I can't believe that people can't see...can't admit, can't work through the very basics..... like

What is a whistle-blower??
What does it mean? It means someone who is bringing something to our attention that which we do not know..... Right?

We know
The conversation was released
The media and criminal Dems are caught out
They never thought Trump would release the transcript
The coup is exposed
This is different. This is real. This is happening.
The sock puppet media are trying, and failing, to cover up the STAGGERING CRIMES and demean the AG and the constitutional process
Straight up lies - and some whistle and seem irked we don't chase the fabrication, call deep state rats whistle-blowers
John O Brennan - Traitor.

But the news screams impeachment
The links for the articles here below.

Hey everyone,
Episode 11 sees things heating up as the Dems take their shot at talking real serious like about maybe actually calling a vote in Congress about inpeaching #45 but are scared of exposing their members in "purple districts" to election defeat as well as incentivising the GOP base. It seems that a CIA plant in the White House heard some stuff about some stuff from someone who said something. The corrupt media are attempting to shield the rat in the "whistleblower" protection but fail to meet the standard of truth by some margin. The legacy media are actually editing up to 500 words from the now declassified transcript of the conversation to try to stave off the fact that Joe Biden is a criminal grifter and the deep state media stooges who lie by omission are only surviving on the cognative dissonance of their deluded followers and deniers of fact. A sad time for some journalism but a great time for free media, like you find here!

First three linked re: truth about whistleblower

737 Max (Boeing self flying plane/uncancelable auto pilot)

Here is one about the Beatles cut making the hate grade

China bond market tanking - world banking reverberations

What a time to be alive. There is proof a major military operation beyond the pale is operating (worldwide) about 4" under the surface and most folk don't have a clue. The news aint the news and the news aint in the news. Welcome to the revolution - not televised as advertised - digitized and alive on the peoples internet.
Kevin explains the vision, the gambit and his story. Don't be a sheep, don't be a normie, own your own mind - JOIN US!

Research the plan at

Episode 8 sees the boys getting in to a whole mess o' goodness gracious along with their dear friend and deep thinker, Gerry Gregg. Gerry is moving to Sweden to be with his honey and we are sure going to miss him here in The Great White North. If you like news and current affairs, this is the place for you. If you like conversations rife with insight and whiskey, this is absolutely the place for you. This is a big crazy world and knowing that it has good people with good hearts kinda makes it all worth doing. These are heady times people and the very survival of the species has never been so close to both the edge and the next great leap. Join us, send us your story ideas and please share this page after enthusiastically subscribe!! Peace.

Lucky show 7 sees the gang back and it was Greg's turn to bring drinks and he brought the Texas mickey of truth for this episode.... We had a glitch - as in an epic crash sometime after the one hour mark, less than halfway through our slate of topics from the news stories - such is the case when the back and forth goes a bit sideways too. Tonight's stories go from prophetic foxes returning to the Holy Land to the impending storm heading for the Deep State, lethal virus's and god knows what else before the gods saw fit to put us out of our misery.

Lots to talk about this week and Kev, Gary and Brisco have at it with a few juicy topics. First we ask the question "Will Michelle Obama try to save the Democratic bacon by running as a dark stallion or will she remain mired in mystery and intrigue in the shadows. NExt we three laugh about the FBI's latest slang words for pot and the microscope at all the goodies Great Leader Zuckerbot has acquired at the monolith that is Facebook. Turning our attention and opinions to monkey/human hybrids that our friends the Chinese are fucking with and the upside of non human bar contact before ending up with cool ways to shout at you enemy from miles away with audio holograms and finally the joyus news that P&G thru Gillette has lost a lot of money letting some chump with a chip on her shoulder marry her third-wave feminist filmmaking to an ad campaign demonizing their customer base - and there are billions of reasons to believe they haven't learned a thing.

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On episode 4 we try it a little more sober and we let Gary pick from the subject matter submitted by our followers. Things are heating up and as we hold the football with a big "Q" on the side, we await one MOAB after another of news - news hidden, news shaped and changed as well as some of the most astounding stories buried deep. Kevin, Gary and Greg bounce a few current events and try to pull the DNA from the formula to make some kind of relevant human connection. We are all in this together.

This second episode is proof that if you just keep going, you'll get there eventually. Not learning from previous experience, the boys once again polished off a wee bottle of rye like any good Canadian lad might, using the time to try to figure out just what the hell we want to say. Everyone has a story, and we are surely no different. Tonight we give a bit of a background on ourselves, and our hopes for the forum of ideas and enlightenment in these days of torches and pitchforks. Just how we form opinions in a highly censured, tightly scripted world without becoming a martyr or a statistic is our goal as we bounce ideas and opinions off each other - a little tipsy, a little clumsy but right from the heart.
PLEASE comment and offer suggestions and stories for us to discuss.

The debut episode of the latest offering from BOXO Studio - World To Focus. By grabbing a few headlines and tossing them around, the boys at BOXO try to shake loose the grain from the chaff, unravel the spin and get to the heart of the human condition. While time and repetition will surely make for a more polished product as we learn what works and what doesn't, we will surely look back fondly on this initial effort with kindness, as getting the ball rolling is often the hardest part. The trio of Kev, Gary and Brisco are joined by Busker l for a couple of tunes and his 2 cents in the very first of what is sure to be many great shows.

for use in new show -

The next big thing from BOXO Studio - WTF
World To Focus is a show that likes to go deep while keeping it light. Strong opinions can also co-exist with empathy and understanding when considering the human condition in all of this. The world is changing and how we see it is changing right along with it.
Using the prevails of society, looking at the new media, the old media, the fake media and the owned media, Kevin Barber and Gary W. Greenland riff on the current affairs along with musical maestro Greg "don't call me Chris" Brisco in a fresh way.
Freedom of speech and accountability reign as WTF seeks to please most of the people most of the time by reading tea leaves and headlines.
Bear with us as we get it together, play it out and cut it up.
Here is the opener/trailer recorded at BOXO Studio, animation by Tre Dawg Knight


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This is a news and current events show that serves to glean the bigger picture from the glimpses of news stories from around the world. In our global village, the human condition is seen merely as the resource to twist and manipulate to serve the corporate agenda. A world of free thinkers who are thoughtfully well informed in NOT something they really want.

Things are changing and we see this as the greatest turning point mankind has approached since the great flood - information being the analog for water in this case. The free flow of information and the commodity of ideas and opinion driving market forces and the democratic political process is being attacked and consumed by an ever increasing globalist narrative. By censoring and banning effective contrarians, controlling education, entertainment and media, our version of a "just society" is embracing many tactics and laws that frighten many who have escaped tyranny and communism. It is not hyperbole to say that if we lose citizen and alt journalism, we will lose it all. At the very least, it is safe to say that by denying the individual and embracing the crafted narrative, we will see efforts like this branded as dangerous, banned in a modern book burning with the only road to profit being indoctrination in a fixed system.

We will try to remain political atheists, decriers of hypocrisy and defenders of truth. We see our jobs to not only share the news with you, but to also hold these very news organizations we employ as source material to task on their reporting practices and we will see any politician or party policy attacking freedom of thought and expression as a hostile enemy of the people.

We will do our best to use the human condition to read these stories like cosmic tea leaves, telling a much broader yet very specific tale of just where we're going.

As always - keep the comments pure of idiocy and ignorance - send story links to [email protected] for consideration.


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