If you know what is going off, don't be just a spectator.
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Stunning work from Dr Martin's team reveals a well-planned, long and sordid lead up to the very deliberate creation of the current supposed Covid epidemic. He makes it clear that the whole idea of fighting a virus is indeed just a cover to vaccinate every last one of us. In line with comments from the likes of Mike Yeadon, the suggestion is that whatever disease spiked in Spring 2020 is long gone and all the 'variants' are just pure fiction - with the PCR tests being also engineered to help propagate a litany of lies. Shocking, though not really surprising ...

It's easy to just think of people at the top as all being in cahoots with each other, but maybe they should be seen as more trapped in their positions than even the ordinary person. Yes - it might seem they could do something but they choose not to just because they're awful people but, without making excuses for them, they are arguably more psychologically enslaved and frightened than any. Let's face it: if and when this all unravels, they might be at the front of the firing line. They're cursed whatever they do. Karma's a bitch ...

Amidst stories of numerous really weird effects of Covid jabs, some surely are fake. So, are some of those stories being planted to ridicule so-called 'anti-vaxxers' by trying to first fool them into believing total nonsense? Some of the stories sound just too tall to believe. Best just stick with the ugly facts we already know. Elvis is not alive on the moon in a B52 bomber until I see it with my own eyes. And at that point, I'm off to see the psychiatrist ...

Although few of us humans would argue about us being in a mess, we seem unable to agree how or why we got here or what to do about it. For me it is quite simple - although not so easy to put into words. See if you can figure out whatever I'm on about ...

Kelly Brogan is one of the foremost new thinkers of proper and radically appropriate healthcare - the caring for self. Without looking out for ourselves how are we ever going to look after one another? This vid may suit the ladies more, but I found the basic ideas pretty universal, wonderfully refreshing and truly enlightening inasmuch as I felt less heavy after watching it. For what it is worth, the end quote pretty well sums up my view of the current situation.

The recent turn of world events and the way media is covering them are revealing previously unseen deep divisions in human ideas. But if the darkness seems darker than ever, it may just be that the darkest hour truly is just before dawn. Spreading the light and lifting the weight off the shoulders of those who are cowered in fear can't be a bad thing - however hard it might sometimes seem.

We are living through a period in which understanding mind, body and the relationship between them (if they are even to be considered separate) has never been more important. Many of us feel there is a viable future for humanity if we can only break people's fears and doubts with a healthy dose of truth and mental daylight. But what about the fools around us...

Behind this superficially amusing topic lies a great mockery of our species and its wayward behaviour ...

The internationally active lawyer and co-founder of the Corona Committee (www.corona-ausschuss.de) Dr. Reiner Fuellmich summarizes the results after one year of research.
Thanks to Betty for the translation from the original German to English, and the voice-over.

This week's exposé of Facebook's extensive and well-organised demotion of vaccine hesitancy content raises some interesting questions as regards where the real powerbrokers lie. The Facebook whistle-blowers suggest Zuckerberg is being manipulated by outside forces - something not too surprising given he arguably heads up the world's most influential media channel. So the next time someone asks you to lay out in front of them exactly how your conspiracy theory fits together, you can make a good argument that its structure is simply too complex and extensive for anyone at all to fully understand - including you. We do not need knowledge about the structure of a wasps' nest to recognise one and know that things can get pretty nasty once you start poking about.
The Project Veritas video is added at the end in case you have not seen it.

Whether you want to rescue humanity or just rescue yourself from this current mess, telling yourself there is nothing you can do - as seems to be the conviction of many - is shooting yourself in the foot. You only get one shot at life. This is not a dry run. Make a choice: take charge, or feel sorry for yourself as others abuse you.

We need to stop pretending everything is just fine. Everything is absolutely not just fine. How did we humans get here? No other species has messed up so spectacularly. And now things have ratcheted up yet another notch. It's time to start again - and the first step is about freeing our minds from enslavement to authoritarian structures.

Source: https://youtu.be/YboxMsgphtc
Katharina Micada, German singer and actress, explains to us how singing is overrated and why living a healthy life doesn't help to boost our immune system... we want to keep on singing, again... ;-)
Endlich Singverbot! #allesdichtmachen2.0
Translation and voice-over: Betty

The Health Ranger Report from Mike Adams on Brighteon.com

A rather philosophical run-down of why "science" is in fact a flawed ideological position - as can be reasoned from the beliefs of science itself. Particularly in the area of medical science, it can be reasoned that what we are sold as "science" is anything but true science, even if it may appear beneficial.

