Dramatic situations call for dramatic changes. White people are adapting to the increasing pressure by the socio-political environment in Western countries. To fight the blatant discrimination against us we will build our own economies serving whites and pro-white non-whites locally and globally.

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2-15-19 Liv Heide The Founder of WhiteDate.Net ¦ The After Party ¦ No White Guilt ¦ The Great Order

The fact that YouTube censored THIS interview right away by putting it into limited state is just another proof that we are dealing with an antagonist that wants whites dead.
Their biggest fear is to see us withdrawing from their system and getting organized to peacefully pursue our interests. They would prefer us rallying in the streets to be able to accuse us of (fill in the blank) but seeing white build self-sufficient families and exclusive communities is their worst nightmare.

For those who are just having a heart attack because they have been brainwashed into believing that the word 'Hail' is somehow evil please note that it is an ancient European term to cheer, salute, greet, welcome or to approve enthusiastically of something or to publicly praise someone. If we can hail a taxi, we can, in good conscience, hail White Survival.

New Year's Resolution

Not advice but a suggestion.

Never understood the hysteria about the 14 words. It's natural to want your people to survive and thrive.
Saying "We need to ensure the existence of our people and a future for White children" is considered to be extremist by some people who apparently do not want Whites to exist.
Just replace White with Black, Indian, Arabic, Mexican, Jewish or Japanese and everything would be just fine. Anybody seeing a double standard here?

The suicide rate of white men in the United States of America has been skyrocketing, no wonder as the war on white men has been intensifying for decades now. If you are one of those men in or outside of the US who are about to make a decision I have a message for you. At the very end.
With many thanks to John Young of wvwnews.net for bringing this subject to my attention and for proof reading and refining the text.

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