Twitter trend highlighting deserted test centers.

So where are all the positive results coming from?

Noprthjampton Sailing Club Pitsford Reservoir 2018.
The long wait before the start.

The restoration of a Classic Thames Sailing Barge

British journalist and tv presenter Andrew Neil destroys a pro-EU journalist over new appointees.

Bernard Manning Egg Joke

The Adventures Of Robin Hood 1955 Richard Greene - Retford

BBC comedy sketch #brexit #eu

Believe it or not, this is actually a serious documentary.


Love him or hate him - George Galloway speaks a lot of truth in this short extract from his TalkRadio show. #Syria #USA #Russia #Assad #Israel

"Syria and Russia deny there was any chemical weapons attack in Douma by anybody and guess what? There is absolutely zero evidence any chemical weapons attack took place.

Important video, everyone should download this and host it everywhere.

Aged just 25 and fresh out of the RAF, Ian Nairn burst onto the architectural scene with Outrage, a blistering attack on the soulless destruction of Britain by shoddy post-war planners. Published in the influential Architectural Review in June 1955, it led to the formation of the Civic Trust, whose remit was to tackle the 'subtopian' eyesores Nairn had so graphically exposed.

Launching in the break for the national champs.


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