With the U.S. government deciding to go through with its plan to use the final solution to contain the outbreak in Raccoon City right after Neosekken's last fight with Squidward (AKA, "Sucker-Punch", and "Nemesis"), they launch a nuclear missile with the plan to vaporize the entire city, along with the surrounding region. Since Neo doesn't want to get nuked off the face of the Earth as well, he begins rushing his way through the Dead Factory and grabbing everything he can that would aid in his escape, and soon finds himself armed to the teeth. Making his way to a nearby helicopter that he can use to escape, Neo finds that Nicholai has hijacked it and begins opening fire on Jill. Neo attempts to negotiate with Nicholai, but it ends in failure and Nicholai runs off with the chopper, seemingly taking Neo's only escape with him.

When the missile shows up on Neo's radar, he wastes no time regretting his decision with Nicholai and picks up the pace, trying to find another way out. He eventually comes across a rail cannon that the U.S. armed forces brought with them when they first arrived in the city, before being killed off by Umbrella's tyrants. Finding this cannon, being as armed as he was, and his time literally running out, Neo doesn't think it takes a genius to realize he's going to be in for one final confrontation before he can try to save himself. Sure enough, he's quickly proven right, as a heavily-wounded Squidward (AKA, "Sucker-Punch", and "Nemesis") makes an appearance. The creature begins feeding on one of the tyrant corpses, and undergoes a massive mutation, turning into a large abomination that's nothing like its original humanoid form - and it sets it sights on Jill, seemingly still hell-bent on completing its mission to kill her.

With the missile getting closer and closer, and having an arsenal of heavy weaponry at his disposal, including the conveniently-placed rail cannon, and with the mutated Squidward standing in the way between him and possible survival, Neo doesn't even have to think about what he needs to do next. Whether Neo ultimately survives the missile or not, he knows one thing for certain:

He's going to do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in his power to make sure that his stalker STAYS dead this time...

After Neosekken's confrontation with Psycho Mantis, he moves on past the commander's room and into some caves that lead the way to the communication towers, with Meryl continuing to accompany Snake. The caves aren't a walk in the park however, as they are inhabited by wolf dogs that are not too friendly with Snake. When Neo makes it through the caves, he finds himself in front of the communication towers, but before he can even get close to them Snake and Meryl are ambushed by FOXHOUND member "Sniper Wolf", the group's best shooter. Meryl is shot several times by Sniper Wolf, and is left immobile on the ground between Snake and the towers, and if Snake tries to go and help her he'll just be picked off by Wolf.

Not having a sniper rifle of his own to fight back with, Neo has Snake call Otacon to find out where on the base he can find one, and is told that there is a sniper rifle all the way back at the armory of the tank hanger. With no other options available to him, Neo is forced to retreat and go back for the sniper rifle, leaving Meryl behind. When he eventually gets back to the armory and finds the sniper rifle, Neo rushes back to the communication towers to try and save Meryl, only to find that the only person there waiting for him is Sniper Wolf.

Neo battles Sniper Wolf in a duel and eventually wins, and in order to find out what happened to Meryl Neo has Snake travel to Wolf's location to try and interrogate her - only to find himself walking head-first into a trap set up by Wolf. Snake is captured by the enemy. Waking up in what appears to be a torture room (one that looks like a room Neo saw in an earlier flashback), Neo and Snake finally come face to face with the leader of the terrorist plot: Liquid Snake. Liquid claims that he and Snake are both the last surviving sons of Big Boss, but before Liquid can go into more detail he is called by Vulcan Raven and informed that the U.S. government is not responding to the their demands. Suspecting that something is off with the situation, Liquid leaves, promising Snake with no small degree of venom that they'll see each other later.

It is then that Snake finds himself at the mercy of Ocelot, who begins using electric torture to try and pry information out of Snake (and also just to make the guy suffer just for kicks, because the guy's a sadist. But don't tell Ocelot that, because apparently sadists are just "uniformed fools".), while also raising the stakes by leaving Meryl's fate in his hands. Specifically. if Snake (Neo) gives up for any reason during any of Ocelot's torture sessions, Ocelot will put a stop to them but will promise to slowly kill Meryl in Snake's stead, but if Snake (Neo) wants to keep her alive then he'll need to stay strong and survive each torture session he's put through.

