Minute 41:30 - The confession of a gang stalker

Hey Brothers and Sisters, they didn't kill me yet - Thanks to GOD!!!
I was in a mental hospital for exactly 3 weeks. It was HELL on Earth again,
the WHOLE hospital was filled with Gang Stalkers/Paid Patients. They tortured me mentally so much, but through GOD, i overcame!

I don't know what GOD has planed with me next, but i hope i get some rest now,
cause im sooooo tired of fighting, being alone, and suffering.

BUT: GOD (again) turned the evil to good for me, now im mentally much stronger, and more confident,
Thank You JESUS!

AND Thanks to every new Subscriber, may GOD bless & protect you all the way through.

Oh, important: It's not GOD's fault that I/We suffer, its my own fault and the fault of the devil/demons!

New Videos are coming, hopefully also Videos i created myself.

If you wanna help me, fight for the Kids and against the satanist please contact me.
You can help me, or you can give a little Money, but a true christian
who fights together with me, is more worth than 10.000 Dollar.
Dont be scared, if you live with JESUS they cant do nothing JESUS doesnt allow!!
GOD bless You!
If you dont know if im a true christian or a wolf in sheeps clothing, please go on ur knees and ask JESUS/GOD if i am for real.

Dear Brother and Sister's
My goal is to care for abused Children and fight the Satanists. Would anyone of you support me? It must not be money, im also very happy about You (especially christians) if you help me.
I never got 1 cent for that, what is totally okay.
But is there anyone who wants me to support financially, should i make a patreon, or give you my PayPal? Thanks you very much, if you dont wanna help me its totally fine. I have alot of german videos who i would translate, and also make own Videos.
I would make more own Videos again, when i get a few money per month..

GOD bless You!

This Video is interesting but please dont trust this *****
His Youtube Channel was named "RED SATURNS EYE" like 6 + years ago..

I dont trust this cop, he's a wolf in sheeps clothing in my opinion, but its still interesting.

Lies, lies, lies


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I was also raped as a 5 year old boy, thats probaply why i wanna care for Surviviing Children of Traumabased MindControll/Satanic Ritual Abuse, Rape Victims sooo much, and GOD told mw 2019 i will care together with my wife,for such Children, and its my biggest Dream/my end goal. Im as close as never before, GOD gave me the Lady whoi will marry now, and she wants to help the Children too (Shes also a true Christian)

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I wanna reach as many people as possible, to tell them the TRUE way to heaven (unlike the churches/religions) and show People what is going on in nearly, every Town in the world. WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN; OTHERWISE WE ARE ALSO GUILTY OF SEEING IT AND DOING NOTHING, PLEASE JOIN THE FIGHT, FOR THE GOOD! :)

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