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Adam Green former ViaSat Employee & gatekeeper, shills for Alex Jones and infiltrates truthers.
ViaSat In israel ..
ViaSat is Military industrial Complex .. tied to Lockheed martin
Israel's EL AL Launches New In-flight Wi-Fi System, Powered by Viasat
Brendon O'Connell
The Fake Manufactured Yellow Vest Movement | Soviet Active Measures

War is being waged against humanity in every conceivable way imagined for Rothschild's Empire. Humanity stands at the verge of global collapse or a Planet Wide Revolution.
My vision is for peace, freedom and prosperity for all mankind. But, as history has shown us .. this does not come for free. Are we as a people willing to go any length to gain our freedom from greedy men that think they need to rule and own everything?

Across the Pond Podcast #5 with Willem Felderhoff of Dutch Anarchy and Eddy from Wardo Rants face off and discuss the major events from all European countries. The oppression that plagues societies word wide. Will Humanity Rise to the Occasion? .. Spreading like a wildfire, the People throughout Europe and Canada have taken to the streets. Ever rising taxes collected to pay for the people's very own DEMISE. One group of people used to genocide another while the planners and benefactors sit back and hope they will get each group to destroy the other so that they can have their Utopia. Learn who these people are .. and when you do understand they have been at this for hundreds of years and will not give up power peacefully.

Its not just what they say .. it is what they don't say!

As History has shown us how movements get infiltrated I hope that the Movement in France can focused on the real enemy and not be Misdirected from the target.

Ok almost no one paid attention to the last video and why I posted it even though I asked in the description for the viewers to see if they could spot the Misdirection.
HERE IS MY BREAKDOWN: .. I don't care how good of a report you may be watching and sharing may appear to be .. One should not only pay attention to all what is said .. but also be looking for what is not being said.
So many times people get caught up in the emotional shit that they miss deeper agendas .. In this case while it was quite an emotional thing to hears .. while this guy Jamie Lee was crying as reading this report .. He threw in a huge misdirection and people completely missed it.

This is a Test Can You See .. HOW ARE YOU BEING DECEIVED
Rebeca Cobb 21 minutes ago
I walked outside at 630 am to take my dog out half the sky was clear and half looked like orange and rain clouds. The us military came in and threw a cluster of bombs on the town direct energy weapon sprays a dust of aluminum and it burns fast and hot it incinerates any and everything metals people houses everything but what grows out of the ground . That is why all trees were still standing and all the trees were way dead from the chemtrails they spray our atmosphere everyday and night all over the world slowly killing us. Manipulate the weather and depopulate there was no warning they wanted all of us to die. PGE called 7 times the night before the fire telling us the power would be shut off due to 40 mi hr winds . I know for a fact there was no wind all Wednesday night and all day on the day of fire. Maybe a 2 mi hr wind for a brief second but that’s it.

Treason and Espionage has abounded to bring about the very fall of the dream of the World .. AMERICA
Clear your mind and pay attention so that you can sit for the time it takes to absorb the information in this Report. We are in the most crucial time in American history and All Americans need to get involved in this fight.
this channel needs support too .. https://bit.tube/play?hash=QmeEPJm2xcUbqtPT4SenzCdkVZbQup9i4PHbfyLLZidu1g&channel=173356

After 3 channels were terminated back in March of 2018 for Exposing the Truth about God's Chosen Ones, the Powers that Shouldn't be and their crimes against humanity. I vowed not to return to YouTube, in protest to their censorship. But about 4 months ago I made the decision to Return for the purpose of driving traffic to my BitChute Channel. From Day one that channel had been under attack and as of today, it has been TERMINATED.
Please inform all who wish to continue to receive my reports to follow me here .. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/wardo-rants/ .. and on my new platform @ https://bit.tube/Wardo-Rants
Thanks for all of your support
Eddy - Wardo Rants

Mysterious messages for the future from this Rothschild owned magazine "The Economist".

Know and understanding the Articles of the Bill of Rights. With the 1st Article and along with Free Speech includes - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

Under George Bush Snr a disturbing and ILLEGAL resolution was passed in Congress in 1991 authorising Jewish Talmudic Law to become the new national guideline for national morals and the US legal framework. Crazy right? See for yourself:
Understanding the First Amendment’s Religion Clauses

Under the Symington Amendment and the Glenn Act. It is illegal to Give ANY country any aid, especially Military Aid if they violate the NPT Treaty and Refuse to allow IAEA inspectors to inspect their countries nuclear facilities .
Israel firster, Rand Paul with his charade of a Filibuster, IS A JOKE, He claims that we should not fund Israel's Enemies rather than addressing the Legal aspect of it ..
Now with Trump signing this USMCA will clear the way to give Israel a blank check.

With the signing of the USMCA, the border situation and the agenda to replace American Nationals with 3rd world workers to drive down wages even further.
This document is 100% UN Agenda 21 2030 unfolding in front of your face.

Agreement between the United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada

The title says it all.
More dots verified and connected.
The Border Invasion spells not only Genocide
for the European People of America but the ushering in of

Be Prepared

-Wardo RantsReport-
The mighty game of Charades Continues

if anything happens .. just type in my name (Wardo Rants) .. I am everywhere


EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Events are unfolding of my long held concerns that WWIII will take place on the Western Hemisphere.
With China and Russia making a military pact against the west/US. Trump being run by Rothschilds and Russian Jewish mafia and has pledged everything to Israel. A communist Russian Vassal State. Israel now dumping the US for greener pastures in China.
This is on the other side of the pond,
With sources in Mexico that are privy to what is really going on south of the border explosive new evidence shows a bigger agenda and seems to concur with my view in other world events.

BREAKING: Border invaders, Bum Rush the US Mexico Border at San Ysidro, California / Tijuana, Mexico crossing. Testing the weaknesses of US Border Patrol and Military and finding openings in a weak wall.

At every level of this operation to destroy America there is a Jewish Group and Jewish money.
Sun Tsu Said (Know thy Enemy)
Govern means Control - ment or mental means Mind = Mind Control.
If government can't control you in the mind, It will do it by force.
Who is running the Government?
Genocide - Genocide is intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part. The hybrid word "genocide" is a combination of the Greek word génos ("race, people") and the Latin suffix -cide ("act of killing").

Here are reasons why maniac elites want to replace White people.

With the amount of censorship in the alternative media algorithm manipulation especially regarding hot topics such as who rules the roost. for anyone to gain in numbers in the way that a few seemed to have, to be able to run adds and have cash making super chats, just isn't going to happen when you expose the controllers of the web of things.


What the jewish community really thinks of non Jews
The Satanic Talmudic Teachings and the ill will towards Goyim.
Hear what they think of you from their religious leaders and the people themselves.

BE AWARE, Those that impress you with gibber and a little knowledge, well spoken and even sound reasonable even if they appeal to what you have found to be truth. When they refuse to cross the line and give you the full picture or name the name which includes the people and their origins. They are GATEKEEPING
EXPOSED: Blackstone Intelligence Network https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4nlS...


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Researching ancient history and following tribal bloodlines in context to biblical, archeological, historical and spiritual studies, trying to make sense of the war against humanity. This Channel is about connecting the DOTS from history and tying them to the issues of the day. This is about the fight against the enslavement that the Cabal of criminal money lenders that has over the last 300 years entrapped humanity with their fraudulent system of USURY. Debt based currency! How they have managed to subvert every aspect of life as we know it. Be it money, industry, education, government, media, military. We as human beings deserve better and our voices matter. Lets work together to BREAK THESE CHAINS