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Covid 19, All Patriots Airsoft, Quantum Mechanics Glock Holster, P3XL, Laspur rechargeable light, 530 Reapers Birthday bbq

Ducks sit down with Airsoft Hemi

reviewed (@13grxred instagram) youtube video, Ukau's Airsoft field chat, DTD Mark 23 holster, Personal Responsibility, Agent Blaze's latest video at battlegrounds.

DC stomping Battlegrounds out in Penn Valley Ca, Airsofting Warducks with Diamond corps

G&G GPM92, M9, Beretta, Blazes video, T-Reign retention cord, Elite force MP7 A1, conspiracy theories, Joker Review, Lionclaws Operation Castle,

Blaze and rocco review footage and take gear , we go into sru_airsoft products heavy on this one. We love their products and totally fan boy out

Odin, and shane from the warducks swing by to talk tech stuff , warning real nerd stuff in the world of airsoft. Buckle up

Agent_rocco goes over his upgrades and how to put them in . Enjoy

Reno Regulators stop by to chat and show off Realsword AK, AA12 TM, Jag arms gmx 2g, gmx 1t, acetech lighter, grass valley police shooting airsoft gun related.

Agent_rocco visits the boys in reno for some good old milsim

Our best friend team the 530 reapers leads us at cqb city for some intense gameplay, shout out @agent_magz

530 reapers and the old team diamond corps

Agent rocco

The boys from team tacos stop by to visit

An old video but a good video , gamepod is a excellent place to buy,play upgrade and link up with the community shout out oath,nomad ,hunter and viper

Agent_rocco can't spell for shit ,its not "Oden" its "odin" .the public school system wasn't kind to him .let's all have a laugh and enjoy Odin's highlight real ,follow the sniper from the warducks @n8wilkening on Instagram, ex marine ,patriot to the core

This one is a favorite, the sticky cam gets deployed in this one and the warducks were on point this day

We got this gun on its release date from our sponsor jf paintball and airsoft in grass valley California

Check out oath ,serious duck energy

@n8_wilkening & @asm_caber swing by to talk some shit with us

Agent_rocco at cqb city

Rabbit and hemi hit up the galt field with agent_rocco for some tdm

Check out this nor cal team

Jerome the collector rolls through to show off some toys and rep his team

Agent_rocco Running milsim games with just a pistol


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A channel for The Warducks Podcast were Blaze and Rocco sit down and chat about the latest in airsoft. Also will be adding random videos of some of the places we've played along with some reviews.