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Dynabeads like super magnets. These foreign structures are in there in all the vials.

Probably a biosyn, now what are, what I am looking at? I'm just looking at it visually.

MKUltra was really all about trying to do remote control. They could remote control dogs and things like that for experiments.

I started research this organism and transhumanism. These injections are part of the transhumanism movement.

Discovered under the microscope were kind of alarming.

Contents of the vials under the microscope, to make sure that what they were telling us they're putting in really is what they're putting in.

I saw the ingredients of the vaccine, I knew what they were, to Controlling people, manipulating and depopulating them.

Mechanism of action, if you look at the state of entry into the body and how it bypasses your blood brain barrier and enters the nervous system.

Exuberant neural synaptogenesis

The human embryonic kidney cell 293

The difference of fever and coronavirus symptoms

They’re actually now doing it by creating genetically modified mosquitoes.

Neurodevelopmental stages in the body and how the immune system is developed.

Vaccine develop immunity in our body.

Study about epigenetics and wellness.

I was never vaccinated and my siblings were never vaccinated.

Dr. Ben Tapper, shares about awareness for vaccine safety to humanity.

I've seen people use a lot of raw Cruciferous vegetables. There's no glyphosate toxicity that the soil, so plant-baseddiets you know, animal.

Fulvic and humic Acid are really good. And again pulling toxins out of soil so they're soil, bentonite clays another good ones.

There's no simple solution in these complex diseases but absolutely for some people the redox materials can be the difference.

You’ll never get disease if you keep your basic cellular biochemistry normal.

Talks about how you need a small stretch of peptide or protein in order to create a toxic agent.

The dose of Alpha-conotoxins is 10 to 100 micrograms per kilogram in laboratory mice.

It says here that in theory, terrorist could also use certain conotoxins to disrupt agriculture by poisoning farm animals. However, conotoxins are not a select agent of the Animal and Plant Health inspection service of the united state department of agriculture and considered a low risk for agriculture terrorism.


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