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Stupid ass pussy ass negroids too pussy so he had to get his friend to fight for him and even his friend got his ass beat pussy ass soft negroids better stop smoking weed like little bitches

And clap it up for my mestizo brothers for making that jitt throw another punch don't shake that negroids hand you supposed to keep punching

You can say what you want but at least these mestizo men are brave enough to DEMAND things in a foreign country after traveling thousands of miles

These mestizo settlers are their to Reconquista Guyana back to its original inhabitants

Mestizo Ritual Religion helping give Strength and bravery

Negroids are not even supposed to be on the latin American continent why they complaining go back to Africa

The Latin American continent Average mestizo heritage percentages.

Crazy fight with armpit punches with so many mestizo on the train

Hitting yourself and hurting yourself to worship your mestizo lineage along side an ancient amerindian goddess is crazy.

Even though me personally I think it's weird that the wife met these men all by herself at least they gave her son and her husband good haircuts

Stupid Caucasoid man going around recording the mestizo migrants from Venezuela
Mexican immigrants might let you disrespect them but Venezuelans are much different more smart

When these girls say latin they are talking about Mestizo men from latin america . Shout out to the Asian girls even though I never been with one yet

A Puerto Rican Singing with Mexican corridos but located in Colombia If that's not Pan Mestizo i dont know what is 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇵🇷🇵🇷💪🏽💪🏽

This is the only Ever Mestizo Created Religion it seems very intense but I like how they prey to a indigenous goddess who mythically killed a giant Snake

Caucasoid woman married a mestizo man and moved to his home country and tells her experiences with the crime of the island

Mixing drugs with Mestizos or negroids will make VERY dangerous people

It's weird to say it but it's very true for a lot of Negroids You must hurt them to show them you love them. You must hurt them to show them Jewish supremacy or anything else your trying to explain

Mestizo point of view 👍🏽

Military age Mestizo men are getting sick and tired of White American Politicians sticking their noses in our continent

Female officers ........... Lol Men have bigger bones and muscle.

Mestizo men goes wild against a crooked government who thinks they can do whatever they want This is mestizo much needed savagery

Mestizo society is sometimes very wild or very calm no in betweens

Shout out to the Hispanic Tribes that made the list and Shout out to my Hispanic tribe TAINOSSS

Americans can't wait for their new friends and the ones who don't want Hispanic migrants will have to kiss Mestizo Ass

Black men gets Hispanic migrants arrested after group fist fight. But young Black women treat the migrants great weird

Hispanic family's are traveling through a dangerous jungle in south America to get to America luckily for them the mestizos that come from these countries usually physically strong impressively

Thanks to the Nice Americans for being so nice and allowing Hispanic migrants to live inside a School and not on the streets

A lot of young Black American women are finding a liking to young Hispanic migrant men LOL Love is in the air my people


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