Dr. med. Paul Brandenburg, Berlin : https://youtu.be/TyJ_8yjEEAE
Translation and voice over : Betty
After the massive attacks on German actors who were even subjected to death threats and threats to their children after the action #danke-allesdichtmachen because they criticized the Corona policy, doctors and other medical professionals are now following suit. With video clips under the motto #danke-allesdichtmachen they declare their solidarity with the actors and thank them.

This video is from the World Freedom Alliance: https://worldfreedomalliance.org/

This video is from the World Freedom Alliance: https://worldfreedomalliance.org/

This English language video appears on this French-language site: https://ivermectine-covid.ch/videos-sous-titrees/ alongside other similar videos.

In France, Dr Louis Fouché has been one of the most active and outspoken opponents of all the Covid nonsense. In this open video letter he sets out a summary of how the attempts to silence opposition have had exactly the opposite effect: people are increasingly wakening up and creating a new world based on real and meaningful values.
The French version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9FA6_t5Zp4
English translation - read by Betty
First of all, hats off to all those who managed to turn the Coronavirus into a "world health crisis" - into a "global pandemic". Thanks to the alarmist media, thanks to the dictatorial politicians, thanks to corrupt and dogmatic scientists.
We want to express with this article all our gratitude to them. Gratitude which comes from the word "grace". Yes, we have been touched by grace, thanks to you.
This crisis is a revelation, an unveiling, an apocalypse. And after the apocalypse comes another world. We will never return to the world of before - no offence to those who still cling to it.
For several years, we have felt that many things were "wrong" in this world. Caught up in our daily lives with this confused feeling of "something" being wrong, we wandered around without really understanding, clinging to that flawed world to avoid the pain of separating ourselves from it. Fortunately, the virus and its burlesque narrative covered the surface of the globe, ripping off our blinders, leaving us to contemplate a disaster.
First, we tried to understand. I can tell you, we've never worked harder. And I’m going to unsettle you: we are all volunteers! We have studied all the scientific articles, all the information, laws, decrees, rules. We have read all the information, both from the mainstream media and from the "conspiracy theorists". We learned to master the internet, social networks, communication, graphic design, non-violent communication... We have written, filmed, published, coordinated, drawn, sung, danced, created artworks. We get up at dawn and go to bed when our eyes close.
You wanted to impoverish us, you have enriched us so much: our knowledge is greater; we have discovered new talents. We have pushed back our limits; more than ever we are filled with hope, courage and joy.
You wanted us dead, but we feel more alive and radiant than ever.
You wanted us to despair; we no longer need hope to commit ourselves.
Thanks to you, we have been able to identify what we do not want.
We don't want to live masked.
We don't want to live in distrust of one another.
We don't want to live with the hypothetical guilt of "bringing death" to our loved ones by transmitting a virus.
We do not want to live vaccinated by force every month for all the viruses that are or will come.
We don't want a health passport, facial recognition, we don't want to be filed as data.
We do not want to be incarcerated in our homes.
You wanted to separate us.
You brought us together.
You wanted to scare us; we came out of the cave. Play all alone with your shadows.

You wanted to dumb us down in front of the television, we turned it off and tomorrow we will throw away all your consumer goods with programmed obsolescence.
You wanted to impose the health passport on us, to monitor us, to recognize us facially, to chip us perhaps? We are hungry for freedom.
You wanted to sell us expensive drugs of dubious effectiveness and safety? We’re following other routes to health.
You wanted to impose your vision of the world, based on eternal debt and total dispossession, even of our own lives? We are laying the first stones of another exciting world based on gratitude, joy and the presence of others.
So, a huge thank you to you for all these benefits.

Today I [Henna Maria] have sent a Notice of Liability letter to the Prime Minister and Health Minister of Finland. You can do the same! Please email the document drafted by the World Freedom Alliance to the MPs of your country today and demand the government to end all restrictions and sinister injection programs by the 15th of May 2021. Enough is enough!

Find the Notice of Liability documents and more information about the World Freedom Alliance's Hope and Accountability campaign here:

Title: "A case study on symptomatic cognitive impairment in association with membership of the Covidism cult"


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