A video reply to Stefan Molyneux's atheism challenge.

True story. Two thoughts that have been brewing in me, one of them barely days old, the other arriving some years ago.

The 720p render said it was uploading, but then failed to appear. Twice. Therefore, I tried one saved at 360p, which did show up after uploading.

Describing the enemy with precision is a crucial battlefield principle

Tweeted by realDonaldTrump at 553am today, Sept 21, 2019, two hours ago.

Fox10 Phoenix coverage of Donald Trump border wall visit. He spoke with personnel from Border Patrol and Army Corps of Engineers. They showed and described how the wall is manufactured.

I perform a surgery on the entire account of how professional liars in the communist media once again suckered the world into believing one of their smears against conservatives.

Computer security expert John McAfee breaks down the ridiculous case made by the FBI in their accusations against Russia. This interview is from more than two years ago. And still no one on TV or with Trump ever mentions the slightest doubt over the accepted narrative.

Clopied from another site where on 6-27-2019 the video there uploaded by Got Talent Global had 88,956 views, 1.4k thumbs-up and 53 down.

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Made in 2009 by unknown author. So revealing it was that liars at the BBC made their own video as a rebuttal, and proceeded to present a shit argument.

The video here was downloaded today from YouTube by me.

View count just now was 16,324,081 with 33k thumbs-up and 16k down. Comments are off there, perhaps due to censorship from YouTube owner Google. Only guessing based on knowing they have been shutting off comments under videos deemed too controversial.

Made a few years ago. But if anything, the elite media are pushing harder and achieving greater division thru constant deceit. So I remastered the original for wide-screen and edited a wee bit where useful.

Video posted by @sickenlaw on twitter 4-18-2019.

1. Robert Mueller and William Barr.
2. Seth Rich.
3. Julian Assange, Wikileaks.
4. FBI director Christopher Wray.
5. Russia did not even touch the 2016 election.
6. Immigration failure.
7. Racist blacks get a pass by lib media paid liars.

Original song: "All Aboit That Bass" by Meghan Trainor.

Rights belong to Israel's Got Talent, Got Talent Global.

There is a growing clique of online critics trashing both Israel and all Jews wherever they reside. The motive grows from an idea that Jews essentially control the leftist media and use that perch to mislead the masses, ending up in harmful policies to the US. Europe as well.

Also by getting Democrats and some aligned Republicans elected, a base of power from which destructive ideas are put into law.

Those two parts are actually rather accurate, also fairly obvious to those who follow news without being conned by the leftist media (run by jews, right?). There are boxes of videos and auxiliary bits of evidence exposing what I call the atheist elite and alternatively the communist media for their transparent daily deceit that trashes anyone standing up in defense of conservatism or of christianity. Plus movies that do the same kind of smearing. Comedy too .

But the story gets confusing and weird from that point. Believing what they do, this group ends up echoing what conservatives have been saying for years.

Yet another easily viewed aspect of the liberal news operations reveals them as effectively always taking sides with Palestinians (who are islamic) in their ongoing conflict with Israel. The reporting on that front makes the state of Israel out to be the bad guy.

Here's the weirdness. The widely viewed animosity toward Israel stems from one source , the liberal media, the same media ostensibly controlled by Jews. Yet this video illustrates an either active or at least passive joining with players, dangerous hateful liars who use children as props for conning the world into viewing the nation of Israel as heartless killers.

The easiest explanation would be to merely accept the idea that atheist Jews who own most nearly every large news operation in the Western Hemisphere actually hate and lie about Israel just like they do Christians and conservatives.

Jesus told people and common sense reminds us that more than one type of Jew could be found, just like with people everywhere.

But the critics never go there and appear clueless when informed about the dishonest reporting that hushes up the true nature of Palestinian Arabs to cast jews as the bad guys.

Who else does that?


Other than Democrats, alt-sexual types and ordinary, even racist violent liberals, who has the media been vigorously protecting of late?

Yeah. Strange times.

Donald Trump either never meant the immigration talk or simply grew weary of crawling out of the ring with a bloody nose after every attempt to slow down the poison fed to our country by a communist media and the Democrat traitors they keep in power. Now he has thoroughly caved on illegal immigration. The outcome will turn every state into California within 15 years.

Inspired by lots of inaction but specifically a Tucker Carlson piece the other night.

A self-made free-form documentary about the planned murder of America thru immigration. Also covers an epidemic of hushed-up violent racist blacks taking delight in attacking innocent white people with quiet approval by ABC News, NBC and CBS to list the the major broadcasters.

Lastly, the politicians betraying their own country on both sides of the aisle. Lindsey Graham had been one of them before strangely becoming a warrior for truth after the death of John McCain a few years later. Made in 2013.

San Diego International Airport. This video was more difficult to capture than expected. Panning, getting the camera to focus on the far end as night approached... Also of course could never be done on an SLR because they lack a zoom range made optional by way of a smaller sensor. This was done with a Canon SX50 that brings a 50x zoom from 24-1200mm.

Half of the country is not only being fed daily deceit by professional liars who play a role called reporters but told to reject any conflicting messages (which are the truth). This video is a genuine appeal for them to actually stop voting.

Compared to what the paid deceivers at CBS ABC NBC News refused to report.

Topics 1 thru 3 in this upload.

Great animals belonging to the neighbors doing what they often did while there. But this time I happened to be carrying a camera so decided to capture the moment. Lucky.

They really are very impressive liars in the open-borders liberal atheist elite media. The job requires vast knowledge of current events and some about history. Countering this group requires either a similar level of knowledge or a fair measure combined with training in some techniques that can shut down their main weapon. Donald Trump was never at a level to compete with world champion political deceivers. He knows that now.

People like Pat Buchanan and Newt Gingrich are. Mark Levin could get the job done. Ben Shapiro, apart from his ignorance about the racism hoax, could. Alex Jones and Milo Yiannpoulos bring in two more. But no one like that was brought onto the team. The closest would be Sebastian Gorka. For some reason though, he got sent off or walked away on his own. And Gorka, while an adequate fighter, should be accompanied by at least one who shines in the art and some others to fill-in and broaden reach.

This video was originally titled Watch Rachel Maddow Lie... After a modest amount of editing yesterday, it is going up as Teaching Donald Trump...I have been putting together pieces for a video that is supposed to go under this title, Teaching Donald Trump. Yet since getting to it is taking so long, I decided to rename the prior piece because, though built in a different style and missing lots of things I would like included, it does make SOMETHING available that covers this particular and huge downfall in the Trump administration that has been like kryptonite killing the task of rescuing what is left of America.

Twitter shown colluding with professional liars in the atheist elite media (CBS ABC NBC NPR NYT CNN etc in the USA) in feeding only approved propaganda to their site visitors and members.

Ignored daily news operations include everything conservative, CNSNews, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), WorldNetDaily (WND), Breitbart, DailyCaller, ZeroHedge, Mark Dice, InfoWars, Paul Joseph Watson, Washington Times, New York Post and more.

A country drive in the rain to give long demonstration of what gauges are doing while operating a vehicle under normal conditions.


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Mostly political commentary built around exposing the communist expert liars at ABC NBC and CBS News. The smaller deceit machines like NPR, the New York Times and Washington Post too. It seems worth pitching in against the New World Order despite many others already producing quality material because my perspective throughout life has frequently been from a little to a lot different than the pack.

For example, while conservatives were thrilled with GW Bush for years, I knew early in the primaries that he had very little to offer toward rescuing the country. And though Christians pray for a decent leader, I see them as failing to get off their butts to begin making the traitors in America feel uncomfortable for a change.