Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Published on Jun 23, 2019
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Sources and Mentioned:
Can We Eliminate Identity Politics? Should We?: https://youtu.be/DQIwnnlnAPo

Ernst Zundel interviewed by Israeli journalist (1996)

From the link that this video is re-uploaded from...

"This video is one of the most hard-hitting interviews that Ernst Zundel ever gave to one of his political enemies !! A stunning interview addressing the centuries-old enmity between the Germans and the Jews...

The video is about 120 minutes long, with a introduction by Ernst Zundel explaining and showing just some of the MANY books in his possession (authored by Jews !) that he used in answering many of the questions presented to him in conjunction with this particular interview !!

The quality of the video is quite good (A9 / V8) when one takes into account that the master was made with the old style video cassette cameras that were affordable for that era...

After watching this incredibly well spoken and articulated interview.., then PASS IT ON in whatever way possible... !!!

!!! Truth Does Not Fear Investigation !!!

Also something VERY important to remember is.., "He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History"

Yes / No ??

"The Truth shall make you Free.., but at first.., it'll make you Damn Mad" !!!"

Björk - Declare Independence

Good times have created weak men. Weak men create hard times for us all. As the Boomer fades with a whimper, the torch is in the hand of Millennials.

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(German Lyrics)

Die Stunde hat geschlagen
Britanniens Macht vergeht
Durch U-Bootmänner Kühnheit
Großdeutschlands Stärke lebt.

U-Boote fahren
Gar weit in's Meer hinaus.
U-Boote jagen
Torpedos aus den Rohren raus

Jagen England, England in den Tod
Jagen England, England in den Tod, in den Tod

Ein Bersten und ein Krachen
Zerreißt des Dampfers Schal
Die letzte Fahrt zu machen
Ist das nicht Todeswahl?

U-Boote fahren
Gar weit in's Meer hinaus.
U-Boote jagen
Torpedos aus den Rohren raus

Jagen England, England in den Tod
Jagen England, England in den Tod, in den Tod

Jagen England, England in den Tod
Jagen England, England in den Tod, in den Tod

(English Lyrics)

The hour has come
Britain power fades
Through U-Boot men's boldness
Germany strength lives

U-Boot sails
Far out into the sea
U-Boot hunt
Torpedo out of the tubes

Hunt England, England into death
Hunt England, England into death, into death

A bursting and a creaking
Breaks through the steamer's hull
To make this last trip
Is that no sure death?

U-Boot sails
Far out into the sea
U-Boot hunt
Torpedo out of the tubes

Hunt England, England into death
Hunt England, England into death, into death

Hunt England, England into death
Hunt England, England into death, into death

Nordic Resistance Movement - Rasekrigerne (NRK Documentary)

01. Prologue
02. The Norwegian leader Håkon Forwald
03. National Socialists Icon in Sweden
04. Demo in Stockholm - Part 1
05. Vera Oredsson in Germany
06. Opinions on the Holocaust
07. Secret meeting in the German forests
08. Demonstration in Kristiansand
09. Demo in Stockholm - Part 2
10. Hitler greetings
11. Resistance movement in Finland
12. Kicked in Helsinki
13. Viking battle of the year
14. Håkon Forwald on Breivik
15. "We are right, everyone else is wrong"
16. Demonstration in Gothenburg
17. On the way to Finland
18. Demo in Tampere, Finland
19. The trial
20. Politics
21. Judgment
22. Veras testament

**Mirror video: https://youtu.be/fE5kqG9Pw9g

The Nordic Resistance Movement:
SWE: https://www.nordfront.se/
NOR: https://www.frihetskamp.net/
FIN: http://www.vastarinta.com/
ISL: https://www.nordurvigi.is/
DNK: http://www.nordfront.dk/

Bitcoins-plånbok: 1AJiMVvWvSc7eShqEvHa7mufkNne4CnhQa
Hatreon: https://hatreon.net/radionordfront/
Kontantdonationer: Skicka till ”Nordfront Att: Radio Nordfront, Box 52, 77222 Grängesberg".

Bli medlem nu! https://www.nordfront.se/medlemskap
NORDFRONT TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeorebDx_DtR_QDo38EUTA
Vår Väg (PDF): https://www.nordfront.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/var_vag_UTGAVA_1_01.pdf

OUR PATH. This is the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political program translated to English (PDF): https://www.nordfront.se/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Our-Path.pdf

George Lincoln Rockwell - Brown University Speech, 1966

"George Lincoln Rockwell made every living National Socialist and those yet unborn incomparably richer for his having lived. He single-handedly lifted our banner from the ashes of Berlin into the skies of America. He represented our Idea in so personable, professional and winning a fashion, he made us proud to be a part of his struggle. We are honored to accept his legacy. In his name, sanctified by the blood of self-sacrifice, we shall use it to the fullest advantage!

A man’s life is his noblest work. And if his work is carried on by those who survive him, he is not truly dead. Through us, Rockwell lives!"

On June 4th, 2004 Marvin Heemeyer made his last stand.
"Let us celebrate ingenuity and innovation, along with true grit and determination in the face of an unnecessarily desperate and immoral situation, and in spite of tyranny and subtle despostism."

Modern day public schools.

Is it though?

From The Wall Movie

“My brothers, my sisters. From the mist shrouded forest valleys and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I bring you a message of solidarity, a call to action and a DEMAND for adherence to duty as members of the vanguard of an Aryan resurgence and ultimately total Aryan victory.” - Bob Mathews https://www.nordfront.se/

Red Ice TV
Published on Jun 30, 2018
Anti straight White male hatred will backfire and be used as a catalyst for greatness.

Das Reich -Triumph of the will

1 Die Fahne Hoch (Intro)
2 Which Way White Man
3 Stukas Over D.C.
4 We Will Keep Fighting
5 Ballad Of Earl Turner
6 Until We Win
7 White America
8 Other Losses
9 A Gun In My Hand
10 Voice Of America
Music By – Skrewdriver

Here are reasons why maniac elites want to replace White people.

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Rick Wiles on those you cannot criticize

Paul Burnley - Save the white race

OBNX - March of Death

Dr. David Duke http://www.davidduke.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abe Foxman and the ADL says that alleging that the Jews control the media is an "anti-Semitic canard." Actually a Jewish columnist for the Los Angeles Times couldn't help but boast of Jewish prowess. Watch this video and you will become aware of the incredible Jewish influence over the media. The video also points out that the fact of Jewish control has huge implications on American foreign policy, Israel and the Palestinians and many other issues. When a small group with an agenda controls the lion's share of media, freedom of speech and thought is in peril.

Music from the movie "Romper Stomper"

Stuka Attacke - Für Volk und Vaterland

Richard Spencer on Enoch Powell - Rivers of blood speech 2011

“You will see. My spirit will arise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.” — Adolf Hitler

We need Warrior-Scholars
Knowledge IS power
So open a damn book and get some!

From the movie "Higher Learning."


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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.