The Abortion Industry has become a high stakes game of business - and money. Who are the Buyers? Who is the Middle Man? And who would consciously be a Seller of such offerings? Sounds devious, doesn’t it - offerings. Is there a dark side to all of this?

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Alex Jones, conspiracy Talk Radio Host and creator of InfoWars, has been banned! Apple, YouTube, Facebook and others have purged him from their sites. Is this a fundamental violation of the First Amendment and Free Speech? Or is Free Speech about to fight back against Social Media? Ironically, you can help decide.

The Bible is full of science given to the Hebrews thousands of years before we discovered them ourselves. From the shape of earth to ocean currents and medical procedures, the Bible already had the answers for us. Even future events were disclosed, events that have since shaped our world - and are about to change our world. Take a glimpse and discover new truths for yourself.

There is a silent war raging for your very soul and mine. In each battle, we are all soldiers - but often don't even recognize the truth of our battles. It is time we stand our ground together.

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Did a super-continent called Pangaea (Pangea) exist, where the continents were once joined like a jig-saw puzzle? If so, then this would be the pre-Flood world of Adam and Eve, right? Could Noah's Great Flood have then caused Pangaea to split apart into the continents we know today? Whatever happened, there is significant evidence of a catastrophic global event involving lots and lots of water.
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Trying to figure out who to vote for in the upcoming election? If a Christian, should I only vote for a Christian candidate? If no Christian candidates...then how SHOULD I vote? Speaker and author Ravi Zacharias offers a short answer to those very questions.

Is there actually going to be a Rapture event? Three wise men direct us to what the Bible says...and if you are a Believer, then it's time you know what's coming.

We don't hear much about Fukushima, do we? There is good reason for the media to ignore it. Join me as we look at the Fukushima nuclear disaster...then to now. The truth needs told, and it's scarier than you can imagine.

Do you think you know who the Anti-Christ is? Obama or Macron, perhaps? Maybe Kushner, Trump...or a member of the Royal family? Ever hear of Mohammed bin Salmon or Erdogan? Let's examine the obvious candidates and consider the fascinating reasons why each are prime for the position.

The Elite have a plan to take over America...a plan which is closer to completion than most are aware. From mind control to Internment Camps and a secret War Room, we will consider the Deep States quick and deceptive coup against the American government and people.

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"Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See!"
"9/11 Exposed - 2nd Edition (2015) Full Documentary Film"
"9/11 Loose Change 2nd Edition"
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Ex-Jesuit Priest, Alberto Rivera, gave us a grave warning of the Jesuit plan to take over religion and the world. Please consider his message, for it cost him his life in 1997...shortly after making this video.

Are you a Mormon? Thinking of becoming one? Please consider the following video...and prepare to re-think the Mormon faith. You may be surprised by what you learn.

Could the ancient Chinese people, over 4000 years ago, be the first Christians? Prepare to be amazed by what the ancient Chinese language tells us about God and the Messiah. It's time the truth be known!

The Bible says these are the things to come during the 7-Year Tribulation. These....are some of the events foretold. In the name of Jesus Christ, may this video bless you - regardless of when viewed or your current beliefs.

We have all heard of demonic possession...right? - even if you don't believe in such a thing, you've heard of it. What if it were true? The Bible says it is. Let's look at A.I. and consider where Artificial Intelligence could be headed. It's evolving quickly....and in disturbing ways.

Never have we witnessed more controversy over the city of Jerusalem. The Palestinians want it - BUT Jerusalem belongs to the God of Israel...and thus Israel. Allow me to introduce JD Farag, an Arab, who offers shocking evidence to settle this issue once and for all. (mirror from Aloha Bible Prophecy, Mid-East Prophecy Update - December 10th, 2017)

Islam is quickly spreading throughout the globe. Is there need for concern, or is Islam actually a religion of peace after-all? Who is Allah, and could Islam be used as an instrument of war by the Elite? Consider the evidence and be prepared to rethink Islam.

Since 1947, the UFO phenomenon has exploded. In fact, the number of reported sightings has increased 500% since the year 2000 alone. The Vatican is preparing us for the alien arrival, and apparently the government knows. Are you ready? Are they good or evil? Can they be stopped? They can. Find out the truth, and be prepared for what lies...right around the corner.

Did Jesus exist? Was he the 'Son of God' – the prophesied Messiah? To answer that question, let’s first look at Biblical evidence regarding divinity of the Messiah and THEN…well, then we will consider the physical evidence found. Is Jesus the prophesied Messiah, the Son of God who rose from the dead? You decide.

Which is correct - Evolution or Creationism? It's an important question because the two ultimately oppose one another. Let's look at the shocking evidence in order to determine which is "the big lie". Prepare to be stunned by the facts presented.

Who were the 'gods of old'? Most religions around the world have worshipped them through time....and some still do. Were they really gods? Join me as we expose the truth about the ancient ones - once worshipped as gods.

Remove all distractions in your life.
Focus on God and don't let things, like our weight, distract us from Him....and enjoy the show!
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Message from Speaker and Author, David Pawson regarding Satan's rule as god over this world...a very strong message that should be heard by all true Believers in these Latter-Days.
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Can one prove the existence of the Biblical God? If there is proof, does this mean we should believe? What are we not being told...and would it even change one's mind? It's time to examine the evidence and make a decision about where we each stand.


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