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US Cop Warns of an Immanent Revolution that will Arise out of a Response to Tyrannical Commands by Politicians.

He calls upon his fellow Law Enforcement Officers to take a stand and to side with the people because he understands that if the American People rise up, it will be the end for them. They will be hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered and on the wrong side of history.

They just hate Americans !

Censor that, #techtyrants ! I'm off to buy another pillow, now ! Mike Lindell is a great patriot !

Jews making fun of the Chinese coronavirus in their convoluted way...

What better approach to waking up the sheeple than to spell out the narrative in their faces with a loudspeaker ?
The reaction is priceless !

You're watching a movie.

The guy is making excuses for not having his own poison injected into himself.

Also titled "Escape from Absalom", which contradicts the first title.
But of course, if it's a prison movie, there IS going to be an escape, whatever its supermax level is.
In this case, we've got a cross between a Mad max style society and the Devil's island prison, with some evil corporation tropes from the 1990s.
The scenario is linear and predictable, but the movie is not meant to be an intellectual challenge either.

Because hate is pure energy.

Because Iceland.

Year 2735, the Chinese have eaten all the animals on the planet, even the pandas...

Kurt Russel in one of his best roles : the soldier who was bred, trained and lived all his life as a warrior, only to simply be dumped, half-dead, into a landfill like common trash and to be replaced by a genetically engineered, more efficient killing machine. His lines are few, but his rendition of the infinite loneliness of the betrayed warrior is heartbreaking.

What Durham should be doing if he was a living, breathing human...

Wow, if you're not specifically looking for clues that it is a deep fake, you get really weirded out by what "Durham" says.

Unreleased track - The whole world is watching

Battleship is a silly movie, but it's good entertainment ! The last battleship, Missouri, is taken away one last time for her last fight with a badass background music.

The final boss of the silly Battleship movie, where the source material (Hasbro's Battleship game !) is scrupulously respected.

A weird ultra-low budget biopic about Nikola Tesla, which flopped big time, but has some uncanny appeal to it.

The third movie of the Atlas Shrugged adaptation, 2014, with subtitles.

The first movie of the Atlas Shrugged adaptation, 2011, with subtitles.

The second movie of the Atlas Shrugged adaptation, 2012, with subtitles.

This prescient speech by Sir Oswald Mosley is as true as the day it was given many years ago. Very powerful. A must watch. If you don’t understand where we’ve been you’ll never understand where we’re going.

Full interview with General Flynn.

Patriots, 94% of you were eager to understand all there is behind communism. Fact check it in parallel.

I hereby present a very touching part of the WW2 that was kept hidden from us. We all know what the Germans supposedly did to the communists - hollywood, the media and the communist elite in power have made sure of that. The other side was never presented, until recently even I did not know of the Holodomor.

But what have the Communists done to the world? In today's, episode 3️⃣ of Europa The Last Battle excerpt, we will see how Communists killed and raped over 2 million non-combatant women and children, in Germany alone. I will continue to show their pilage of other countries as days go by.

Warning, this clip can be very shocking. It will make you see commies for what they are. If your children attend a marxist university (like all of them), show them this clip.

Mike Lindell will be on live tonight at 7 pm CST. Tune in to Flashpoint on the Victory Channel here on YouTube. You don't want to miss this.

Jesus is going to beat the daylights out of the Devil My Pillow and Mike Lindell. Listen to what is about to happen!!!
Moral of the Story - Don't get in a pillow fight with Jesus, you will lose!

You can watch this documentary Friday on OAN or Mike's website


This video can also be found on Rumble, here is the link

***you can also download a PDF document right now that has lots of voter fraud evidence. Download it now while it is still available, share it with everyone far and wide. Email it to your elected officials and demand that they investigate the ELECTION FRAUD of November 3, 2020***


Go to Michaeljlindell.com
From the homepage tap the white arrow on the right side twice.

This will take you to the screen that has the PDF. It will not say PDF but
you will know it is the right screen because it will say Proof China, Russia hacked 2020 Election...

Below that look for a blue box that says "READ THE DOCUMENT"
Tap that box and it will take you to the PDF which you can download



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