Michael Caine & Julie Walters [1983]

Heres a few more versions.... found these on ******* haha

This was my brothers vhs tape from the 80s, its like when you used to tape the radio, but he tried doing that with tv shows, it never looks good with all the cutting bits off or recording a little too late, but this is what shit we had in the 80s.. The first bit is from Band Aid and getting the singers and song together.. like a little time capsule. was great watching updates every so often until it was finished... The 80s were like Korean meatballs, they were the dogs bollocks :) Its only an hour so you might as well watch it all :P see what you missed out on [unless your an old fart like me] :P

David Coleman in the chair, team captains Bill Beaumont & Ian Botham, guests are Steve Bruce, Laura Davies, Jonathan Edwards & John Parrott.... Part of the old VHS shite im going through, enjoy an old show before it went really crap and now its not worth watching......

VHS Shite quality, Isle Of Man TT Races 1997. This is crap quality but im sure in this big box of videos, there is a better quality TT Race video. This was on Sky TV, so expect some shite, then again i said its shite quality, but im sure 1 person out of 7 billion might be interested.... the longer the video goes on, the worse it gets, once it starts stuttering, id stop it and watch the next vid....


1982.... a great year, well it was for me :)


1996... things are about to get Spicy ;)


Been going through a pile of old vhs tapes, some are really bad quality but i might post one every so often, still got about 40 to go and no, they arent mine, only thing i knew what to do with vhs tapes was to put porn on them haha.... Lots of these are about holiday destinations in the UK, ie, Isle Of Man, Jersey, Scotland.... Theres even a wedding video that i might post [and get told off because its a wedding in my family].... They might all be shit or you could be interested in some, but i need something to post... Anyway...... Enjoy a look round at my part of the country [even though these could be very old]

This supposed to be at the Palladium... which Palladium, i dont know haha... So its New York :)
Who unplugged the mic haha

As usual, i'll be watching while you are, maybe a few seconds before you but im sure we'll all enjoy it :) Any blips, fook ups or whatever, then we'll just have to cope, if its ok, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.... Yay Save A Prayer

18th June 2022

This was meant to be posted during lockdown.. Better late than never, or some would say better never at all :P

2nd Half - 23rd June 2022

1st Half - 23rd June 2022
Had to split it due to file size

Christmas Special 1992
Oh ****, thats the last of 1992... now what to post...

17th Dec 1992

10th Dec 1992

3rd Dec 1992
wtf - blips??

26th November 1992

19th November 1992

12th Nov 1992


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