The virus is real. The pandemic is not.

People say the damndest things.

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Is the 'Mark of the Beast' at our doorsteps? Prepare to see the bigger picture.

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The "aliens" are FINALLY preparing us for their arrival. Friend or foe? Rapture or Alien Deception?

Same video as '“BLACK COMMUNITY is the Easiest to MANIPULATE”' but straight to THE POINT.
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…and all Americans – black, white, and everywhere in between.

Evil will NEVER let a crisis go to waste.

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Since recently stepping down from Microsoft's Board of Directors, Bill has been a very, very busy man. Welcome to the "Hive".
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This COV-19 situation gets weirder and weirder by the day. Is there any rhyme or reason to it all? Is there a devious N.W.O. plan in motion NOW?

Worlds leading SARS expert, Professor Gabriel Leung, speaks out and gives a sobering warning about the new Coronavirus, COVID-19.

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The Coronavirus is exploding upon the globe, and yet few are aware. Is this the mythical 'Disease X'? If it is, then the time to prepare is IMMEDIATELY!
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Have dragons walked with men - even to this day? Take a look at the shocking evidence, and prepare to reconsider the "mythical dragons" of lore.
''The DAY The DINOS DROWNED' video:

Most believe dinosaurs perished due to a meteor. Others think it was from volcanic activity. Perhaps, instead, it was from a GIANT FLOOD?!!!

Do the 'Malachite Man' bones uncovered in a Utah copper mine disprove evolution? It's time to reconsider the evidence of this not-so-known discovery.

Do the 'Malachite Man' bones uncovered in a Utah copper mine disprove evolution? It's time to reconsider the evidence of this not-so-known discovery.

Just when the Democrats thought they had him, Donald Trump may yet again slip through their fingers due to the Dem's own devices.

Many people, including Christians, are turning to witchcraft in great numbers. Is it wrong for Christians to practice magic and sorcery?

While Congress delays construction of our southern border wall, by the power of the people, 'We Build The Wall' is making progress behind the scenes. This is amazing!

When true believers in Jesus Christ receive glorified bodies, what will those bodies be like? Forget Marvel Comics, folks; this is way better!

Watch as the One World Government AND Religion form right before our eyes.

In 1139 A.D., St. Malachy predicted that this pope, Francis, would be the 'Last Pope'. Does the Bible agree? You might be surprised.
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Good...bad...or just plain evil?

Is Rabbinical prophecy coming true - again? THIS time, the prophecies point to the Biblical end-times- AND - Jews are looking for their Moshiach (Messiah) to arrive any day! If true, you know what that would mean...right???

Scientists from around the world are boldly stepping forward to refute Charles Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution'. If they are correct, then Darwin actually had it all backward. Instead of "evolving", life may actually be "devolving".

Have scientists aided in better understanding the universe, or has science instead inadvertently misled us all via stubborn arrogance? See what you think.
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Like most military Veterans, I recognize something nefarious taking place in our world. I have also, alarmingly, witnessed Latter-Day Biblical prophecy unfolding like an orchestrated play before my eyes. Using alternative news, WatchmanReview investigates everything from 'Evolution vs. God' and 'proof of Jesus Christ as the Messiah' - to - 'how to stop Aliens' and 'A.I.'s take-over of the world'. It’s past time that you know the truth because the truth is about to catch up to us all. Let me show you what I see.
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