroborating ancient 'blood libel' in detail.

This does cause allergy problems; you have been warned!

A very apropos dystopian short story by E. M. Forster.
Prediction on the #CoronaVirusAttack financial attack and whether it's the 'Big One' will be determined shortly.
IMHO, Trump will come to his senses and take immediate stand down actions; this could be part of the Hegelian "Elect Trump" campaign.

Professor in Argentina, likely Jewish, total SWAG, is in 'deep trouble' over what her Jewish students created; I'd bet money it was their idea!

Interesting/suspect esoteric piece on 'purple die' Phoenician "Jews" and blondes in blood. Note time markers on YELLOW fluid flowing scenes; one 'conjures dragons' via 'serpents' and YIN.
(Sexual or other forms of animal energy such as torture or murder.)

Looks like another combined Masonic WRAITH fear scam perhaps used to also cull the population.

The highly recommended Dr. Daniels does a great decomposure of the facts around self-serving weaknesses in the test itself to the apparent fact one does not need to be exposed to "catch" this "virus". (Read that again if your jaw is not on the ground.)
Sub Harvard/Wharton educated reformed MD, Daniels here:


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