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May 29, 2017 / 57

Popeyes $5 Sweet & Crunchy Tenders Smok'n Pepper Jam Sauce REVIEW

Whitfield's Food Revue heads to Popeyes to review the new $5 Sweet & Crunchy Tenders w/ the new Smok'n' Pepper Jam Sauce!

About Popeyes : Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is an American multinational chai..



May 26, 2017 / 96

DIY Chicken Zinger Sandwich CopyCat Recipe

Whitfield's Food Revue DIY KFC Chicken Zinger Sandwich / Burger whatever you want to call it... it's damn good is what I call this copycat recipe!!
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May 25, 2017 / 394

Pepsi Fire! Cinnamon Pepsi Soda Review

Whitfield's Food Revue snags a bottle of Pepsi Fire, aka Cinnamon Pepsi from Publix and give it thee ol college try. See what we think!
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May 23, 2017 / 130

Arby's Pizza Slider Review

Whitfield's Food Revue heads to Arby's to review their new Pizza Slider. Check out www.Arbys.com for menu, nutritional info and to find an Arby's near you.
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May 23, 2017 / 256

Papa John's New Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza Review

The Whitfield's head to Papa John's to review the new Bacon Cheddar Burger Pizza! This is a pizza topped w/ ground hamburger, bacon, pickles, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and a zest sauce. It's a limit..



May 20, 2017 / 158

๐Ÿ”Steak 'N Shake - Bacon 'N Cheese Triple EXTREME! Review ๐Ÿ”

Whitfield's Food Revue heads to Steak 'N Shake to Review their new Bacon 'n Cheese Triple Extreme Steakburger!
Three patties w/ layers of cheese and bacon inbetween each one.
This was $7.99 before t..



May 18, 2017 / 120

Big Mac N Cheetos Burger Mash Up Review (McDonald's VS Burger King)

Let's merge the McDonald's Big Mac w/ The Burger King Mac 'N Cheetos for the BIG MAC 'N CHEETOS Burger! Review.
Ronald and The King may not get along in a real life, but in our world we can make th..



May 16, 2017 / 138

XXL Mexican Pizza CopyCat Recipe

The problem w/ the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is that it is not actually pizza sized. Well, we took care of that w/ this, the XXL Mexican Pizza DIY CopyCat recipe!

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May 14, 2017 / 141

CopyCat Baby Back Rib Thickburger Recipe

A DIY Copycat Recipe of the Hardees Carl's Jr Baby Back Rib Thickburger! Also a in turn a boneless baby back rib recipe too.
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May 11, 2017 / 141

Taco Bell Chickstar Crunchwrap Review (fixed)

Whitfield's Food Revue review the Chickstar Crunchwrap from Taco Bell!
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