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This 1946 Disney feature combines animation, comedy and, above all, NO political correctness, A refreshing watch in an era of bland PC movies.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring after he did not see his shadow, just the 20th time in the 134-year history of Groundhog Day and the first back-to-back early-spring prediction. PACast video from the Feb. 2, 2020, Groundhog Day event at Gobbler's Knob outside Punxsutawney, Pa.

Vald Zladko, superstar of the tiny Eastern European republic of Molvania, is like the lion killing the antelope...

The tiny Eastern European republic of Molvania was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest . Why ? Because they would have won too easily !

Enormous Civil Unrest in Virginia is growing. If Left Unchecked, History says Virginia is 'on the brink' of Civil War. Be sure to watch to the end to see how it applies to current events today.

In 1961, the Soviet media reported that Yuri Gagarin had become the first man in space. However, with the breakup of the Soviet Union and the release of previously classified documents, an astonishing truth has been unearthed. The first man in space was not Gagarin, but Vladimir Ilyushin, one of Russia's most celebrated test pilots. This breakthrough documentary reveals for the first time ever how Ilyushin's mission ended in severe injury and how Soviet authorities, robbed of the image of a conquering hero, decided to conceal the facts from the world.

Incredibly, though we are told that VE-Day, 8 May 1945, marked the end of the war in Europe, a functioning Nazi government was permitted to remain in place in northern Germany until 23 May 1945. Known as the 'Flensburg Government', discover how it was created and why it outlived the German surrender.

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The Star Wars forgotten episode... Each and every single actor involved in this horror wishes it never existed... for good reason.
Judge for yourself with this repaired, upscaled version.

Even rarer than the infamous "Star Wars holiday special", that "Star Wars" themed episode of the Muppets show featuring Mark Hamill.
This time, Neither Carrie Fisher nor Harrison Ford dared to appear, although R2D2 seems to be the genuine prop, as well as the C3P0 costume (the Chewbacca thing is unclear).
Around the usual boring singing and dancing puppetry, the poor actor Mark Hamill, who must have been in some emergency to pay taxes in order to accept that gig, tries to put up a couple of cabaret style numbers.
Very, very forgettable (and largely forgotten) performance.

Aeroport Vnukovo 2, ... terminal, Ilyushin Il-96-300PU, this is the presidential aircraft. Preparing for take off. The head of the state goes on his business. He is going to Kazan today, tomorrow to any other cities in our huge country or the world...
This great documentary was made by Arkady Mamontov, a popular TV host and investigative journalist famous for his ground-breaking documentaries.
Credit to Rossiya 24

Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Shadow of Babylon international bike show, organised by Night Wolves Motorclub.

A bunch of civilians raiding a military base, what could possibly go wrong ?

Our Milky Way may harbor millions of black holes... the ultra dense remnants of dead stars. But now, in the universe far beyond our galaxy, there's evidence of something far more ominous. A breed of black holes that has reached incomprehensible size and destructive power. Just how large, and violent, and strange can they get?

A new era in astronomy has revealed a universe long hidden to us. High-tech instruments sent into space have been tuned to sense high-energy forms of light -- x-rays and gamma rays -- that are invisible to our eyes and do not penetrate our atmosphere. On the ground, precision telescopes are equipped with technologies that allow them to cancel out the blurring effects of the atmosphere. They are peering into the far reaches of the universe, and into distant caldrons of light and energy. In some distant galaxies, astronomers are now finding evidence that space and time are being shattered by eruptions so vast they boggle the mind.

We are just beginning to understand the impact these outbursts have had on the universe: On the shapes of galaxies, the spread of elements that make up stars and planets, and ultimately the very existence of Earth. The discovery of what causes these eruptions has led to a new understanding of cosmic history. Back in 1995, the Hubble space telescope was enlisted to begin filling in the details of that history. Astronomers selected tiny regions in the sky, between the stars. For days at a time, they focused Hubble's gaze on remote regions of the universe.

These hubble Deep Field images offered incredibly clear views of the cosmos in its infancy. What drew astronomers' attention were the tiniest galaxies, covering only a few pixels on Hubble's detector. Most of them do not have the grand spiral or elliptical shapes of large galaxies we see close to us today.

Instead, they are irregular, scrappy collections of stars. The Hubble Deep Field confirmed a long-standing idea that the universe must have evolved in a series of building blocks, with small galaxies gradually merging and assembling into larger ones.

Another variation on the theme "Karolus" by Sabaton

From Tucker Carlson Tonight, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson joins Tucker to discuss President Trump’s “racist” comments about Baltimore.

From Konstantin TV

No need to introduce this famous Sabaton tune.

The music is Sabaton's cover of "Out of Control" by Battle Beast

In Mother Europa's darkest hour, the gods themselves send their champion as a beacon of hope...

To Hell and Back - Sabaton

Human caused Global Warming - the biggest deception in history.
In the 4th part of this presentation by Tim Ball, PhD, we look at where this deception started, why it is a deception and who is really driving the agenda.

In the second part of this presentation by Tony Heller, we ask just who are these experts that talk about Climate Change, and we look at their history of miserably failed projections.

Tony Heller presentation is titled "The emperor's new Climate". We look at temperature measurement, dodgy adjustments and Professor Brian Cox.

Video by John Ward
Worst Journalist of the Year, Don Lemon (Worst Journalist of the Year) has given us tens of thousands of examples of his spectacular inability to do basic journalism - but in a recent "interview" with Reverend Bill Owens, a leader in American culture reform, Lemon finally snapped and fully exposed, to a degree of obviousness never seen, just how absurdly one-sided he and CNN truly are.

Don Lemon desperately seeks any shred of sound he can use to attack President Donald Trump - and Reverend Owens, wise to the ploy in ways Lemon will never understand, expertly frustrates his increasingly insane attempts to bend the narrative to his meager will.

In this video, Tony Heller makes fun of the mindless mass hysteria about recent weather in the Arctic.


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