Busted, Biden is recording his alleged White House videos at the Castle Rock (Amazon) studios in Culver City CA

If you allow the government to break the law in emergencies, they will create emergencies to break the law.
We must spread the word that the vaccine can kill you.

They bypassed two white schools to come to the black school. Unverified but we know these things do happen.

audio description is processing on https://rumble.com/vdukgl-audio-of-african-children-running-from-school.html


A copy of video also exists on

We know people really did do this and now two masks are starting to become the normal. Satan is laughing harder then every before in history.

It's easy to be a slave, you don't have to think. Just follow the rules. The experts know best, don't question. Many people are choosing this route, but they will suffer exploitation and wonder where they got to where they are. A life unfulfilled and sickly. The Satan temps you to destroy yourself.

Forcing children to wear masks IS child abuse so stand up for what is right!!!

Required Oxygen levels (as per OSHA) are not achieved using any of the masks on the market Jeff Neff.

source: https://bannedvideos.co.uk/firefighter-ends-mask-debate/

We are just hear to inform, we are not blocking entrances, we are not telling people not to get vaccinated, we are presenting the fact.
We are not anti-vaxxers, we are ex-vaxxers. No forced compliance.


These stories are not mentioned in main stream media or are blamed on Covid instead of the vaccine. One of the 2 doctors who coerced Rabbit Rapoport into getting the vaccine confided in his niece that he was convinced it was the vaccine that killed her uncle. 100s of cases like these are occuring and the media will not report them. It's bad for sales, you know. Media companies make their money from advertisers and pharma is the biggest. Don't piss off your best customers!

Niece of Israel Rapoport KNOWS it was the second Corona vaccine that killed her Uncle. He had shaking and other typical reactions to the vaccine.

Source: from a trusted whatsapp group and here is obituary

Masks will be permanent unless we speak up, Get over your stage fright. Our rights are being eroded because not enough people are speaking out. Imagine if 100 or 1000 people showed up? We must educate, we must put in some effort, chanting in unison is very powerful, "no mask mandates" You can shake the walls with your voices in unison and you feel an energy that is not describable. It can't be ignored by opponents.

Transcript from: https://www.facebook.com/allie.lietzen/posts/10224917158300054

Feb 2nd 2021 - Omaha City Council transcript - feel free to use as needed
Hi my name is Allie French, I am the founder and leader of NAGO, with over 4k members majorly in the Omaha area. We OPPOSE another extension of the non-pharmaceutical medical mandate that you’ve imposed on our community – effectively practicing medicine without a license. It’s only a matter of time before the damage/injury that masking causes, for which we won’t understand the full effect for years to come, will land squarely back at your feet.
With the recent revelations of the Fantastic Fauci, might I recommend that you instead introduce a resolution that guides those whom are especially vulnerable or concerned to wear the 90% effective 3 layers of mask as it is in the best interest of the economy, educational system, hospitals and business owners to have that level of self-protection without the ultimatum of criminalizing those whom cannot or choose not to wear a mask and allow society to re-open at full capacity.
I furthermore make this recommendation as it has been made clear at the recent press release given by Adi Pour PhD and Mayor Jean Stothert that while today the city council intends to extend to May 25th (an obvious political tool, by the way) that they have stated the masking shall continue until 70-75% of our community is vaccinated – which will take at least year. Seeing as this council has made it abundantly clear that we will follow Adi Pour and the corrupt UNMC off a cliff before going against their advice – this change in goalposts should require an entirely new ordinance be introduced.
The expert worship this council has befallen to can only be explained by monetary incentive or the programmed ignorance meant to control the masses. It isn’t science because they say so. It is only science if it can be tested and when the results are statistically significant and reproducible. Rather, your advisors often respond with, “I don’t know”, “I haven’t seen that”, “That’s not true”, here’s a cutesy meme or meaningless, manipulated graph that only tells the narrative I’d like you to believe and of course the abundance of anecdotal evidence – ALL of course based on absolutely fraudulent testing.
However, when it comes down to it, the most important thing for this council to bear in mind is the deeply held religious conviction that no mask, no shot, no pill, no man, can enhance or do better than God’s design. That to attempt to do so is a sin and against the will of God. (and before the ridiculous rebuttal is made that “God gave us smart scientists and doctors” let it be known that is a complete cop-out, it is nothing more than a line of propaganda fed to society for several decades to erode Christianity and promote the medical mafia) For this council to mandate a non-pharmaceutical intervention that violates my religious beliefs is an absolute violation of the Omaha Charter, the NE Constitution and the US Constitution. If this council insists on extending this already unconstitutional mandate and you do not provide us with a religious and philosophical exemption you will be providing the entire Christian community the means to sue the city and certainly a darn good reason to ensure your political career and community ties ends here as you've made it obvious you don't care if you ruin the livlihoods of our community.

