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Fast Fermenting Vodka spirit run,6 plates in a 4 inch coloum. dripdripdrip.
Home distilling is legal in New Zealand


Making a small batch of Ouzo. Anise Seeds, Star Anise, Liquorice root and fennel seeds. Steeped in neutral then redistilled.

BBQ Pork Belly, about 5hrs on the charbroil barrel Smoked with bourbon chips and coated with a rub, and bourbon and brown sugar sauce.

First attempt at Low and slow on the charcoal BBQ. Smells good...

Seals frolicing

I've previously made Limoncello using this method, so I thought I'd give it a go with feijoa. The flavors dont come across in a distillation so maybe this will work.
If not I can always reflux it and use for something else...

Making a new wash of Teddy's world famous Fast Fermenting Vodka.


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Mainly distilling related videos

Unlike most of the world, New Zealand laws allow for home hobby level distillation of alcohol. There is no licensing or taxation of product that you create yourself.
There are however strict laws governing the sale and supply of alcohol. Any Home distilled alcohol should not be sold and should only be consumed at home.

There is a good network of home distillers at the NZ Homedistillers site. http://www.nzhomedistiller.org.nz