The Alt-Right is a Jewish psyop

how the jew creates an ideologies to ensnare non-jews to serve his purposes: genocide and supremacy

the jew seeks to conceal=lie
the Aryan seeks to unconceal=Truth

read Heidegger's "The Essence of Truth"

become Hard with the hardest White Philosophy available!

the jew cries out as he stabs you...

the 'help' of christards is genocide and slavery

the jews' attempt to trivialize the suffering of Whites as mechanism of genocide

the psyop of ((( the synagogue of satan! )))

when journalism becomes jewnalism, Truth becomes Lies

"first we destroy your culture then we destroy you"-a jew

the genocidal nature of expropriating property without compensation

"if you lie to yourself you'll lie to others"

the mentality of the J.O.G-bot (jewish occupation government robot)

the mentality of the bourgeois...

government orderly and chaotic

the lie the jew operates on the basis of

the kosher psyop of NO-FAP: suppressing the White Male sex drive as means of:
driving him into the church; banning porn and censoring speech

the pigheaded nature of the christard and other abrahamists

the bourgeois class refuse to face the suffering of the White Poor and refuse to understand there is no (((White Privilege)))

how the jews confuse language to subvert society

imagine a world without non-whites...

Imagine a world without Whites...

Hard as adamant

no fence sitters

christ-insanity is anti-white: either race or (((grace)))


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