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Dear MAGA Insurgents, you’ve finally transcended “back the blue”, bravo! You now need to recognize that the so-called “man” you stormed the Capitol for.. has betrayed you (https://t.me/riseofTAS/6114). Trump should’ve cheered you on, but both him and Trump Jr (https://t.me/fashwave2/6820). denounced your true Patriotism. You have no representation in the current government.

Then the filthy fucking pigs not only trampled your beloved flag (https://t.me/CoronaChanNews/32943) but they killed an unarmed Air Force veteran name Ashley Babbitt (https://t.me/DevonStack/541). She could’ve been your sister, your wife, your own mother..

Every politician has her blood on their hands (https://t.me/boogiewoogieshitmayne/27026). These politicians are going to send every single MAGA Insurgent to the gulag as soon as they’ve finalized Trump’s removal and Biden’s Presidency.

The choice is yours:
Violent, Revolutionary, Liberty
Slow, Disgraceful, Death

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The useful idiots who stormed the White House on the 6th Jan. 2021 will find that if they do not continue their protests and take direct action against the beast system, then the ones impacted by this event will not be the Pigs or Politicians, but instead the dissident right. In any case, Trump and the rest of the establishment are calling for those involved in the storming of the Capitol be tried and punished. But not only the "insurgents" (((Schumer))) threatens; brace yourselves for further censorship, lockdowns and far worse.

If Whites continue this up until Biden's Inauguration on the 20th and beyond, there may yet be a chance for the MAGAtards and Qanons to actually make themselves useful and "drain the swamp" themselves. If not, at the least they have proven to all onlookers that even the power of the US Military, Police and Secret Service is no match for only a few hundred disorganized and passionate White men.
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💫 𝕱𝖗𝖔𝖍𝖊𝖘 𝖓𝖊𝖚𝖊𝖘 𝕵𝖆𝖍𝖗 ✨
Happy New Year

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🎉 Thank you to our 1,000 loyal subscribers 🎊 for helping us spread our message across the globe. For taking us but one step closer to establishing a new ethnostate for our people — a spiritual successor to the Reich — one which will end our millennia long existential struggle and safeguard our race for a thousand years!

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See you space cowboy

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With fake accusations against Hezbollah and unanimous criticism of the Lebanese government for negligence, a number of false claims have been made about the blast. From bionic pigeons to photoshopped missiles, this very politically charged issue has already sparked protests and dissent against the Lebanese authorities, calling for a return to the French mandate and an international court's assessment of the incident. Amidst all of this at least one thing is certain - rival nations such as Israel will inevitably benefit massively from the ordeal and the subsequent destabilisation of power.

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Surveillance video FROM 2018 leaked to social media this week by the family of a deceased inmate shows the intense struggle that resulted in the death of Shaheen Mackey at the Luzerne County Correctional facility. The dindu was hopped up on narcotics and/or having an epileptic fit and it somehow required a dozen officers to both restrain and observe as he eventually expires. The incompetence of the staff as they try to determine whether or not the inmate is dead and their pathetic attempt at performing CPR is astounding.

The MSM has taken this footage and news piece and ran with it, despite the Mackey family having just settled a $3 million USD civil lawsuit with Luzerne county. This is a ploy to further incite BLM riots and lend credence to the Defund The Police narrative.

"Hey cops - remember this? Remember when you arrested white men for defending themselves against violent blacks and leftists, and how your testimony helped send them to prison? Remember when you 'policed' all those rallies back in 2016 and 2015, and how you attacked right-wingers while protecting antifa?

THIS IS YOUR REWARD. You told right-wingers to fuck off, and we did. You picked antifa and leftists as your 'allies.' Now your 'allies' are destroying you. What the fuck did you expect? Are you literally retarded? The reason so many people have turned on you is because YOU - the cops - already turned on the people who might be inclined to support you.

I hope it was worth it. All you had to do was enforce the law against violent leftists and NOT persecute right-wing activists. You did the opposite. These are the consequences of that choice. Deal with it."
- Anon

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♬ Wir kämpfen für Deutschland ♬

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As the full extent of the casualties, damage & fallout in Beirut, Lebanon 🇱🇧 continues to be revealed, one must wonder (((who))) has and will benefit from this tragedy. Let's find out!

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Happy 4th of July to all our American followers! Today we should not celebrate upon the false altar of democracy & multiculturalism. Instead we should take the time to reflect on what made the United States so great to begin with - the All-American White Family.

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There comes a point in every civilisation's lifespan, where the rabble reject the traditions of their forebears & spit on their history believing that they know better. This faction of self-hating Europeans have teamed up with subversive foreign elements, hell-bent on destroying our culture and blood out of jealousy and spite.

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Even the most liberal and insane of white women can still potentially give birth to white children. This is something a non-white woman, despite the plastic surgery and makeup, will never be able to accomplish.

The pendulum has begun to swing in the opposite direction, pushing the Overton Window, now that we are the counter-culture there are increasingly more and more women coming to our side. They're not impossible to find, you just have to search with a discerning eye and separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Only cowards bring a knife to a fist fight, real men bring a gun regardless.

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♬ He might only have a third of the strings, but he's got three times as much style! ♬

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♬ Can't Stop Stealing ♬

I'm always stealing, it's not my fault
I steal electric shit like brand new stereos
I was in prison when I was born
I'll die in jail for being black cause that's my home
I got your cell phone in my pocket
I got your Jordans on my feet
Bust your door if you lock it, forgot to knock (oops)
I can't help it if I shoplift
Nothing's ever handed to me
Want some Sunny D and some chocolate and some socks
Stealing your bike, your bed and your clothes
Stealing your wi-fi password next door
Stealing movies that I download
I'm just a black kid, just a black kid, just a black kid

Nothing I do's my fault because I'm black, black, black
And the things I do's determined in advance, vance, vance
Born in jail, I never had a chance, chance, chance
I'm a victim of some fucked up circumstances
I can't stop stealing, I just can't, can't, can't
I can't stop stealing, I just can't man

I stole this badass car
It comes with leather seats and air conditioner
With power steering and cruise control
And flashing lights behind me everywhere I go
I jack your android from your pocket
And sell it back to you on the street
That's why they call it the black market
Get it? I got it! (oooh)
I steal your Envoy when you park it
And take your wife and kids to the beach
Should've locked it twice when you lock it
(Yo, cops)
Spend every night in jail all alone
I sell drugs since I was one years old
When I was two, I was shot in the shoulder
I'm just a black kid, just a black kid, just a black kid

Nothing I do's my fault because I'm black, black, black
And the things I do's determined in advance, vance, vance
Born in jail, I never had a chance, chance, chance
I'm a victim of some fucked up circumstances
I can't stop stealing, I just can't, can't, can't
I can't stop stealing, I just can't, man
I can't stop stealing, I just can't, can't, can't
I can't stop stealing, I just can't, man

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BLM and ANTIFA have a funny idea of what constitutes justice. All the rioting, looting and assaulting, even murdering of innocent people will surely end racism.

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"This is mostly a protest, it is not generally speaking unruly, but fires have been started..."
- MSNBC on the looting & riots

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They are just peaceful protesters, said the media. The [rioters] haven't been destroying anything they said. Justice and reparations they said.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

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