Urban Moving

Or the same "side" playing the same insane bullshit? Laura Loomer sent in to give just enough information to keep the mystery afoot....


Does this Avis guy know he may be Mossaded?

Faked absentee ballots, stolen identities, fake manufactured votes done by corrupt dems creating fake post election votes sick stuff.


https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=O5WMWNRN3NYG Good video and source video
FromDeath2Life sub to his channel for breakdowns and clips of shooting hoaxes waged on us by Anti-American ZOG run illegal fake bureau DHS
https://www.facebook.com/hritalent/ his company, crisis acting fraud company

CNN LIES AND CLAIMS PEOPLE WERE DANCING no one on dance floor and only 2 crisis acting feds in sight

Rotary club is a masonic based outfit preaches zionism, privileges, does fucking fraud "fundraisers" to enrich its jew boot licking members top leadership is jewish...I told you people watch out....btw Muslim orgs they smear as extreme and libel with false claims just like the BDS movement with hysterical jewish propaganda wanted them banned for subversion....so read people they have a shit ton of front groups they astroturfed and hijacked! Christians have complained about this esoteric crime front/network as well



Ahh the tangle web they weave when they learn to deceive

INSTAGRAM https://www.yooying.com/schwifty_shoupy "Schzfty" http://archive.is/bw866#selection-341.159-341.166

https://www.kdnvideo.com/our-people Kabbalah hangout for ABC jews and one sad little shibboleth japanese/jew guy

26-27 years old on intellius what kind of judaic Frank Sturgis many aliases man, Oswald fake fights with "anti-castro" aka jewish bolshevik cubans. Tracy Beanz aka Tracy Diaz jewish larping and "rebranding" double lives falsified ledge,r infiltration, spying, sheepdipping, agent provoking and controlling the narrative staging the scene divide the goyim bullshit. Also with a touch of hardcore pizzagate pedophile rings, compromising, drug you knock you over the head and film you with your dick in a minor co-optation operations of the mossad....she supports miltantly pro-Israhell and anti-BDS "Gillum"...sersiouly what the fuck kind of a rabbit hole is this?



Its the same crisis acting spook "leftist" marxist bitch despite the lies also the dumb actor is claiming its not herself
nice try retards

I find it funny such a rare ass jewish name is being used....(((Frank Sturgis))) style with sllly denials fact THE BITCH GETS AROUND also supports the adl's staged hoax and faked allegations hat were insane and laughable by "Blasey" you know "repressed" never had these memories before Kavanaugh wasn't on top of me someone else was went back 8 times to get raped CIA kike. Its called hair dye, makeup and duplication while having the same name its an intel trick.

The SHOUP Photo off I'm not that Shelby's LinkedIn thats still up and they forgot to "sainitize" thats the same bitch

Notice the names and similar ages Go home Mossad you are not welcome in Goyland





BTW first part of no goyim need apply will focus soley on the jewish role in porn ownership and participation along with apropaganda and "normalization" campaigns waged by satanic jewish groups all operated out of a central hub.



The original "Detriot" based Shelby Shoop's Linked in photo and the Tallahassee fake highschool Jewish agent

Notice the black roots under the dyed blonde hair of the pizzagate satanic honeypot model Shelby Shoop


One is reminded of Frank Sturgis's aliases and larping aka false identities he ran under, the stage Oswald fight, and intelligence agency false "ledgers" aka made up histories and SHEEP DIPPING for agents involved in hardcore pedophile blackmail ops/infiltration and fake personas.



This is "Shelby" with way different hairstyle makeup notice the sharp resemblance satanic fake tattoos and pedobear crap


Fact the Shelby Shoop of Michigan and the Shelby Shoop of Tallahasse


Pizzagate satanic kabbalah imagery be warned larps as "anti-trump" model and has many pictures...its the same bitch different hairstyle and makeup patterns but original profile photos and many other photos resemble entirely the Shoopster of Florida. She is the same person parents are real orgs are true but the background was changed to larp as an agent amongst teens to recruit them/spy/develop false ledger to pretend to be jewish defector to infiltrate BDS/GDL whatever beware


Bitch worked for admitted faker of news seriosu hardcore fake backgrounds artificial creation of imaginary "reality" aka CIA-MOSSAD agenda for America the world IRON MOUNTAIN


Its the same bitch

Tracy Diaz who went to Beanz and didn't admit until getting called out

Jewish pedophile human trafficking blackmail operation for the Mossad exposed in Columbia by low level "Eilot Ness's"


Satanic imagery underage girls was she pretending to be a HS student to recruit young goys into be raped on camera?


Shelby Shoup a proud member of a Rothschild pedophile death cult "Reformed Judaism" on
(((LinkedIn))) a spook website scrubbed their girl's profile why?


