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For the people that don't ink that the border situation isn't important

The COVID restrictions, known as Title 42, were first implemented under Republican then-President Donald Trump in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. At the time, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the order was needed to stem the spread of the coronavirus in crowded detention settings.

Current situation outside of Sacred Heart Church in El Paso, We are 10 days away from when Title 42 is expected to be lifted. This is the most migrants I have ever seen in this area.

In this video we have Johnathan Greenblat the ADL and many jewish groups throughout the US directly involved in the US border invasion .. don't forget Trump said quote "I want to bring people into this country IN THE LARGEST NUMBERS EVER"
Now-a-days we have the Cuban Jew Alejandro Mayorkis running the border invasion.

yeah yeah right, just like, "Lock her up"

the Pounding of the Ohio and Mississilli rivers continues

Globalist Jew billionaire Bill Gates has been exposed pumping tens of millions of dollars into the campaign to remove the age of consent around the world_ arguing that children are "sexual beings"


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EXPOSING JEWISH SUPREMACY Fighting against their New World Order, One Report at a Time. Researching ancient history and following tribal bloodlines in context to biblical, archeological, historical, linguistics and spiritual studies. Trying to make sense of the war against humanity. This Channel is about connecting the DOTS from history and tying them to the issues of the day, and the Criminals behind it all. This is about the fight against the enslavement that the Cabal of Jewish criminal money lenders that has for over 200 years entrapped humanity with their fraudulent system of USURY. Debt based currency! How they have managed to subvert every aspect of life as we know it. Be it money, industry, education, government, media, military and as of late the genocidal bombardment of Pharmakeia. We as human beings deserve better and our voices matter. Lets work together to BREAK THESE CHAINS
There is a solution to this Madness .. its all Spelled Out in the Declaration of Independence and 2nd Article in the Bill Of Rights!!
Learn your rights and duties as an American and act accordingly!!
This is Your Duty .. There is no one Coming to Save You.