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Recently the Las Vegas cabbie, who shot the infamous video on the night of the shooting, taunted me in the comments section, boasting that she was glad her video was "keeping me occupied."

It hadn't been. But thanks for the motivation.

She's made appearance on other channels where most of the commenters wholeheartedly agree that the cab driver/filmer is just a nice, salt-of-the-earth lady, who by no fault of her own has been embroiled in conspiracy theories by others who link her to the chaos that occurred. So over the last few days she's resided there, claiming everyone who believes the conspiracy theories are "crazy." While she doesn't let that get her down, she does "get annoyed" at the speculation. Still, she sticks to her story. No occupants in her cab, No doors opening or closing. No heavy breathing. No whistling or whispering.

If I literally showed you someone in her backseat, would you believe it?

Well, buckle up.

Another video that I had published on YouTube that was almost immediately hidden from public search. This video points out that there may have been an occupant in the cab, who may have been wielding a rifle with a bump stock. Give a listen and decide for yourself. Whether or not you agree, being able to have the conversation is what's most important. This is the United States, after all.

I created this video and uploaded it to YouTube on 10/27/17, a few weeks after heavily studying anomalies I noticed surrounding the Las Vegas event on 10/1/17. The Cabbie (Corey Langdon) video was said to be the "smoking gun," depicting a shooter up on the 4th floor of the Mandalay Bay. Of course that was proven false, but I kept studying the video, making theories, then debunking my own theories with the help of commenters on my channel. Eventually I published a video that I felt good about putting out. Late last year, over a year after it was initially published, YouTube put a warning on my video & made it unavailable in searches. Not long after, ALL of the comments were DELETED which held some really good info by other people doing their due diligence on the video. Commenting has now been completely disabled for the video. Now I'm bringing it to Bitchute, as many similarly-minded folk have done since YT's fascistic behavior went into action, in hopes of keeping the conversation going.

After watching the video that made the claim I decided to take a better look, frame by frame. The shooter actually drops, and likely kicks the mag forward.

What I see is a blurry object come into view to the left of the POV. It's very blurry, likely due to motion. A couple of frames later, but still in a straight line near the left wall, you see the object again, probably as it hits the ground. Then a frame or 2 later you see the object, almost stationary, likely on its short side. A split second later it tumbles over to its right, where it becomes plainly visible as a rifle magazine. Also notice that the shooters head goes down right to the mag before it even falls flat. He knew he dropped it.

I'd also add that I'm as skeptical as everyone else about this. There are potential anomalies in the video, but this is definitely not one of them. Our arguments need to be bulletproof.

If you believe the magic disappearing casings theory you should check this video out explaining what happens to objects in motion when videos are broadcast with low bitrates. The link picks it up at the 2:30 mark and goes right into the phenomenon.


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