This is Governor Murphy of NJ speaking!
Houses of Worship will be turned into vaccination centers. Pray to the new god of Public Health.

Isn't religion is about discovering the all powerful entity in the universe, self introspection, self reflection and much, much more. Now government is using religion to force their self-serving agenda. How can religion condone forcing an EUA "vacine" into the healthy bodies of unwilling citizens. For the ask of pharma profits and enslavement of the people by the global elite.

Speak out to your spiritual and civic leaders.

Source: https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2021/02/covid-vaccines-to-be-given-out-at-some-nj-houses-of-worship-community-centers-murphy-says.html

Dr. Zelenko is talking with pharmacist. Pharmacist will not show any evidence as to why he cannot fill Zelenko's prescription for HCQ. Orwell 1984. Doctors are allowed to prescribe medicine off-label. Dr. Zelenko has used this on 100s of patients and has seen remarkable success.



P.S. The Lancet study showing HCQ was not safe was retracted, it used very high doses on terminal ill patients!

Source: https://youtu.be/8svSzZvt4LA

It was the vaccine, for sure that killed this healthy doctor about 2 weeks after he took it You can be sure the family will be persuaded not to say anything and for sure the news media will not follow up as they say they will. This is a sure sign that it was the vaccine. 100s of deaths now and how many injuries? And we don't have long term results.

HCQ is the simple answer, but then again nobody makes money from that CURE

source: https://youtube.com/watch?v=-gq51K9fi_s

Zuckerberg says in a compilation video of his recorded remarks from Jan. 21
"In his first day, President Biden has already issued a number of executive orders on areas that we as a company really care quite deeply about,"
"I think that these were all important and positive steps, and I am looking forward to opportunities where Facebook is going to be able to work together with this new administration on some of their top priorities, starting with the COVID response."

original: project veritas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhmbANSPNE8

Her son's test results were not quite the right kind or not within the time period. We don't know, He was flying from Arizona back to Canada and upon arrival he was taken to a detention center. The new rules were only going into effect at about the time his plane was landing.

You can be sure there are more stories like this. Speak out against tyranny because the THE GOVERNMENT IS COMING TO TAKE YOUT and YOUR CHILDREN. They are subjugating the population. Democracy was a good trial and is now about to END.

The vaccine never kills (sure) They will never admit a vaccine kills. All medicines have killed, but not ever a vaccine, Gullible Americans. This is a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) medicine. Notice how Covid deaths are no longer being reported? Notice how flu deaths have disappeared.

Notice how slanted this new report is. "Get the vaccine and get on with life" But they say you still have to wear a mask, no make that TWO now, still keep socially distant. People are just fools for continuing to go along with this nonsense and not investigate and demand the cures to Covid (HCQ Ivermectin, Budesonide.)
source: https://youtu.be/D1YbH2lCRwY

Netherlands we do not have a medical pandemic, it’s a normal flu virus, starting a lawsuit 87,000 nurses do not want the vaccine.

Ireland had 98 deaths out of 5 million people in 2020, and the 98 were preventable if they were given treatment (hcq, ivermectin) Lockdown is causing more harm than good.

Sweden has almost no corona and never had lockdown. A Lancet article backs up that lockdowns have made no difference. PCR tests show 90% of tests are false positives. 86% had no symptoms.


Start at min 3:40 to skip prefatory remarks.
Dr. Peter McCullough presents. Physicians consult with Dr. McCullough. Editor of two medical journals. Decades of experience.

** CURES Act - states that real world evidence must be considered in regulatory matters ** min 54
There is very little difference in results between randomized trials (which we have none) and evidence based observations. (min 55)

Jan 21st info of explaining cures in LAYMEN terms. THIS WILL BE BANNED FROM YOUTUBE!
min 5:30 Slow developing and lasts 30 days, time chart.
min 8:05 Takes more than one drug, drugs in combination needed.
min 10 Americans need home treatments - and NIH pulls study it when they found out vaccines were going to be developed!
min anti-spike proteing antibody infusions
min 14:50 Hydroxychloroquine - raises PH disrupts virus ability to travel and replicate by about 90%! Approved for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis,
min 17:38 Observational Studies of HCQ and what it was used with, 50% reduction in hospitalization. Even if selection bias argument is used, it doesn't matter! ALL STUDIES WERE STOPPED!! Nausea is increased among those taking HCQ but not cardiac arrhythmia
min 22 inpatient trials all stopped early for administration reasons.
min 27 Ivermectin - broadspectrum anti-parasitic
min 30:20 Favipiravir - oral form of remdesivir, inhibits virus production, limited studies, no investment. 41% reduction up for review in Canada and approved in a few other countries
min 31:35 Corticosteroids - 30% reduction - lower doses need to be used.
min 32:25 Colchicine - drug for gout, GI intolerance is side effect, trial stopped, reason not mentioned!
min 36:44 Anticoagulants - in patient studies
min 41:25 ONLY 8% of care is based on clinical trials normally, so why aren't doctors using clinical judgement. "I'm not going to do anything until the government tells me what to do" This is out of whack.
min 43:10 all star team peer reviewed paper. published Dec 30th 2020
min 44:18 is where the thumbmail image is presented
min 50.Credits Dr. Zelenko
min 52 Astounding results
min 53 100,000s of individuals lives safed

credit: https://youtu.be/kL1Tna3oXzE || AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons)
Study: https://rcm.imrpress.com/article/2020/2153-8174/RCM2020264.shtml

