Mads Palsvig is Danish and a former investment banker. He has since broken ranks and now is an outspoken critic of the world banking cartel enslaving everyone in debt and poverty. You can see more at his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC63niCOiJmpPgBcLk2D9wmA/ where he uploads talks in English and Danish.

The struggle between the financial globalists and 'little people' of the real economy is playing out in the 21st century much like the struggle between the totalitarian forces of Sauron and the free men of Gondor. The Towers of today are the central banks. They must me destroyed for us to breath the air of freedom and prosperity again. Suitable soundtrack from one of Rammstein's classics, Moscow.

This is by first attempt. I'll get better with practice ;)

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Part 2 of the interview of Michael Hudson on his new book on the historical pattern on debt jubilees to re-balance a debt-laden economy and why we need one more today than ever.

Michael Hudson interviewed by Max Kaiser about his newly published book - And Forgive Them Their Debts

Professor Michael Hudson explores the cycles of debt accumulation and cancellation in the ancient world as a way to keep economies prosperous and balanced. He contrasts this with our modern predicament of overbearing debt loads creating growing wealth gaps and dragging our economy down. Is it time we re-awoken the old tradition of debt cancellation so we can begin anew?

A short video by the Positive Money organisation explaining the fraud involved in creating the UK money supply - while enslaving people and governments in debt. This clearly shows how the City of London cartel of big banks controls the money supply - and by extension the economy and governments.

Their solution to this problem is typical of London-based organisations. They wish to keep all the power over the UK money supply in London by switching it to an undemocratic (and therefore unaccountable) body working with the Bank of England.

The roller-coaster of Bitcoin, amusing clip hacked from Youtube channel Daily Crypto https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC67AEEecqFEc92nVvcqKdhA

The official Bitcoin song? Some say a financial revolution is in the making. I hope they are right!

Justin Walker calls out criminal bankers and talks about need for national credit, and the public ignorance that allows the scam (creating money out of nothing as debt) to continue.

Michael Hudson is an American economist, professor of economics at the University of Missouri in Kansas City and a researcher at the Levy Economics Institute at Bard College, former Wall Street analyst, political consultant, commentator and journalist.

Professor Michael Hudson explains how bank and bankers are not part of the real economy. They have become parasites, draining our economy rather than supporting it by using the creation of money (debt) to enslave people and governments.

Although delivered in 2012, this speech and its contents are more relevant now than when first delivered. When are we going to wake up, start listening, and demand change?

Afshin Rattansi of Going Underground (London-based Russia Today programme) interviews Australian professor Steve Keen. He explains how the growth in private debt continues to drag the economy down. We are currently in a slow crash - and why conventionally trained economists are still blind to the causes. He also dispels some myths around the concept of free trade. He is all in favour of deregulating the industrial sector my insists the financial sector need regulation.

"The Eurpean Union is based on a series of insanely bad economic concepts."

Whose money is it?

Interview with Martin Wolf, Chief economics commentator at the Financial Times. A brave man.

I wonder if he still has his job?

Most people, including elected representatives, don't know how the money system works. We have been collectively tricked by the banking/financial sectors who is reducing us to debt-burdened serfs living in poverty (austerity) while the financial elites grow fat on their billions. Time to say enough is enough!

In 8 minutes economist James Robertson lays bare the insanity of our current monetary (money) system and reveals how its making almost everyone poorer while wrecking havoc on our ecosphere. An the solution is so simple ...

Richard Werner a German academic, economist and professor at the University of Southampton


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This channel is dedicated to exposing the global fraud of debt-based money supply where banks have been granted the privilege to lend virtually the entire money supply into existence. The result is that all our money is owned by a few by the few who tax us on its use via compound interest, essentially turning us collectively into debt-slaves.

Until we understand this system and demand monetary reform, social credit, or economic democracy, call it what you will, the human misery, suffering and premature death, as well as ecological destruction, will only increase.