Biden's sad town hall meeting

I don't think NY will improve though

Biden's racist comments about Neanderthals

Werewolf takes a bit out of it

It won't be what the media wants you to think it will be

Just what the title says

Sacha Baron Cohen is a hypocrite

The original Globalist thriller by Fritz Lang

A review of a book by Tarl Warwick, aka Styxhexenhammer666 that takes a bite out of communism

Werewolf takes a bite out of un friending people over political argument

Governor Corona scapegoats NYer's who are tired of lock down, while encouraging rioters and thugs

NYC, under De Blasio, hires Trashy ant-role model Cardi B for a census commercial

Basement dweller, not unlike in the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane

Describe Marsellus Wallace!

Nothing in the entertainment industry is spontneous

Generations have more in common than they think

Cuomo is a fake progressive

Stay at home if you can


Most Socialists are fake, so how can you be authentic?

NEET, stands for Not in Employment, Education, or Training

Neet = Not in Employment, Education, or Training

Corporate virtue signaling only makes you stranger. I look forward to your comments #TheJokermovie #incel #toxicmasculinity #gillette


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