Michael Weston

Glad I saved this one. I had no idea they'd delete the guy.

They put him back up. He made a video crying about being cancelled (literally) and got a lot of support. Which is proof that susan tube banning is just arbitrary and is done for random reasons. Not violation of policy.

Gingers have a soul but youtube doesn't.

Not some super genius. Just a crook.

Disgusting, who are these people working for?

Surprised anyone is shocked by this.

The bush's did a real number on this country. Of course with the dems. What a waste.

Angus T. Jones

from 2 1/2 men

Notice the karen jumps in. It's mostly women who push the lgbtlmnop nonsense.

I'm guessing this episode will be black holed at some point.

Dragnet 1967 Season 3 Episode 1

mirror from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt1SzAiNCak

Premium Korean THOT Cosplay.

It's easy mode if you're a good looking woman (for the most part). At least in the civilized world.

Ha, just uped from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXivFNyfm7U
I thought it was pretty good. Should piss off the trolls, ye!


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