Robert Lloyd is the singer, song-writer, and musician of this wonderfully "haunting" piece of music, and gave me his reasoning for the creation (and the lyrics) of the song as follows...

"Of all the German baby boys born in 1918., about 80% of them were dead by 1945., and I will never forget this figure of the true genocide of our (German) people. I think of those boys killed., and how many Beethovens., Mozarts., Werner Von Brauns., Bismarcks., etc. were killed., and of which we will never be blessed by their equivalent talents in this now dark, amoral, and hedonistic world. With such thoughts., I dedicate this song., "The German Soldier"., to their memory".

Here are the lyrics to "The German Soldier" by Robert Lloyd

I was born in the Summer, of the last year of the war.
I heard that my father cried., when Germany died.
And that's how my world began., and that's how things would be.
Bad things did happen., to my family and me...

But who will remember these things.?
And do you remember these things.?
Now time has forgotten., the world as it should be.!!
And who will remember these things.???

Then came the Republic., and the Jewish conspiracy.
They stole all our treasures., and corrupted our society.!!
Then a man stood among us., and he showed how things could be.
Good things for my family., for my family and me...

But who will remember these things.?
And do you remember these things.?
Now time has forgotten., the world as it should be.!!
And who will remember these things.???

I joined the army., and I fought for our liberty.
Outnumbered in battle., we gave all for victory.
We lost our great leader., but NOT his vision of what we could be.!!
Our world changed forever., to millions just like me...

But who will remember these things.?
And do you remember these things.?
Now time has forgotten., the world as it should be.!!
And who will remember these things.???

I died in the Summer., of the last year of the war.....


'The German Soldier'
Written by Robert Lloyd (Copyright: May 30, 2012)
PO Box 60848 Ft Myers FL 33906

(Of all the German males born in 1918, 80% were dead by 1945. Who will remember?)

(Verse 1)
Em ----------------- G ---------------- C ---------------- D
I was born in the summer of the last year of the war...
Am --------------- Em ------------ C ------------------ D
I heard that my father cried... when Germany died...
Em ------------------- C --------------------- G -------------------------- D
And that's how my world began, and that's how things would be...
Am ---------------- C -------- D ------------------- D7sus
These things did happen, to my family and me...

C ---------------- G --------------- D ------ Am7
But who will remember these things...
C --------------- G ---------------- D ------- Am7
And do you remember these things...
C --------------- G -------------- Em ------ Em1 - Em7 - A7
Now time has forgotten, the world as it should be...
C ----------------- D --------------- G --- C -- G
And who will remember these things...

(Verse 2)
Then came the Republic, and the Jewish conspiracy...
They stole all our treasures, and corrupted our society...
Then a man stood among us, and he showed how things could be...
Good things for my family, for my family and me...


(Verse 3)
I joined the army, and I fought for our liberty...
Outnumbered in battle, we gave all for victory...
We lost our great leader, but not his vision of what we could be...
Our world changed forever, to millions just like me...


(Verse ending tag)
Em ----------- G ---------------- C ----------------- D
I died in the summer, of the last year of the war...

PS:>> If this music video has "touched-your-heart"., then please do your best to also watch the documentary entitled "Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany"., which can seen here at:

With 14/88 regards,

This is another one of the almost 90 videos from my previous YouTube channel (now shut-down by "them") that I unfortunately had never made a back-up copy of it to my hard-drive :(

Luckily., there were a few of Our Folk on YouTube that had copied it from my channel and re-uploaded it (even using the same thumb-nail photo / capture.!) that have a small enough subscriber-base and total view-numbers to keep YouTube from feeling the need to delete it (so that "They" can still declare some degree of "non-bias".. NOT.!), and so I was able to down-load it again., save it to my hard-drive., and have now re-uploaded it here.! :)

But the few copies I had found, had some "extra-footage" and repeated material added to them. So after downloading, I just re-edited it back to the original 11:00 that was on my YT channel.

Anyway., I'm just VERY pleased I was able to find it again., in order that I was able to add it to my re-emerging channel here.!! :)

As always., after watching., please share it (and any other videos here.!) with those you believe to have a true "Hunger & Thirst for Knowledge & Truth".....

This is a 2-part interview of Colonel Jack Mohr by the Pastor Peter John Peters of Scriptures for America, and was made in February of 1996.

The first half is about his experiences in North Korea, and the 2nd half is mostly about his experiences with the John Birch Society and Judaism...

Colonel Jack Mohr gives his personal testimony of the communist atrocities he witnessed while deployed in Korea. He shares historic stories, such as his encounter with General George S. Patton. Colonel Mohr also recounts his road to deliverance and how he became to Evangelicalism and further how he was awakened to the Anglo-Saxon / Christian-Identity / Israel truth.

He then recounts his experience with the John Birch Society and their cowardice towards him revealing the whole truth about the Jewish origins of communism. Mohr also offers his opinion on the possible assassination / elimination of General George S. Patton.!

This is a truly rare and insightful video. Not only is it very interesting as to its historical content, but also very inspirational as Colonel Mohr recalls many of the "close-calls" he had while in combat that should have rendered him dead., but God had other plans for Jack Mohr. It's a truly amazing account of deliverance and salvation through the mercy of our Lord, Jesus the Christ..!!