>>>>> Physicians/Facilities Offering Early Treatment <<<<<

TX State Senator Hall speaks starting at 1 hr 3min

James says: Greatest problem “Too many of us are quiet about issues that should be spoken about”

He is not the type of person who gets emotional but does here. He understands he might lose his job.

He is saying there were basically no deaths in the year and then after vaccinating they started dying. He has 10 years experience, he knows the people who he cares for. He says two-three weeks later he is seeing pattern of side effects, like people who were talking stopped, people who were walking stopped, people who were thinking have delerium.

He states that he is not anti-vaccine, He is just reporting what he is observing. He can't live with his conscious. But the authorities answer him by saying "we had a super spreader." He is not stupid, he tells us the answer is nonsense. Zero deaths through all of 2020 and then in 2021 and people start dying. "OVER 14 PATIENTS HAVE DIED"

He is told the narrative to tell family is that your loved one died because we had a superspreader.

Credit source:https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/cna-nursing-home-whistleblower-seniors-are-dying-like-flies-after-covid-injections-speak-out/
James says to please share

One of the best synopsis's of Bill Gates and the whole vaccination lie. BIGGEST LIE perpetrated upon the American public and world.

This video seems authentic to me. There is a scan other media news crews. What can we say? This should not surpise us given the low attendance at Biden's rallies.. The Dems and Biden stole the election. Dems only believe in honesty when it agrees with their point of view otherwise, "the means justify the ends": They are shortsighted and don't realize free press and honest elections are critical to preserveing our freedom. Maybe they want to be slaves and be told what to do. Thinking is hard work you know!

This is a government run, self and health provider reporting system. The deaths cannot be conclusively linked to the Covid vaccine. On the other hand, what we see reported is a tiny fraction of the adverse events because most people do not know about VAERS, and even if they do, they might not take the time to enter a report. Additionally, not all health providers know about VAERS and even so, the vast majority are loathe to submit any reports because they are taught vaccine injury is one in a million, they are not trained to recognize vaccine injury and they do not want to come under scrutiny, it is "safe" just not to report even though it is required, there are no penalities for not reporting. Therefore, the reports of adverse events are immensely underreported.

ref: Harvard Pilgrim Health study showing less than one percent of adverse events are reported to VAERS
Electronic Support for Public Health–Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS)
Search the document for keyword "fewer"

I have personally donated significant funds, each to their means. I will ask Rabbi Smith, who is also a lawyer and studied microbiology at UC Berkeley, to do a longer video but PLEASE for the sake of our freedom. READ THIS CONTENT. viewable in web at https://mailchi.mp/c77cda98f475/thanks-for-rallying-for-freedom-in-woodmere-3611390?e=50c2a75be4

1) The CDC is acting above the law where unelected Government Bureaucrats are making decisions for you.
2) The real threat is not Covid (there are cures) but from governmens having power over every aspect of your life.
Medical Martial Law
3) “compliance” is becoming a daily habit, and “resistance” is unthinkable. - take masks for starters - they are becoming routine and forcing people to act submissively.
4) Covid is a Propaganda War – self-serving politicians and bureaucrats quickly grabbing unprecedented (and unconstitutional) powers that would have been unthinkable under any other circumstances.
5) Your doctor or spiritual probably doesn’t realize what they are promoting (masks, testing, quarantine, trial vaccine) SUBMISSION!

Global elites are out to restrict everybody’s ability to TRAVEL – internationally and domestically.
This is exactly what every dictatorship does – and we need only look at Red China, North Korea, and similar regimes to see it in real time.

There has been almost NO opposition or resistance.
SUPPORT the lawsuit to stop this.https://www.passaicclarity.org/donations/donation-2/

The CDC does NOT have the authority to bar people from the United States.

The CDC is using the compliant airline companies, who now essentially exist only because of the good graces of the government financial bailouts. In fact, the airlines are actively lobbying for these rules – thinking that it will encourage more travel and therefore more business.

A United States citizen always has
a right to return to the United States
at any time and in any condition.

DONATE https://www.passaicclarity.org/donations/donation-2/
(I am not associated nor benefit from donations made)


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