Wolverine must deal with his greatest foe, the perverted Doctor Daddy. Will he escape untouched by this madman?

This is a fan-based parody. X-Men are owned by Marvel and Disney. Please support the official release.

I realized it's been a while since I released anything, so I thought I'd share something dumb funny while I work on more content for you all. More coming soon!

Friends and I made a short film! It's not the final cut, there are some scenes getting a post-production SFX treatment, but I got to write and direct this one! 1st of many, hopefully! I really hope you enjoy it!
Synopsis: A young, emotionally-disengaged refugee finds a very different kind of horror from the one he left behind... and it's right next door.

The Derangement Affects Us All...


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I am a student filmmaker. My friends and I make stuff in the hopes that people are entertained by it.