PRESS RELEASE, April 25, 2022
New Autism Documentary - As Autism Hits 1 in 14 in New Jersey’s Largest Suburban School District, Top CDC Researcher Exposes the Crisis and Claims CDC is Suppressing the Real Autism Rates by 30%

Albany, NY- In a new autism documentary featuring a leading autism researcher for the CDC, for the past 22 years has stated that rates of autism have been not only escalating significantly every year, but under the CDC’s new methodology for identifying the number of children with autism rates will be suppressed by 30%.

The documentary can be seen for free in high definition at

We fought our way back to zero, but scars will remain from masks. They never worked, it was about control and dehumanizing.
( I say masks could come back at any time and the sheep will put them on again )

Minute 3 to 36 is all you NEED TO WATCH.
Covid 19 is not a respiratory illness.

Don't let babies be vaccinated, they never were getting sick or dying. WAKE UP!


Based on ONE study in Israel that showed 30% effectiveness and 80% adverse effects, the FDA bypassed the review process. The health departments will be able to make any laws without legislative or scientific review. TOTALLY TYRANNY IS REIGNING.

I am not sure this is comedy because it is reality for most sheep and zombies. They are being forced to come to their senses albeit late.

Gotta escape California, New lyrics to a classic song.
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Listen, if this isn't clear, I don't know what is!
Excellent commentary.
(This is why the war had to start to stop further discussion and outrage about the Covid vaccine.)

Source: from the Jimmy Dore Show (over 1 million followers)

Act now
Another 3-min explanation:

Even though Pfizer’s clinical trials of the genetically modified mRNA shot have already failed twice in this age group, Pfizer is planning to submit another application for Emergency Use Authorization in early April — just under 30 days from now.

This is one of the last battles in this phase of the war. There are 18 million children under five who are potentially impacted by this decision. But Pfizer’s real goal is to achieve permanent liability protection.

There are biolabs in Urkraine paid for by Pentagon.

Five things you need to do.

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It's the vaccine dummies! It either gives you "Covid" or hurts your immune system. Nobody is looking out for you except for you, stop trusting the government! They have become self-serving corporate controlled entities. No moral or ethics. Just profits.

But Hydride is illegal to buy! The government won't let it be sold, but you can make your own if you build a particle accelerator, right. We don't need oil polluting environmentally killing cars. How sad. Where is the Messiah, (where is the Green movement!)

The information is coming out too slow. This vaccine can kill you. NO Mandates.

Canada is a tolatarian state, just not announcing it. Greatest weapon in war is to fight your enemy without them knowing it, that is even better than a surprise attack. And who could expect that governments would attack their own people. Well this is not the first time. The government will attack anyone who does not agree with their WEF (World Economic Forum) polices - which is population reduction. They are so arrogant they announce this and laugh that people are so stupid they just don't get it. They are having fun. Believe it!


There is no point in allowing the police to beat people. Maybe the courts will work. The police beating their own peaceful citizens, boy I hope they had fun. They are the enemy and they will pay - criminals are probably kinder.

No more police uniforms for kids, Police are not to be admired anymore. They just follow orders (even against laws) and will not think, they are beasts.

Police must stand down. Canadians needed to physically come out. Now, tolatarianism is right around the corner and it may be too late to stop it. Many "non-tin foil hat wearers" still don't realize the magnitude of forcing vaccinations on people and violating bodily autonomy. I am proud to be called a tin foil hat wearer.

Edward Dowd worked for BlackRock, managed a $14 Billion portfolio.
"Covid provided cover for central banks to print money for an emergency"
"All pensions are broke, they are not going to be able to pay"

Brooke Jackson fired from Ventavia for whistle blowing that Pfizer used fraudulent data.


We need persistence and patience and our efforts (we must do some actions) will pay off. God blesses those who seek the Truth. The evil being perpetrated is so bad that it is causing people to unite.

Canadian Truckers are not leaving. They are used to being on the road for weeks on end . Trudeau (really Falsedeau - he is evil) Will not even meet to discuss the issue. Trudeau has sold his soul to the Satan - Pray to God we crush this evil, only with the help of God can we win.

We must continue, we must get Trudeau to abdicate as Canada's Prime Minister. We are at a juncture. The USA and Israel are joining, where are the other countries, Prepare for the internet to go down. Pray to God, Satan never gives up and neither must we. The truth will win in the end.

Preview of the Israel Convoy prepping for Feb 14th.
Demanding removal of all mandates and emergency powers.
We must stand with the world against Pharmaceutical Medical Complex which has replaced the Militatry Industrial Complex for doing the most evil in the world.

I love the quote, "the enemy know you better than you know you"
The trucker protest will just get us scraps, The Good Patriot tells us what the real action needs to be.


Maybe the vaccine is causing Covid or weakening the immune system? Maybe it shouldn't be forced on people?
Maybe the leadership and doctors and people are sinning and God is sending a message? The mandates must be stopped they are a sin, those who know and keep quiet are standing by the blood of their brothers.

790 documented cases as of March 2022 How many more star athletes, some of the healtiest people in the world are going to have to SUDDENLY drop down on their knees with a heart attack and death until YOU START SPEAKING OUT? Here is


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We are searching for the truth against those who mislead. We believe in G-d, who is the ultimate power, the King of kings.

One of a 1000 quotes I like: "What is hateful to you do not do unto others" Hillel

It is only a matter of time when ALL thinking people is kicked off of FB, twitter, gmail, pinterest. But, Digital communication is critical in our fight.

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MY YOUTUBE removed me with no warning even though I had cleared my two strikes! I had zero strikes, I appealed and they said we stand by our decision to remove your channel. So much for three strikes and you are out. They will pay, there will be justice, believe in God.

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