She's not angry, she's just sipping tea.

Three Chain Links - Missing You
AIRGLOW – Memory Bank
AIRGLOW – Spliff & Wesson

I made a tiny animation with Animator2. It's a little App from the Wacom Bamboo Dock I re-discovered this week-end(Yeah, I install a lot of stuff and then forget they're even there). So I tried to do something with it. It was quite interesting. The program is really bare bones but efficient. I think it looks cool for a first attempt.

I will redo her one day because she will be a character in one of my games. In the meantime...

Final Fantasy - A Realm Reborn

I love Hawkeye and Pizza Dog so much this needed to be done.
I hope you enjoy.


Believer - Silent Partner

Thank my Sunday's intense bore for that one.


Likufanele - Zero 7
Execess - Tricky
Miles to Go(Instrumental) - Stateless


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