White Art Collective

1. Dystopia Park & Hiraeth - Origin
2. Xurious feat. Hiraeth - Keep in Mind
3. Amalec ft. Hiraeth – New Life
4. The Mamas & the Pepes – ONE OF MY KIND
5. Olivia Key – My Blood
6. Jack Hwite – Song of the Damned
7. ForNull – The Qwindellin Zone (feat. Lord and Lady Wolfshield)
8. Uberfolk – Glorious Sunrise
9. Hiraeth – Star-Crossed
10. Jeff Winston – American Dreamer
11. Thyme & Place – The Call
12. Jody Kay – Fly, Little Bird
13. Synthicide feat. Peter Morrison – We Begin
14. Steakfry – Where Is My Freedom
15. Daemon – White Pilled Escape Pod
16. The Great Order – Someone To Know
17. St. Friendship – Heavenly Body
18. Green Piece – Ride the Wave
19. Amalec feat. Alma Lahar and Hiraeth – Against Time
20. Euphemia Signe - Fly

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A collection of artists of European descent.