Check out the raw, unedited footage of the DJI Mavic Air 2.

A very interesting tale from history of Vlad Tepes' attack on the Ottoman army where he stormed their camp at night to cause maximum chaos. Vlad's goal was to kill the Turkish sultan but he picked the wrong tent. I can't help but imagine what history would have looked like had Vlad succeeded.

Come with me as I explore an abandoned water treatment plant that is in surprisingly good shape.

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Here is a quick breakdown of one of the coolest Czech traditions. On April 30th, Czech people burn witches in the holiday of Čarodějnice. For any Czech viewers, I have been studying with a tutor for a while but Czech is a really hard language so please don't criticize my skills too harshly. Enjoy!

Iceland is becoming a bigger and more sought after place for people to travel to. We went and these are some of the things we wish we knew before we went. Hopefully some of our experiences and tips will help you out before you go to one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Join me as we explore the story of Zinaida Portnova, the teenage Soviet resistance fighter that struck fear into the hearts of the Nazis that were occupying Belarus. Her story is harrowing and inspirational.

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This is the story of the Mayak Nuclear Weapons Facility and the resulting Kyshtym disaster that occurred in 1957. Enjoy!

This is the story of what can closely be described as a real vampire. A man named Ion was terrorizing Bucharest in an insane manner. This is the horrifying true story of the life and crimes of Ion Rimaru

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The day time trip down Colorado's most haunted road called Riverdale road. We explore some of the legends surrounding the road and we found a spooky abandoned house complete with used needles and weapons. Thanks to my friend Mickey for the help with editing. I will pin a link to his social media in the comments. Follow him and enjoy!!!!

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Quick tips for owning a drone.

Just a quick exploration of an abandoned farm house and test of my new camera, the DJI Osmo Pocket. Enjoy!

None of these were long enough for a full video but still some cool shots.

First is in Brighton, England. Shots of the burned down pier.

Second is a supposedly haunted church outside of Sheffield, England

Last is a little footage of a small village in Kent, England called Great Chart.

I couldn't get in here because the boards leading in were too rotten to support my weight and the rest of the floor was missing. However, we did explore the property of this house that once was a very beautiful place. Also, please pardon my sniffling as I was really sick during my time in Sheffield. I had to go out anyways to make the most of my time there.

The second part of exploring an abandoned brick making facility near Sheffield UK.
Exploring abandoned buildings is inherently dangerous but it needs to be done to preserve the history of these places.

I wen't to see some friends in the UK and they showed me to this abandoned brick making facility. This campus is massive so I was forced to split this whole thing into parts. It was pretty creepy and very interesting! There were some parts in this video where the floors were collapsing! Clearly exploring abandoned buildings is dangerous but they're worth capturing on film before they are destroyed forever. History deserves to be preserved.

A big mistake most people make when going traveling is bringing to much stuff or improper packing. Here is a quick breakdown on how to properly pack a bag for a more pleasant trip no matter where you go. Take this info from the lessons I learned the hard way. Thanks for watching and much love everyone!

Music thanks to CMA and Joakim Kraud.

When Romania was under communist rule, there was a brutal and murderous secret police force called the Securitate. This is the story of their rise and ultimate downfall! Enjoy!

Title says it all. I smashed my finger something awful at work and drilled a hole in the nail to relieve the pressure. Found out the next day via x-rays that the bone was also fractured.


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