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Major guests lined up for today's broadcast include conservative actress Mindy Robinson who was suspended from Twitter, rockstar Frank Kavanaugh, beauty pageant queen Katie Williams who was stripped of her title for supporting Trump and Bryson Gray who went viral for wearing an oversized MAGA hat. Alex Jones announces a new way to stand for the Second Amendment and Owen Shroyer goes Full Metal Maga!

Bryson Gray went viral for wearing his oversized MAGA hat. Bryson joins Owen to discuss his experiences with persecution and the current state of politics in America.

Beto O'Rourke represents the absolute clown world state of the Democrat party. Frank Cavanagh joins Owen to discuss Beto and the other candidates running for president in 2020.

Katie Williams had her beauty pageant title stripped from her because of her outspoken support for President Trump. Katie joins Owen to expose the level of disdain for Trump supporters by those in entertainment.

Don't miss Alex Jones' response to Beto O'Rourke after Beto called for gun confiscation in America.

Mindy Robinson was banned on Twitter after calling actress Debra Messing something truthful. Mindy joins Owen to reveal her side of the story and to discuss the persecution of conservatives by Big Tech and the left.

A new report exposes the ties between convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Harvard University. Owen breaks down why the left is so comfortable working with dark-hearted criminals.

Alex Jones travels through dimensions and time to bring Hillary Clinton on the War Room while she is condo shopping in hell. We discuss the prospect of Andrew McCabe being indicted and what this means to the deep state. Owen also premiers a brand new meme in the meme war.

"Something Wicked" released a "Real Stable Genius" meme and Owen Shroyer and the crew at infowars have accepted the challenge and have their own response in the epic Meme Wars!

A new report reveals the levels of depression that teens experience because of social media use. Owen breaks down how the digital landscape affects the youth.

The next Democrat debate is tonight and Owen points out how the candidates are behaving in classic clown world fashion.

President Trump will soon sign an order to prohibit certain vape products. Jai Haze joins Owen to discuss the hurdles ahead for the vape industry.

A new show on Netflix called "The Santa Clarita Diet" is now attempting to normalize cannibalism. Leo Zagami joins Owen to expose the dark side of humanity that seek to promote depraved acts.

The third Democrat debate is tonight and Owen explains why this could be Joe Biden's last chance to make a good impression on Democrat voters ahead of the Democrat primary.

A report from CNN pushes the globalist agenda of population control as they promote young childless people live in "pods" to make the world a better place.

Hillary Clinton makes a surprise appearance on the War Room!

A US attorney has recommended criminally charging ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to reports. Owen exposes the justice system's double standards.

Del Bigtree joins Owen to give an update on the status of the vaccine liberty fight in California as well as discuss the story of 6 mothers and 1 father that were arrested for their stance on mandatory vaccinations for children.

On the Anniversary Of 9/11, we go over some old videos and Alex Jones reports pointing out the lies and deception when it comes to the official narrative and news coverage. We take a look at a major political mistake President Trump is considering. Del Bigtree joins to discuss the implementation of medical tyranny in California.

Owen takes on today's hottest headlines including a story about Sahar Khodayari, a female activist who was arrested and face years in jail because she tied to enter a soccer stadium disguised as a man who later died by setting herself on fire.

Since the events that took place on 9/11/01, Americans have become savvy to the Deep State agenda that continues to this day. Owen takes calls on this historic date 18 years later.

The iPhone 11 has just been announced and Owen Shroyer has received an EXCLUSIVE image of the cutting edge technology Apple has to offer.

Owen takes on the day's hottest headlines including a story about 12 Democrat organizations that held a "Impeach Trump" rally in which no one attended.

Many are now pushing the President to support additional surveillance of the American people to combat mass shootings. Owen points out the parallels to previous government power grabs.

On 9/11/01, BBC World News reported that Building 7 in New York has fallen while it was still standing in the background of the report. Owen goes through other anomalies that occurred on that fateful day.


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The War Room is the latest extension of Infowars live programming. The War Room is hosted by Owen Shroyer and features Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich as well as many other powerful guests. The War Room is broadcast out of the Infowars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, from 3pm-6pm central standard time.