"ORGAN DONATIONS" AKA thefts remember all jews believe in the TALMUD AND KABBALAH Tikkum Olam is destruction fo the world and jewish supremacy reigning same lies same bullshit different packaging

Fake "rebbe" Sylvia Rothschild pretends whore jews weren't allowed to stunt at the wailing wall another "internal debate" on who gets to pose in front of the roman fort wall

I'm working on no Goyim Need Apply 2 which is a serious analysis of jewish domination of Gov, Media, Hollwyood, "Porn" which is a psychological operation, US Military, NATO, and the West


He listed a fake "description" of these open SOURCE FACTS to not be censored he was on 4chan thread. Brendan just pissed off the 8chan underground he needs not attack internet ops to expose the media's lies and this NDAA fucking shit state we live under with LEGALIZED PROPAGANDA

The campaign organized and highly disorganized to wake America up to Zionist-Jewish occupation and control of America and the west is far greater than even he realizes


Anon tries to get the facts out synagogue and ADL-FBi setup an agent patsy once before to portray to be "victims"

No Goyim Need Apply (((Mike Wallace))) a jew talking to fellow jew (((Nielsen)))



RH of 100% and temps fo 41-45 perfect for breath seeing cloud vapor from heavy sweating carrying all that gear hot bodies of swat why no breath? Not the same day that is why


Satanic ties to the pedophilia pro faggot synagogue of satan sure they "blessed" these sick in the fucking head procedings BUT consider there was no shooting and its all fucking big gay lie why did they add this hoax into their hoax? To get the screeching mkultra shibboleth goy queers involved...this satanic of judaism has had many pedophile accusations over the years and ties to pedophiles of course they are all involved in things the Torah condemns? Why? Its a psyop to get the auxillary faggot and brainwashed anti Christ fake and non Christians into supporting the JEW WORLD ORDER

DHS admits to being SOSatan months before to prep for event

Jay Edgar Hoover I wake up an am groggy give a fucking break


The jews tried to cover for crisis actor by throwing fake news out their for the sephardim/yemeni brother who was in the fake crowds of fake hamas for the ZOG occupational government of Palestine


They are staging fake fights Clinton will never be prosecuted for murdering that kid on Weiner's labtop,

Stupid burgers applaud their talmudic kabbalahistic pedophile master. All because of a faked already exposed synagogue psyop hoax!
He attacks his base with a fake bombing hoax to smear MAGA the burgers walk to their doom.

Meanwhile peaceful protest activists are falsely imprisoned for peaceful resistance the creator of Smoloko the jew exposing website


Scottie Spencer falsely imprisoned by the adl terror matrix remember they call us "Russians" and ll this other bullshit we are American Goys fighting back against totalitarian talmudic fake news and tyranny

Israeli Fake News media knowingly claims "Sam Hyde" to be Synagogue psyop participant no one died no one got hurt by the drill footage from months ago during the "active shooter" training fox news clips them standing around all untactical and shit


How can this guy be in the hospital then in jail from near fatal gunshot wounds at the same time protocol state wounded stay cuffed until released to be officially booked


And so the fake gofundme scam begins...


Mossad front group for the Adventura jewish MAGA bomber hoax trump to decalre war on his base and distance himself from the right wingers of POL/ that put him in power http://www.israelbarmitzvahtours.com/


Young Israel the mossad terror youth brigades in the US

Jews meanwhile slaughter patients in Hospital bombing another gaza hospital in retaliation for staged hoax

Alvin K. Berkun Johnathan Berkun etc. The Goyim Know

http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/191098654 Another psyop hoax done by the the people who did 9/11 with a fake patsy

Rabbi Given Probation For Fondling. Squirrel Hill's New Light Congregation rabbi pleaded guilty to improperly touching a 10 year old boy 2 years ago and was sentenced in early April to 3 years of probation.
Charges were brought against Gershon Freidlin, 60, in Aug. '95 for reportedly removing the boy's clothing to rub him with suntan lotion on 2 occasions, once at his home and another time at another person's home prior to swimming. Freidlin has also been indicted by a grand jury for 2nd-degree assault and the rabbi pleaded guilty in Dec. to endangering the welfare of a child.

In addition to probation, the rabbi must have no contact with the victim or his family, and may not have unsupervised contact with children under 16. Freidlin must also abide by Pennsylvania's terms of Megan's Law, which requires him to register with local law enforcement authorities as a sexual offender. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 4/1/97


"Chabad affiliated"

http://old.post-gazette.com/regionstate/20001106mobhistory2.asp mostly jewish frame it on the shabbos though

20 stabbed at school heavily jewish blamed on Palestine goy Americans to ensure more of a death grip by the kosher nostra over the government and promote the police state disarmament Chertoff and company agenda


Judaism in Squirrel hill answers to Chabad they are all in bed with this jewish openly extremist genocidal open pedophile cult