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max igan

For what its worth.
I will be giving my perspective on this, this piece is purely a politically driven propaganda piece

the chad chaddington

Remember, here in Oregon the government floated the idea of ending hunting, fishing, foraging and even pet ownership a year or so ago.
Come and enforce it!!

Ha Ha Ha .. make em shit themselves!!
Fact based flyers as a crime. What a fucking joke. Since the founding of our country, flyers, leaflets and such has always been a part of society. It is the first Right that is FREE Speech, not permitted speech.
Prove any of the Facts Wrong if you have a problem.
The Truth and exposing the Kevetching Criminal mafia in an upside down world is the crime.

DHS Coordinated with Chinese Drone Company to Create the First Totally Surveilled City in America





So says the Jew Bankers.
You can't predict the future unless you are manufacturing it.
There is a solution to this .. It requires action by all!
Stand up brothers and sisters .. STAND UP.
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And remember, they have had plenty of practice


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EXPOSING JEWISH SUPREMACY Fighting against their New World Order, One Report at a Time. Researching ancient history and following tribal bloodlines in context to biblical, archeological, historical, linguistics and spiritual studies. Trying to make sense of the war against humanity. This Channel is about connecting the DOTS from history and tying them to the issues of the day, and the Criminals behind it all. This is about the fight against the enslavement that the Cabal of Jewish criminal money lenders that has for over 200 years entrapped humanity with their fraudulent system of USURY. Debt based currency! How they have managed to subvert every aspect of life as we know it. Be it money, industry, education, government, media, military and as of late the genocidal bombardment of Pharmakeia. We as human beings deserve better and our voices matter. Lets work together to BREAK THESE CHAINS
There is a solution to this Madness .. its all Spelled Out in the Declaration of Independence and 2nd Article in the Bill Of Rights!!
Learn your rights and duties as an American and act accordingly!!
This is Your Duty .. There is no one Coming to Save You.