Neo survives the first round of torture and it put into a nearby cell, where he finds the corpse of the DARPA Chief - only it appears that he's been dead for at least several days rather than several hours when he died right in front of Snake, although this is far from the only mystery that is plaguing Snake and Neo's minds. Snake is then called by his support team, and it is then that several topics are discussed and with them more revelations are had as to what exactly is going on with this entire incident, along with learning more about Snake and Naomi's pasts. After these conversations come to an end, Neo begins formulating a strategy he can employ to escape his cell. And eventually, with Otacon's help, he manages to do just that...


After Jill's intense encounter with the traitorous Nicholai, Neosekken leaves the shed in the graveyard and finds himself facing off against the giant mutant worm that he's encountered on and off throughout his journey through Raccoon City. Eventually figuring out to use the creature's size against it, Neo creates a trap that ends up killing the creature. Putting the worm's corpse behind him, Neo begins leaving the park and making his way to a nearby Umbrella facility, known as the "Dead Factory". But before he can enter the building through its regular entrance, Neo is ambushed once again by "Squidward" (AKA "Sucker-Punch", and "Nemesis"), forcing Neo to jump off the facility's bridge, using an alternate path to enter the facility while evading Squidward for the time being.

It is here that Neo runs into Carlos once again, although he still seems to be suffering from an allergic reaction to STICKING TOGETHER WITH JILL AS LONG AS POSSIBLE IN ORDER TO INCREASE THEIR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL, much to Neo's growing frustration. Neo also learns of the Dead Factory's rather horrifying "privacy policy" (as Neo will call it) along with a host of other information that makes it abundantly clear that, apparently like most Umbrella-run facilities, the only people who could enjoy working here are complete psychopaths. It honestly makes Neo wonder why Umbrella has as much of a reach as it does with the general public considering all the sheer number of blatant abuses of human rights the company likes to commit on a seemingly daily basis. Perhaps Umbrella's just THAT good at keeping its secrets to itself, but the video description's really not the place to be doing some in-depth speculation on this kind of thing, now is it?

Oh, and if dealing with all the stuff that was previously mentioned wasn't bad enough, Neo eventually encounters and is forced to do battle with Squidward yet again. Seeing that the Dead Factory's biohazard-disposal chemical fluids can severely hurt the creature, Neo decides that he's had enough of Squidward's nonsense...

Arriving at the nuclear storage building, Neosekken begins making his way down the building, picking up Nikita missiles and any items he can carry. When he locates Dr. Emmerich at the bottom floor of the building, he discovers that the cyborg ninja is there as well, threatening his life. Moving to save Dr. Emmerich, Neo engages the cyborg ninja. After the battle, Neo and Snake finally learn the identity of the cyborg ninja, before he retreats once again.

Snake and Dr. Emmerich then introduce each other, and during their conversation Snake and Emmerich discuss the nature of the new Metal Gear. Snake and Neo also learns a bit of Dr. Emmerich's life story and hobbies while discussing the nature of science being misused for evil purposes, because learning that your boss used you to make a nuke LAUNCHER instead of a nuke DESTROYER can apparently make you both severely depressed and chatty - not that Neo can really blame Dr. Emmerich. Oh, and he requests Snake call him "Otacon" (short for "Otaku Convention"), because the guy lives and breathes his Japanese Animes, I guess.

As they continue to talk, Snake calls Meryl to let her know that Otacon is okay, but during THAT conversation Meryl is apparently ambushed, with the codec suddenly cutting off. After Otacon offers to help Snake stop REX, they part ways, with Neo deciding to go look for Meryl. He quickly finds her on the first floor basement of the nuclear storage building, and upon reuniting Snake and Meryl discuss their next course of action, along with some of Meyrl's life story, because experiencing some real combat can apparently make you pretty depressed, pensive over your life's choices and chatty - not that Neo can really blame Meryl.

