Guy is crypto jew larping with a fake ledger and allied with his fellow kike tribe of terrorists

His Boss

UN genocide the goyim terrorist propaganda using the "climate change" lies long discredit as pure unadulterated ignorant psychotic bullshit from "Iron Jew Mountain"

Meanwhile the sceptic Isle looks like this

As I fight to make vids with neighbors over

No one believes this bs remember the crap about phones being tapped? Its playing into this and is a hegelian play

1111777777777666666 will commence again

We must remember the lives lost on the masturbation roller coaster of death gas chamber time travelling device operation by antarctican moon base nazi Jesuits

you stupid goyim
(anyone see what I see?)

They are "vanishing" aka disappearing and protecting Epstein, Maxwell, this faggot and dozens of others in a made for tv drama with false story lines covering their "erasure" of the names, new names, new identities, new faces...plastic surgery does wonders


So 4chan pol right again

Theater on (((Russian Tv))) to make it appear the people have some say

Epstein Wexner Mossad Jewish Zionist fraternities

The mfer was "no way outed" on Mossad "Special Flight"

MARK HALPERIN YOU BASTARD, he is jewish related to yes the "Halperins" and is a total cunt nice disinfo

"the vatican comment below"

Jews have infiltrated neutered and have placed their assets to control it...so Mossad and Bannonish CIA of Pieceznik staged this hoax to kill the story and protect their asset...DOD Chief Bill Kike Cohen "Its not justice but the APPEARANCE OF JUSTICE we go for"...

They stole the identities of a real family and duplicated it