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link to the script
side note this doesn't work with nginx


Apparently that is called a mute Swan

IDK i was bored when i made this

this video is a reminder why i dont do videos like this and also im back on discord even though i really dont want to be
also my empty shell of a discord server is still up you can join it here

heres the ip address to the site
one of the main problems of the yggdrasil network or
any mesh network is trying to find a domain name
so sadly i have to give you the ipv6 address to the site
unless your willing to install kadnode heres a link to both
of the application im using



cabal chat is a p2p IRC like chat network

this video explains my thought on about the gameboy alarm clock

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twtxt is a decentralized microblogging platform for hackers
before you get any ideas im changing my password once i start hosting my instance of it
the client

the server

testing le track mode

I just got a new drone and I'm just testing it out

just playing a quick round of zombies

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here's my thoughts on the elusive human raccoon which is a channel i came a cross wile i was browsing vidlii feeling numb after drowning my self with my favorite cider beer and found his website quite interesting i also bare with me i was still buzzed during the making of this video

heres my 2 cents on belle delphine

project warlock is a doom like game mix with a RPG one


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