Scientists from around the world are boldly stepping forward to refute Charles Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution'. If they are correct, then Darwin actually had it all backward. Instead of "evolving", life may actually be "devolving".

Have scientists aided in better understanding the universe, or has science instead inadvertently misled us all via stubborn arrogance? See what you think.
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Mainstream Media wants us to believe vaccines will save the world. Guess again.

To really know what's going on in the world, one must now search for alternative news sources. I did a quick search of my own, and what I saw should concern us all. Here is a snapshot of world events in just the last few weeks alone. Pray.

Is war coming? The secret societies believe so. In fact, they are betting on it. Consider with me the key players of a devious move to take over the world - and how "they" plan to pull it off. For those unaware, the war has already begun. Beware Summer 2019!!!

Demons, are they real? Do they exist...and what are they, anyway? If we could only understand them, then perhaps we could also keep them from influencing our lives - in sinister ways.

There is a new order coming; a set of seven so called "God Given Laws" to bring peace and safety to the world - but will they instead cause millions to die? My guess, it's the latter and it's here - already adopted into U.S. Government Law. Viewer discretion advised.

Did the first Hebrews sojourn in ancient Egypt? Cumulative evidence tells a very convincing story. From the arrival of Joseph into Egypt, days of slavery, and final exodus out of Egypt, the proof is overwhelming....if you only want to know. See what you think.

If the ancient 'Sodom and Gomorrah' existed, would you believe? They did you know, along with 3 other ancient cities destroyed in the Dead Sea valley. Don't believe the Biblical story? The surprising evidence presented here could likely change the minds of even hardened skeptics. It's time to know your history.

If Noah's Ark were found, would it change your faith - or even solidify it? Take a fresh, new look at unbelievable evidence once known but since hidden away from the public. Noah's Ark is real, and the proof just might change your mind about everything you believe.

Can we KNOW if we are saved? And if we can, how does the "Parable of the 10 Virgins" fit into the soon Rapture event...if at all? What if I still commit sin? I did not know the answers to these tough questions - until now. I pray this video brings you peace and comfort, as well.

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Something is beginning to happen around the globe. Transformer substations are exploding, strange plasma lights are appearing, and records are being broken everywhere. So...what gives? Are we now in the throws of a Polar Shift - or is it something equally devastating? Whatever it is, I believe "it" has begun.

The El Chapo Act would take funds seized from El Chapo when he was arrested and use them to pay for the border wall. Ted Cruz lays it out step by step. See what you think.
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People are having end-time dreams and visions - dreams of the Tribulation period. Are there common themes within these dreams and visions - or are they disjointed and meaningless? Listen to the voices of over 100 people (in 2018 alone) explain what they were shown, events to occur in the soon Tribulation period.
'PROOF of GOD, JESUS and the BIBLE' playlist-
'Dear Left Behind...THIS is TRIBULATION' video-

President Trump is trying to build the border wall, but the politicians won’t let him. Personally, I am fed up with our White House bureaucrats and politicians. Someone needs to stand against them. Ironically, someone is - and you can too.
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Do our Rapture Dreams and Visions share common themes? Are there repeating events within those dreams and visions? Witness this brilliant story unfold as a multitude of Believers share their personal Rapture dreams and visions with the world.

The Abortion Industry has become a high stakes game of business - and money. Who are the Buyers? Who is the Middle Man? And who would consciously be a Seller of such offerings? Sounds devious, doesn’t it - offerings. Is there a dark side to all of this?

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Alex Jones, conspiracy Talk Radio Host and creator of InfoWars, has been banned! Apple, YouTube, Facebook and others have purged him from their sites. Is this a fundamental violation of the First Amendment and Free Speech? Or is Free Speech about to fight back against Social Media? Ironically, you can help decide.

The Bible is full of science given to the Hebrews thousands of years before we discovered them ourselves. From the shape of earth to ocean currents and medical procedures, the Bible already had the answers for us. Even future events were disclosed, events that have since shaped our world - and are about to change our world. Take a glimpse and discover new truths for yourself.

There is a silent war raging for your very soul and mine. In each battle, we are all soldiers - but often don't even recognize the truth of our battles. It is time we stand our ground together.

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Did a super-continent called Pangaea (Pangea) exist, where the continents were once joined like a jig-saw puzzle? If so, then this would be the pre-Flood world of Adam and Eve, right? Could Noah's Great Flood have then caused Pangaea to split apart into the continents we know today? Whatever happened, there is significant evidence of a catastrophic global event involving lots and lots of water.
'EVIDENCE of GOD' video link:

Trying to figure out who to vote for in the upcoming election? If a Christian, should I only vote for a Christian candidate? If no Christian candidates...then how SHOULD I vote? Speaker and author Ravi Zacharias offers a short answer to those very questions.

Is there actually going to be a Rapture event? Three wise men direct us to what the Bible says...and if you are a Believer, then it's time you know what's coming.


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