Moving on, Snake and Meryl are soon ambushed by FOXHOUND member "Psycho Mantis", whose psychic abilities quickly prove him to be a tricky opponent to deal with - if you don't know how to get around his powers, that is. Eventually, Neo wins this second deadly encounter, and as Mantis lay dying he proceeds to tell Snake his rather troublesome life's story, because being bested in battle and lying on what is essentially your deathbed can apparently make you depressed and pensive about your admittedly crappy childhood, entire life's choices and chatty - not that Neo can fault Mantis for it since, you know, he's kinda dying as this is all happening.

Are you noticing a pattern here?

With the DARPA Chief dead and surviving an ambush with a female prisoner who escaped the holding cells with Snake, Neosekken decides to follow the DARPA Chief's information on President Baker's whereabouts and moves to the second-floor basement of the building he's currently in, and upon doing so finds himself in the disposal facility's armory. Using the LV. 1 card he got from the DARPA Chief, Neo acquires several new weapons, including some C4 explosives which he uses to open up some cemented entrances in the armory. Going through them, Neo eventually locates the other hostage, Arms Tech President Baker, who is ensnared in a complex trap.

Also waiting for Neo and Snake is FOXHOUND member Revolver Ocelot, who challenges Snake to a duel, with President Baker's life on the line. Neo eventually wins the battle against Ocelot, but after this everyone in the room is ambushed by an unknown individual that appears to be a cyborg ninja, complete with a sword. The ninja forces Ocelot to flee, but before anything else can happen that would likely force Snake into a new battle the cyborg ninja leaves as suddenly as he appears, seemingly howling in agony as he flees.

Snake then decides to check up on Baker, and during Snake's conversation he learns that FOXHOUND has managed to get Baker's password to the nuclear warhead that Metal Gear REX uses, thus confirming that the terrorists had BOTH passwords needed to activate the warhead and launch it at any time they desired. Snake and Neo are also given some exposition on the dangers of nuclear terrorism courtesy of crappy storage methods employed by nuclear storage facilities. Baker, upon being asked about the cyborg ninja when it appeared that he recognized the exoskeleton the entity wore, also tells Snake to ask Dr. Naomi Hunter (the same Naomi that's part of Snake's support team) about the ninja since she apparently knew more information about it than he did.

Right when Snake is about to learn some crucial information about Metal Gear REX, Baker begins suffering a heart attack similar to the DARPA Chief, and before he expires Snake tries to find out about some kind of betrayal that Baker was raving about as he lay dying, but before Snake could find out about it and how SNAKE ties into it, Baker dies. Snake reports Baker's death to Campbell, who seemingly plays dumb to the cause of Baker's death, frustrating Snake when he tries to get more information out of him. Snake also takes the opportunity to ask Naomi about the cyborg ninja, but Naomi claims that FOXHOUND has no one like the ninja in its unit.

With the deaths of Baker and the DARPA Chief, Neo and Snake's first objective in the facility ends in failure. With nothing else to do, Neo and Snake decide to take Campbell's advice and get in touch with Meryl and figure out what to do from there. And get in touch with with Meryl they do...


Taking the cure to the T-Virus that he manufactured in the Umbrella-run hospital, Neosekken works his way back to the clock tower, killing all manner of monsters and zombies that gets directly in his way. But upon returning to the clock tower, Neo is ambushed once again by Sucker-Punch, who Neo decides to also start calling "Squidward" since he's grown some new appendages since their last encounter. "Squidward" uses his new appendages to put Neo through a world of pain before Neo eventually manages to put him down again, before he can get to Jill and kill her.

Upon reuniting with Jill, Carlos gives her the T-Virus Vaccine, which cures Jill of her infection. Unfortunately for Jill and Neo, Carlos decides to run off on his own when Jill tries in vain to get him to try to stay optimistic over their possible chances of survival, leaving Neo and Jill alone once again. Mildly annoyed over losing a useful partner again so soon, Neo begins moving out of the clock tower and towards a nearby park... but not before having to fight off against Squirdward AGAIN immediately after he begins trying to leave the building. Neo is put through a world of pain, again, before eventually winning against the tentacled-terror, again, and with this victory Neo is able to make himself another new weapon.

Arriving at the park, Neo begins working his way through it, killing and evading more threats that come his way. Opening a new path in the park using a large fountain and backtracking a bit to stock up on items he comes across, Neo eventually arrives at a cemetery...

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