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Israel government taking away guns from Israeli citizens in border areas.


Jan 19, 2023
In This Episode: The New MDs: Tackle The Pharma Fallacy: Statins, Acetaminophen and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

As of 2011, 43% of US children (32 million) had chronic health conditions, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays was included. This data is 13 years old and newer studies suggest that these numbers continue to escalate to shocking levels.
source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBL-PbPi4W4

I am not sure if this is really true, that he said it. (I know they want to do it though)
Does anyone have more information on who took this video.

Everyway possible to reduce population or destroy families. What business is it of Government to say what age to start looking for marriate.

Pfizer knew from the start as they had no data. They lied and the let the media lie. They should all be in jail and pay restitution. The vaccine passports were based on the vaccine preventing transmission. God will get them.

Sept 20 2022 interview
The evolution of Frankenfoods since the introduction of Monsanto's first GMO, its recombinant bovine growth hormone. Monsanto's "evil genius" plots to take over the food supply. Listen to a startling conclusion about where all of this is headed.
Certified holistic nutritionist Jodi Suson about the Real Farms Not Fake Food campaign: https://fb.watch/fFxFkWe_Xs/

At first, Monsanto and the other gene giants focused on genetically engineering crops and animals to sell more pesticides. Basically, their business model was to bankrupt farmers by selling them stuff they never needed in the first place.

In the process, they destroyed the soil, poisoned the water, abused the animals and gave countless numbers of people cancer, diet-related diseases and life-long disabilities.

They obviously didn't care if families lost their farms or if people got sick and died. The crazy thing is, they don't even seem to care if they mess things up so badly that the food system collapses altogether. In fact, it's looking like that's their goal.

Billionaires like Bill Gates and World Economic Forum companies like Bayer (Monsanto), have a plan:

Replace farms with fake foods

Rabbi Chananya Weissman tears apart "Rabbi" Asher Weiss's statements about the Covid vaccine. Asher Weiss, Enemy of the Jewish People


Alliance for Natural Health Interview regarding FDA attacks on vitamins and supplements. Big Pharma wants to sell its chemical synthesized reproductions of natural cures.

EU limits doses but this has been fought in USA and currently high levels are still allowed. The USA supplement market is a big target that pharma wishes to destroy, our continued public education and action is needed to protect our rights.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LAXE_kN4pU
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She has not violated her strict parole. There is no longer protest allowed in Canada - it is a communist country - hiding under guise of Democracy.

Source; https://www.rebelnews.com/petition_free_tamara_lich

Dr. Rima Laibow - DEVASTATING! 90% of the Global Population Expected to Die - Globalist Agenda

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Episode 2 - June 13th, 2022
Intermittent fasting is one of the best ways to cleanse your body of toxins.

It is time to ignore the CDC, HHS, public health and take control of your own well being. Most of us have figured out,"The government, nor public health is here to help you" - public agencies and even school boards have been taken over or have had the leaders brainwashed by profit seeking corporations.

source: https://www.rokfin.com/stream/19394

The Xfiles does an excellent job - amazing how this could be released, but explanation of how is that .....

They (the globalists/satanists) have to let us know what they are doing. That is part of the plan.. the yetzer hara (Evil Inclination/Angel of death) agreed (so to speak) with God at the time of Creation to tell the world before it implements it's plan.......😡so we see a pretty clear announcement here.

PRESS RELEASE, April 25, 2022
New Autism Documentary - As Autism Hits 1 in 14 in New Jersey’s Largest Suburban School District, Top CDC Researcher Exposes the Crisis and Claims CDC is Suppressing the Real Autism Rates by 30%

Albany, NY- In a new autism documentary featuring a leading autism researcher for the CDC, for the past 22 years has stated that rates of autism have been not only escalating significantly every year, but under the CDC’s new methodology for identifying the number of children with autism rates will be suppressed by 30%.

The documentary can be seen for free in high definition at www.autismmedia.org

We fought our way back to zero, but scars will remain from masks. They never worked, it was about control and dehumanizing.
( I say masks could come back at any time and the sheep will put them on again )

Minute 3 to 36 is all you NEED TO WATCH.
Covid 19 is not a respiratory illness.

Don't let babies be vaccinated, they never were getting sick or dying. WAKE UP!

source: https://www.facebook.com/UrbanGlobalHealthAlliance/

Based on ONE study in Israel that showed 30% effectiveness and 80% adverse effects, the FDA bypassed the review process. The health departments will be able to make any laws without legislative or scientific review. TOTALLY TYRANNY IS REIGNING.

I am not sure this is comedy because it is reality for most sheep and zombies. They are being forced to come to their senses albeit late.

Gotta escape California, New lyrics to a classic song.
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Listen, if this isn't clear, I don't know what is!
Excellent commentary.
(This is why the war had to start to stop further discussion and outrage about the Covid vaccine.)

Source: from the Jimmy Dore Show (over 1 million followers) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf9Ib04RbnA

Act now
Another 3-min explanation: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/child-health-topics/health-freedom/protect-the-kids-demand-the-fda-vote-no-on-eua-for-6-month-olds-up-to-5-years/

Even though Pfizer’s clinical trials of the genetically modified mRNA shot have already failed twice in this age group, Pfizer is planning to submit another application for Emergency Use Authorization in early April — just under 30 days from now.

This is one of the last battles in this phase of the war. There are 18 million children under five who are potentially impacted by this decision. But Pfizer’s real goal is to achieve permanent liability protection.

There are biolabs in Urkraine paid for by Pentagon.

Five things you need to do.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvYmjoowSjE
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It's the vaccine dummies! It either gives you "Covid" or hurts your immune system. Nobody is looking out for you except for you, stop trusting the government! They have become self-serving corporate controlled entities. No moral or ethics. Just profits.


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