The CEO of Pfizer is instructed to give a speech on disinformation, and makes sure to mention that AIDS isn't caused by gays.

Public enemies Bill Clinton and Larry Fink discuss their goals.

Children are being hunted in schools at the direction of the US President.

Hospitals are being covertly used to slaughter people.

Illinois is enacting catch and release for second-degree murder and more, to ramp up crime to new heights.

Where will The Great Reset ultimately lead?

The Govt. casually erases $20K in debt for each indoctrination-camp attendee.

The NWO is recruiting brain-dead sheeple to help wage psychological warfare against humanity.

NWO begins using powerfully deceptive Deepfake technology.

The puppet has been instructed to scare the slaves with talk of climate change in order to continue the establishment of a one-world government.

A skit about how sheeple discuss vaccines.

Shadow banning is a tool the NWO uses to suppress ideas that threaten it.

Food processing plants are being destroyed to help drive up the prices and bring in the Liberal World Order.

What would you do if the conspiracy theories were true?


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