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ricecels take another L

Look at the calendar in the background

Medical video showing women's mental illness.

Notice how Shortness is supposed to be somekind of disease that a fictional short man has to be "tall" among his kind before he can be respected.


Have some self-respect

We all know what disgusting comments will be said on tiktok and reddit.

-personal opinion, but im not really attracted to guys shorter than me
-personal opinion, but im not really attracted to guys shorter than me
-personal opinion, but im not really attracted to guys shorter than me
-personal opinion, but im not really attracted to guys shorter than me
-personal opinion, but im not really attracted to guys shorter than me
-personal opinion, but im not really attracted to guys shorter than me

all that tinder pussy has made him go crazy!

Short Men read this -

... this is just one example of Heightism.
What’s crazy is it’s mostly women calling derogatory names for short men. Ink Master Season 8 is the worst one. That one had women calling one short guy so many offensive names. One scene, the short guy made it to the final 3 (he was a very good tattooer) and some fat woman (also a very talented tattooer that made it into the final 3) called him a creepy little imp.

Another good reason to turn off the TV for good, especially reality shows.

Napoleon was Short and I am proud to be Short like Napoleon.

Show this to those who believe a leader has to be tall.

tiktok makes heightist videos go viral and get extra fake likes and bot comments.

all this because xi has tiny pp

“George Best, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff.. They’re all getting outshone by this incredible little man”

Short man, if they can use our short height as an insult to call us short guy, then we can use their lack of boob to call them “no-breast woman”.

“What do you call girls with no-breasts?” “Friends XD”
“Women with no-breasts, aren’t really women.”
“I hate seeing cute girls with no-breasts. Such a waste of cute.”
“When she’s everything you want in a woman but she has no-breasts D’X.”
“Sorry, but I just can’t date a girl whose chest is smaller than mine.”
“I gave a no-breasts girl a chance once, but she treated me like shit. Never again.”
“Nobody cares about breast size but you. Have you tried working on your personality?”
“I don’t care about breast size, but no-breasts girls all have such a complex about it.”
“It’s not your breast size, it’s about confidence and how you carry yourself. Look at Nicki Minaj or Kate Upton! They’d still be attractive no matter what their breast size. It’s about having that D-cup energy.”
Angry no-breasts girls = “training bra energy.”
When she says “your loss” but she is a no-breasts girl.

why are tall guys like this?

What a disgusting heightist comment. He won't dare make such remarks about blacks and women. That would get his channel banned.

Because a fat woman counts as 2 women!

Short Man take care of your mental health because no one else will.

Fight heightism at

Yet another instance of a company spreading heightism to make money. The owner of Barstools is some low life scammer Dave Portnoy.
Can you imagine if women spent this much time on judging a man’s character.

And what's wild is that the dude posted this online because he's proud of himself. That's how celebrated height bigotry is.

(I do applaud the professionalism of his female partner though. She didn't smile or laugh, which is a refreshing departure from the "Tee Hee" we usually see when this happens in a more normal context)

they are dating extremely short girls who are 18 years old!

If she didn't want you when she was young, don't take her when she gets old.

There is a myth that nobility is tall. This is because movies generally show kings, generals, etc as tall.
But the real fact is that most nobility are short and they understand propaganda and blackpill, that's why in media they are portrayed as tall.

Note how all the politicians (who are fake actors) are tall while the Sultan of Brunei is a Short Man.


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