Garden of Eden happened
get over it

signs and symbols stats and stuff
notice the admissions of the "recruits"
primary targets education and churches
false concepts false premises false spirits and weaponized language the infusion of a deraccinated from reality existence

Uneducated buffonish psychotic lemmings under command off satanic morons with zero legimitacy understanding or any authority....what could go wrong.....

uninvert the inversion
no aliens
demons and manifest ones
it was prepped before but look closely
stay behinds
and other stuff

The kid on the bike

to nuke = black magic satanism deception etc. to make one look all powerful to case fear and corral make one not believe in truth for control a slave
the earth is flat and in the center of a Container a spherical container the ancient Christian truth
waters above and below

Total War

Who? Well the "team" until now thats over..

its over...use your senses

look see what you aren't on and what you are on

Nukes don't exist heliocentric baller mind control aids does black magic and witchcraft
Protocols jews freemasonry communism

The most popular overplayed over modded and oversold Game on Steam and hard copy...a true masterpiece

I suggest you you play fallout boomer you heliocentric mind control aids ends today

btw the us gov ended in 1913 then 1947 and now its whatever this is....National Security State you don't need to know anything except we see everything you do and everything you ever have done...PLUS its not a ball and its not moving sataloons data technocracy.....

Please spread the word its an easy one you can do it babysteps...

Gotta clean up the wastes
earth is flat winston

another sodomite boomer shows his lack of taste and understanding, very low intelligence clearly uneducated

can't use your senses huh...its latam not spherica

Which secret government you ant to know about?

BTW Stephen all tv screens cameras and literally everything is listening to you...just the difference is you weren't being monitored as a kid.

I heard Bermuda is a nice place to retire talk show hosts and their mason rings...with their rebbes


Learn to code
Learn to read the soul
you are still
you ain't moving
Trust your senses
OK Corral

Aim for the head

Never undertimate the power of single think



1947 EBE
The Game
Conspiracy Theory
Heads in Jars


Wait nevermind I prefer Stanford experiment with a livestream maybe charge 20 bucks for the micro and use that to use bitcoin to prop up the US Dollar on these low IQ freaks.

NM just get out your over its done go home. Kids Gloves

head of the snakes...the head of this thing...this sick thing...watcher demons

"worship me" they say its sick....no need for the plebs the innocent the kids the elderly or satanic artificial injection black magic white magic...

I think a straight jacket for everyone at the UN handed out and apologies then jail time with a video game tutorial is order....ack ack

"Scientific Dialectic Materialism" Mars attacks

Not Science No observation Scientific Method requires observation no observation no scientific method
"dialectic" whatever
Materialism Soul exists God exists Communism is run by watcher demons "governmmmment is "God"
its sick this is sick

Henry Miracle Child
Daniel Stern https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS4WnMwnitw Rookie of the Year predictive programming
Throw a floater Listen to your momma

a comfortable merger of the Russian and American people

Open the Floodgates...a proposal
Anybody want California? I mean could you even sell that? Clown World

Already here I have a coworker named guy who hangs out with a drug dealing nutcase russian girl in a gang who calls herself princess and was apart of a ski mask invasion murder...he thinks its cool

I don't like him.... I hope him and his crew get better we GOT PEOPLE THAT WORSHIP SPEAKERS

Chi THE CENTER The focus what is your focus how do you see the world through your eyes OR Your "mind"

Ronnie was a good friend He never was sick people lied and claimed he was gay had HIV AIDS he was slow YOU TRIED TO MURDER HIM....telling lies and being insane is not smart Gates FAUCI CUOMO


I would arrest all 3 and put them in prison for 30 years.
Before making them confess to be liars con artists and agents....

Murder the poor murder the innocent you have no rights public examples you filthy creeps after you apologize and repent and admit your crimes....

Killing of the poor and the innocent is sick because you call someone dumb or say something as a figure of speech is not an order

RESCEND REPENT accept ....

