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A collection of paintings by none other than Adolf Hitler

AI powered audio translation + voice cloning gives this awesome sequence.

One of the most popular marching anthems to ever come out of Germany, Erika is recognized far from its country of origin.
Often thought of as traditional folk tune, Erika is in fact a more recent military marching song created after 1930. The lyrics and the melody come from the German composer for marching songs, Herms Niel (1888–1954).
Niel was the leading Kapellmeister (the main bandleader) of the Reich Labour Service and composed many songs for the Reich over its twelve years of existence including 'Engel-land-lied’, one of the main German war songs throughout the conflict.
Published under its original title “Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein” (“Erika”), the songs main theme focuses on a man longing for his sweetheart back home.
The name "Erika" has a double meaning both as a traditional German girls name and also that of a flower.
The flowers known in German as Heidekräuter (Erica) are a genus of about 860 species of flowering plants in the family Ericaceae. One variety of heather or heath flowers, Glockenheide (bell heather), has the Latin name Erica tetralix.
'Erika' is a flower found growing “auf der Heide” (on the heath) or in a moor in Germany and other places.

Adolf Hitler is speaking on New Year's Eve, December 31, 1944.

Isn't it interesting how some speeches by Hitler are never translated, or translated correctly, in Hollywood movie ? Makes you wonder...
Well, wonder no more !

Adolf Hitler was also a talented artist, as shown in this video

Thought experiment : let's apply to Israel the exact same recipe it is advocating for other countries...

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer
Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler

Bromberg Massacre Of Germans In Poland Before WW 2 Began - Hitler Speech

Our Führer's first proclamation to the German people on the 1st February 1933

Germans migrated down the Danube in three major waves beginning more than 700 years ago, and settled in mountainous areas of Bohemia and Moravia. These Ethnic Germans became very prosperous and those in Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia were known as Danube Swabians.

It is estimated that between 12 and 15 million ethnic Germans, including children, were systematically expelled, tortured, raped, put in camps, starved, enslaved and executed after World War II from 1944-1948, and later. Their only crime was being German. These actions were in many cases government sanctioned and done in full knowledge of the victorious allies. To date, no one has ever been held accountable, and most do not know or do not acknowledge this genocide.

Through interviews with survivors, the memory of this sad period in human history is preserved, and hopefully provides peace to the almost 15 million souls lost.

Subtitled speech by Adolf Hitler

A typical TB Trope about time machines is "Let's kill Hitler !". So let's see what would actually happen if you made that mistake...

Die Bauten Adolf Hitlers

Er ist wieder da.

Germar Rudolf, who went to prison for giving an unbiased chemistry engineering report on the so-called "gas chambers" of Auschwitz, is exposing the core of the problem in this simple video. Of course, the book was banned, but you can download it, as well as many others, at http://holocausthandbooks.com/

Hitler escaping major assassination attempt (violent explosion), yet continues with his days appointments unscathed as though he were invincible / immortal.

The Death Camps for Germans Created by General Eisenhower (Justice for Germans)

Fuhrer's Ashes May Still Exist by Mark Felton

How Adolf Hitler's ashes may still be hidden somewhere in Germany, in spite of the soviet occupying forces efforts to disappear them.

They're dropping like flies...

How Chinese are trying to colonize Africa, but get quickly desillusioned by the laziness, dishonesty and overall low IQ of the locals.

A nice amateur movie based on the famous "bring your own weapons" classified : what if that classified was really from a time traveller looking for a mate ?
Low budget, so not many effects (the effect at the end is probably it), but still entertaining and fun to watch.

If you like Parkour, you will love this Storror documentary recorded in Asia in 2017.
Don't try it at home : this Daredevil stuff is obviously dangerous and requires serious training !

A documentary made before politically correct speech, showing the savage destruction of civilization which took place in Africa right after Caucasian colonists were robbed, slaughtered/raped and the survivors sent to Europa, from where their ancestors had come three generations prior to transform what was esssentially a desert into a garden... And how the uncivilized hordes of white-hating negroes who took over reverted it back to a wasteland in the blink of an eye.
Audio is Italian, subtitled in English.


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