Christians Against Usury

Porky the banker describes the swindle of usury. Even at 1% on gold and silver, loan defaults are guaranteed.




WAC Tampa activists discuss the mathematic fraud of usury. How ANY interest on loans causes defaults, and foreclosures.
WAC: We Are Change 911 Truth activism.

The Bible is a history of an ongoing Jewish Civil War. Think of the Lion King as a metaphor.
Talmudists(Scar) vs Torah observant(Mustafa/Simba)

Money vs energy refers to Mountain Hours usuryFree anti-monopoly local currency.

Song from the album "Jubilee"

Usury Abolitionists of all ages can be Serpent Crushers too!


Create music, art, poetry, or promote Usury Abolition with your platform.

Inflation is caused partially by usury

"Stairway to Heaven" free PDF.

2017 Kingdom of Breckenridge CO

Who one fears is who they obey.
Who one obeys is their GOD.

Babylon perpetually promotes fear-based drama. So, that we fear all things other than Yah.
Yah is very clear that we are to fear Him.

Yah is our only King, lawgiver and salvation.
That's monotheism


All of us who are debt slaves are the Israelites of the Bible. The Bible is about the captivity and release of debt slaves.


Rule by Money Lender ended. Through debt cancellation, land repatriation and usury abolition.

"The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings us back to the Garden" book by Kevin Deyoung.


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Whip the money lenders with usury abolition and debt cancellation.