Or maybe black cube even? Personal note: if you ever get doubtful what to do next, try considering the following. Remind yourself who is the constant enemy of humanity. Politicians? J00vvz? Globalists? Technocrats? Satanists? Demons? Fallen Angels masquerading as Aliens or New age spirits? All of the above. Do you want to join them and hope they will like you enough to share in their vapid dystopia? Preferably as one of the Haves instead of Have-Nots? It is possible, just start sucking butthole of nearest 3ma5on near you and you should be good to go as another disposable traitor. Remember that revolution devours its children. If instead you would like to live and die as a free man or woman (depending on your birth, not current year trends) do the opposite of what those chodes do. Seek righteous living as our Father intended, reject this babylonian society and false messiahs. Get out of big cities preferably too. Abandon the work-to-pay paradigm!

Is this your family/friends too? My prayers are with you if so. It will be difficult and painful but we are at separating wheat from tares. If they don't respond to confronting them with reality for the X-th time, you might want to consider leaving them to their own devices. Probably electronic ones of smart variety. Seek Father while He can still be found!

Some general but still valid words of wisdom from FP.

Use story of Devin as a cautionary tale, rather than inspiration to do astral projections of your own. It's gonna end badly.

More goodness from FP on the way.

Mirror from Faceless Propagandist who from what I gathered was unfortunately disappeared by powers that should not be. Even if he is no longer active his channel still retains a bunch of useful videos for waking up to the nature of reality we found ourselves in. I'll post more of his stuff since his channels on YT and BitChute were also closed. :[

Indeed it has. Either a whole bunch of nothing exploded or everything was in such a dense superduper black hole it had no way of escaping from it. Unless we use double standards of course. Speaking of those here is another pretty fun video from source channel - jeranism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRHcBX9Yf38
Don't give in to the mainstream Z10n15t narrative!

Since we are back with topic of 3masonry and mystery religions we can't forget kabbalah now can we? Here is an excerpt from very informative video series on that filthy subject.
Here is highly recommended playlist for full series from Jason S. Roberts https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoUlnwsY96PDo9pzs8Ik-Q9gTf-XMp4ZZ
Search for Father, while He can still be found. Repent from this sinful world!
Side note: turns out that Hidden Hand interview which woke me u,p was choke-full of that Hyperianism doctrine spread by Morgue. Funny how I circled back here after all those years.

It's high time to stop this hiatus and refresh some basic information. Hope you all doing well enough in new abnormalcy.
Today let me start with mirroring some content from channel I stumbled upon recently. Ryan Zehm. Here are additional links to his research
Bible Study on Pineal Gland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdaIdyTU5g8
Tartarian Christianity and Revelation (highly advised to watch!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7ANzFZoVqQ
We just might be in that part of Revelation where Satan is loosed to deceive the whole world as he pleases, I mean just look at current completely genuine events. Don't take no stinking needles!

Just another case of blatant predictive programming. Don't take the Mark, Number or Name of the Beast. Seek Yah.

Join me on somewhat random tour of Old Town and its vicinity.
At around 10 minute mark is this cathedral: https://sekulada.com/katedra-w-toruniu/
If I'll get some time off for another stroll like that I'm gonna post more findings. Maybe I'll even do some thinking before editing instead of just smashing "Create a random slideshow" button in my software (because that's kinda what I did). Enjoy!

Another excellent channel I stumbled upon recently. RtC has a lot of content describing and explaining Torah in great detail. Please check his videos out if you haven't already. https://www.youtube.com/c/RemembertheCommands/videos

Short and sweet vid this time. Enjoy and pray for protection of our true Messiah. He is coming back soon by the looks of this decadent, dying world. Stay away from new age crap. Praise Yah!

These possibly are some kind of drug delivery system, or maybe disease delivery one? Skip to 12:27 for said part.
Source Channel is John Calleb Warren, check him out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7m7KruKShW5xbwUTnU7toQ

Continuation from previous video topic. Source channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/conandrum74/videos

Back with some additional videos questioning the official narrative for the shape of our world. First off, let's delve a bit deeper into behavior of light.
Source channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/conandrum74/videos

Now for some back to basics type of content. Please think carefully if there is anything holding you back from dedicating your life to our Father in Heaven. If there is such a thing still work on getting rid of it. Completely. Otherwise that thing or habit or addiction or whatever will be used against you. It will make you take the Mark and betray actual God in favor of counterfeit. Pray and repent daily.