All these people need to be unmasked and told its fake its a hoax its not real and to BREATHE

I commit sins accidentally all the time broken thought mind and word, don't eat meat on Fridays and Holy days according to the pre 1958 liturgical calendar

I Forgot it was Friday been feeling nervous in the stomach spitting up

The moment I thought Cuomo murdered old people for real and Gates wants to kill everybody and Fauci

Ham Bacchanalian Talmud Kaballah Illuminati Communism Big Club...Satanism
Apocalypse Great Apostasy Son of perdition Many AntiChrist Mystery of Inquity, Operation of Error...
Some things you can not allow....
St Jerome
Cut the Gordian Knot
Cross the Rubicon
Vorenus and Titus Pullo, 13

Pius XII Human Generis

The Universe

plays and scripts whats fake what real take a look
? Was he sheepdipped THIS IS WEIRD a cloud of red herrings and "acting" hmm interesting

Satan witchcraft Ham
Ancient Middle Eastern communist tyrannies
Bacchanalian cult
Infusion Judiasm Talmud Kabbalah etc. Satanism
"Deploy the ball"
Constantine Nicea Lacentitus
Copernicus and Galieo etc. cults
and then Protocols the world domination many faced "god" of death Jaqen H'ghar
Anne Catherine Emmerich Ol' Mel and The Passion of the Christ
Our Lady of Cork Fatima La Sallete LEGITIMATE CATHOLIC prophecies note how I said this

The Globe is the container
The Center of the Universe the earth we live on
The foundations the deep and waters above

deprogram yourself

life is not a game
but there is a script
I'm the only one improving I think?

St Crispin's Day
Low Born
Last of his bloodline

jews freemasons and communists
doctrines of men and demons and Bergoglio and all those who Hate God

correction 2006 I prayed the rosary saw the moon move and was healed after a beating I gave myself asking for another miracle small correction on that memory fades when its overloaded from the "matrix" you have been fighting your whole life

has anyone YOU KNOW ever been hit by an imaginary flying 500000mph fake space pebble
fake numbers made up lies schizo satanic ANTI CHRIST-PROPAGANDA THE BEAST SYSTEM OF JEWISH FREEMASONIC COMMUNIST LIES....same thing its all the same thing really most people can't see this its a sick system of nuttiness out there WAKE UP and look and use your senses...GOD GAVE YOU

I'm Responding

adam curtis
illuminati symoblism
church of the subgenius
card game 2nd edition
1987 released 1387
Birth year 87
1 God three persons
Who took the geneology records from the vatican
Christ was celibate Nazirite tradition sick blasphemous stuff not allowed

never played the game

Conspiracy theorists
Conspiracy theory
Mel Gibson Catholics
government agency that watches all other agencies
Rorshach...Rorshach test Shape test Shape of intelligence you can see things the way they are...

1958 Siri Vatican Rome Roncalli great apostasy COMMUNISTS
Steal ancient truth wait for old generation to die off and re present for new world religion
The antichrist will stage false miracles in the air USSR, Israel China NASA US Communism...all of it...

Truth hidden in PLANE SIGHT "Alabama in November 1833, "the night the stars fell." As reported by the Florence Gazette: "[There were] thousands of luminous bodies shooting across the firmament in every direction." The people that night actually saw Stars fall and they picked them up a jelly substance dissolved in the hand.......
https://avondhupress.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/[email protected] They fell out of the firmament real stars earth is flat you live in a container..
33 32 jews and freemasons
Scottish Rite
Bill Cooper
Alex Jones
Mind War
Long Strategy
New Rome
New Atlantis
Zionism Communism
Brave New World
"human conciousness"
History Repeats itself
Secret Socities
Secret oaths
They Live
Anti Christ
Judas Goat
Intelligence Agencies
Vela incident
Nukes are a hoax
Dave Mcgowan
Great Apostasy
The Beast System
etc. etc. etc. etc.

They both are trash....its fake don't wear the mask its not real stop pretending it is refuse to bow to the idol