this is the BELT version of the TMC MAG pouch. there is a support bar for this one. in case you need more support to balance out the pouch on your belt by giving it more support.
here a link to the BELT edition

this is the MOLLE version of the TMC MAG pouch. there are different sizes Molle strips. this done in case you need a longer one to balance out the pouch on your molle by giving it more support.

here a link to the MOLLE edition

also you might find it a slightly tight fit at first. but you still can remove mags with one hand just use the halm of your hand to press down on the other mags in the pouch so you don’t pull the pouch up.

there are are a view models. ones with a removable spoon and a solid model. incase you like to print less separate parts or don't want to use a real metal ring en pin to complete it.

Personally I recommend to use the ones with the removable spoon. this can be printed in a better print orientation so it should be stronger. and you can chance out the spoon that looks normal (belt edition) for the Molle one. with the same top part.

to assemble just use a elastic cord 3mm or 4mm. make sure it is tight enough so it can hold the weight of a EG smoke wille running en stuff so do a bounce test by shanking int wile holding the top cap.

Links to the Enola Gaye pouches

a flash back on a good paintball game last year you know when that was possible! to travel to have social contact with people. sure we had problems then. but things have getting way to crazy this year. to be honest i don’t see us playing games like this anymore. not with out people seriously saying NO. we don’t play your stupid games no more. stop those lies year after year! stop the pushing of socialism. stop shaming people for wanting and needing there basic need for social contact. stop killing the economy even more than already was. and cranking down on the surveillance state… this this nothing new or normal. but they have thrown there cards open on the table. do you still play this game? why just walk away violence doesn’t solve any thing that want they want. just work out side the system use the free market. stop fallowing these dump rules with out questioning it. other wise there will be no more “normal” or resemblance of Freedom left in the coming years. and with that no more paintball.

with this drop down buffer tube is it easier to aim to with a paintball mask. of course it will be slightly longer than the stock configuration.

you can use a PVC tube to make the tube stronger. and you can ad a extra bolt to it.

link to Tippmann TMC drop down buffer tube

there is also a
Drop down tippmann 98 buttstock adapter avalable

TMC to X7 buttstock adapter

TMC to A5 buttstock adapter

there are more TMC magazine winders out there. but this one is made to work for a dual mag setup.

Link to Tippmann TMC Dual Mag Winder or T15 mag

if you like to use the original TMC shroud, but with a different barrel.
than you can use one of these barrel adapters.
to match you barrel diameter so the shroud still gets some support.

Ring sizes:
21.44mm Deadlywind Fibur
22.04mm 7/8 inch barrel
22.60mm Hammerhead Bangstickxx

link to Tippmann TMC Barrel Sizer Ring

These dual mag covers have the purpose of keeping dust, paint, rain ad sand out of your mags wile using Dual mags on your TMC.
in combination with the Tippmann mag coupler by FiXeL666

link to Tippmann TMC Dual Mag Cover

This shroud design is loosely based on the STG 44 sturmgewehr.so it's okay if you image it to be something else ;) I prefer this type of shrouds over shrouds with rails on it. and besides it makes the basic TMC look different!

Note: this will only work in combination with a 7/8 Inch Diameter barrel. there is place for a A5 barrel to T98 adapter in the shroud.

I also have designed a Iron sight for it but this one is still a work in progress. I had some trouble with clamping this down on the barrel.

this was a fun thing to make so I think I will design some more in the future.

Link to Tippmann TMC StG 44 shroud

Here is a 3D printable MCS Box Drive Dmag Tower. I found the price to expensive for a piece of plastic so I made my own.

I have not field tested jet. but it seems to feed well. and it looks in place well on a MCS Bolt and Hurricane. note that it's a bit of a tight fit

Link to the MCS Box Drive DMAG/HELIX Magazine Tower

I have not field tested them jet. but there seems to be no problems

link to Tippmann TIPX TRIGGER

if you place the belt loop of your jeans in between the to loops of the pouch. that will prevent it form sliding all over the place

If you found this useful, please donate what you think it is worth to my paypal.me/dannyhoogesteger Help cover the time of design.
Thanks, Enjoy!

Nerf 1x or 2x Mag pouch belt edition

Nerf 1x or 2x Mag pouch molle edition

the turn knob is easier to find and turn this way than the original.
the other 2 parts are mainly made to keep dust or rain out of the system.
the top door can be slide open en closed after reloading.

the other ring is so the opening in the tube and be turned down wards so sand can fall out. and rain haves a harder time to get in.

keep in mind when you try the turn out the original pin in of the slide. that this pin will most likely brake this happened with 2 out the 2 with me. so you need to trill it out and make some treats in there your self. so be warned!

Empire BT Spring Feed Magazine Upgrade

here will I be showing what parts you need with this upgrade parts. to make a complete flashlight mount.

This mount will work for flashlight with a 28mm diameter. And will assemble with the original FMA flashlight mounting parts.

the Long mount is made for filming with IR lights with a IR sensitive camera. this way it will cover more wider field of vision for it.

FMA 28mm flashlight mount

with this part you can place different brand of loaders on your mag loader with the adjustable feedneck.

the other original parts can be found at

Tippmann TMC/TiPX and First Strike T15 mag loader feedneck MOD

TIPX mag pouch molle tippmann paintball

TIPX mag pouch belt tippmann paintball

Umarex T4E HDR 50 mag Pouch - molle

Umarex T4E HDR 50 mag Pouch - Belt

for the 50 cal swab case see

for the 68 cal swab case see

for the 68 cal and 50 cal swab case see

for the XL barrel maid cases see

for the 50 cal swab case see

for the 68 cal swab case see

for the 68 cal and 50 cal swab case see

for the XL barrel maid cases see

the Ten round tube controlled feed adapter can be found here.

Or contact me for questions

here will I tell about the TNSWO project and some details if you like to join. and some tips to get started.

some other places to contact me or view the artworks are

this was a really fun game. it got the army vehicles. and after a fun ride. did we get in a ambush. that was not know to us that this could happen so we had some fun there haha. and after that did the game officially started. and did we push on to the factory

this are the first 2 games we played on Saturday on the Borne to strike shown in 8 Min. but for those how like to see a small video of the hole big game. that will be done later for those how like that.

If you are there you defiantly should take a ride in this amphibious army vehicle. it is a very wild and fun ride!

this are the 2 first games of the Saturday Game1 The Missiles and Game2 Kitchen Mercenary Game.


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this channel will be from now on UntangleART. but there are still some movies from the UnitedPB channel that will show some magfed only / paintball big games that are located in Europe. were the movies are made different teams that are working to gather as one.