This should serve as an example to everyone. There is no celebrity in Hollywood (or wherever really), no matter how much beloved by fans etc. that is not corrupted and/or sick in some way. Either they are "just" victims of that establishment, or additionally they willingly continue the cycle of abuse. Either way we should not be enablers for such atrocities. Its as good time as any to cut yourself off from (((entertainment industry))).

A bit about jurassic shenanigans in mainstream science. Provided by Trey Smith

Just a quick movie to test out if bitchute will finally accept uploads from me properly.

Mirror from Trey Smith. A decent overview of some of the most famous occultists. Also notice how summoned demon Lam is quite similar to "Grey" aliens present in popculture. Demons and fallen angels totally won't use that disguise to fool the masses with project Blue Beam and alien disclosure! <=sarcasm

In this episode we will wonder about many similarities of Vaticans favorite idol with pagan goddesses. Meet Isis/Ishtar/Innana/Asherah/Astarte/Easter. Movie will also touch upon subjects of false alien invasion, (((certain stoneworkers))) and some other New Agey tidbits.
Watch, learn and discern!

Source channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0gkKMGpCgyun7OoEOseryg
Word of warning. Robert Sepehr while exposing a whole lot of sick and twisted agenda of both ancient and modern "elites" also tends to play the simp for ishtar/mothergoddess/queenofheaven worship at times. In some of his videos about aforementioned babylonian whore, he states that child sacrifice rituals in name of divine feminine and whatnot, were just a metaphor for stopping yourself from release of sexual fluids/orgasming and therefore keeping the creative energies inside you (insert any oriental/buddhist/kundalini/new age mumbo jumbo here). I find it quite insulting at this point in time where we have so much evidence for adrenochrome harvesting and institutionalized child killing - Planned Parenthood. So take whatever useful info he shares with a grain of salt and handful of discernment.

Nothing new under the sun, agents of molech and other demonic entities are still at it.

Lebanon got its drop of democracy quite recently, how about Iran now?


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As channel name suggests, that is exactly what I'm doing here. After years of living as atheistic hedonistic hermit, caring only about indulging myself into some new and exciting stimuli (mostly as connoisseur of vidya gaemz) I started connecting some dots.
Ironically those video games and other forms of entertainment proved quite useful in my waking up. In two ways.
One was being able to live through hypothetical dystopian scenarios in a comfy environment (simple example: not taking "free upgrade" chip in Deus Ex: Human Revolution).
Second was closely observing various forms of corruption in gaming industry. Everyday exploitation of gullible whales via loot boxes, Gamer-gate exposing dirty deals behind the scenes to name a few.

That made it easier to call out and name the jew. Shout outs to deplorables and mossad provocateurs back at /pol. Your shitposting was not in vain. And big thanks to all the Moonman artists. Many laughs were had with those tunes. During the above phase however, while researching Albert Pike (tied to KKK, which I researched in detail because of hilarious Moonman songs) and his occultist ties and whatnot, I also stumbled upon the "Hidden Hand Interview". I think that was the tipping point.

After giving that thorough read nothing was quite the same for me anymore. Thing is at the time of reading I knew only surface level tidbits about New Age nonsense. That they are into some crystals and meditation etc. Initially I liked the presented worldview where everyone has basically as many extra lives as they want or need to ascend and become master of their own fate. However, I did catch one thing that put me on guard. Hidden Hand referred to "Our Infinite Creator" as "She", as a female. And that's when it hit me.

I already heard this story somewhere.... That snake oil merchant masonic motherfucker was trying to sell me gnostic Sophia! And to keep long story short, that whore just happens to be Lucifer/Gadrael. With this ultimate paradigm shift, I chose to expand my knowledge about spiritual/esoteric/occult stuff. As it turns out, I already had a whole lot of that from being exposed to various forms of (what is being sold to us as just harmless) entertainment.
So yeah, I'm here now to share what I got figured out so far and hopefully help others to properly discern facts from satanic/kaballistic/masonic propaganda. We only get one chance to get it right.