Colonel Jack Mohr's biography is as follows:

Jack Mohr was born in Chicago, IL on January 1st, 1916 and was the first baby born in Chicago that year. He was raised on a farm and joined the Army as an enlisted man during the early days of World War II. He served with distinction in World War II and Korea, holding every combat infantry leadership position from PFC, to Company Commander. He retired in 1964 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

While working with the Korean military advisory group in pre-war Korea, he was captured during an abortive coup attempt by the communists against the government of president Syn-gman Rhee in November 1948. He was tried by a communist "people's court" and sentenced to be shot by a firing squad. He was able to escape with the aid of a South Korean sergeant who had joined the rebel force. After making his way back to friendly forces he chose to stay in Korea. When the war began on June 25, 1950, he was with a South Korean infantry battalion, on the 38th parallel, north of Seoul, on the major invasion route.

He was the FIRST American to be wounded in that war, and received the "Silver Star" from Major General William Dean, for action during the opening hours of the Korean War. He holds the record for the most number of consecutive days on the "front-line" in combat duty without a break (276 days) from July 12, 1950 to May 5, 1951. He fought the war with a reward of $250,000 in gold, "dead or alive on his head", offered by the North Korean government. In 1951, he worked with American prisoners returning from prison camps in North Korea, and as result of his first hand experience, wrote and taught the first lessons in the "Military Code of Conduct" at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

Jack Mohr was a well-known fundamental Baptist evangelist, with over thirty years speaking experience, which took him into 49 states and 5 foreign countries. For 12 years, he was in the American opinion speaker's Bureau of the "John Birch Society". He became noted for his outspoken, uncompromising stand for "Truth and Right in Politics" (and religion) and his fight against communism and treason.

Jack began an in-depth study into Judaism and the biblical and historical roots of "true Israel" shortly before meeting Pastor Peter John Peters (pastor of "Scriptures for America" in LaPorte, CO) in the late 1970s. Because he had the courage to preach the Truth as God showed him the Light, Jack suffered much harassment and persecution from government agencies such as the IRS for warning people against the dangers posed by Zionism in our government and the Christian church. Even worse for Jack, were the cowardly attacks and lies against him by the false shepherds (pastors) of Judeo-"Churchianity".

Some of his battles were published in the "Spotlight" newspaper (now known as "The American Free Press") entitled "Korean War Hero Devotes His Life to Fight for America and Christianity", which was published on December 5, 1983, under the "pen name" of "R.K. Traveler".

In his last years (deceased July 17, 2003) Jack Mohr was no longer able to lecture and travel as extensively as he had done so tirelessly for so many years, but he continued his prolific research and writing, including publishing a quarterly "Intelligence Report" that gave insight and information into "things denied" to the America public, by the "mass media" and "Judeo-Christianity". He was the author of more than 23 books, and attended Moody Bible Institute. He won an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree, as well as earned degrees in Doctor of Letters, and Master of Theology.

On the cold bitter night of January 30th 1945., just 3 months before the end of World War II (as Germany was in full retreat.!) on the Baltic Sea., just a few hundred kilometers from the port of Gotenhafen (near Danzig)., the DEADLIEST maritime disaster in all of recorded history occurred.!!

Yet almost no one has ever heard about the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff...

It has VERY conveniently become an atrocity (in the true sense of the word.!)., that has been "Exiled from History".!!

The loss of life on that ship, was equal to more than the sinking of the "Titanic" SIX TIMES over.!!

But yet., the Titanic has been the most widely publicized maritime disaster to date (movies, documentaries, books, memorials, etc.).

Furthermore., the sinking of this "refugee ship", the Wilhelm Gustloff., which was loaded to more than FIVE TIMES its normal capacity (with mostly women and children)., and then mercilessly AND cold-bloodedly torpedoed by a Russian submarine., is by far., the GREATEST unknown AND unpublicized single disaster in modern history.!!

The web-link below is for the most comprehensive web-site on the subject:


As always., after watching., do your best to "pass it on".....

!!!.Truth Does Not Fear Investigation.!!!

Also something VERY important to remember is., "He who Wins the War., also Writes the History"

Yes / No.?!?

Although this documentary was produced in 1999 by a "main-stream-media" source., it discusses what in today's world (2019) would be considered to be some VERY non-PC subjects., in a VERY enlightening way.!! -- Though of course., it ends with a pro-PC conclusion of what happen to them...

DNA testing on the ancient Aryan mummies found in the deserts of China., such as the 4,000 year old "Beauty of Loulan"., has proven that Caucasians roamed China's the Tarim Basin 1,000 years before East Asian people arrived.

"From the evidence available, we have found that during the first 1,000 years after the Loulan Beauty, the ONLY settlers in the Tarim Basin were Caucasoid." East Asian peoples only began showing up in the Tarim Basin about 3,000 years ago.

China has only allowed the genetic studies to be done in the last few years., and has since issued a "travel-ban" on the mummies to be studied elsewhere..!!

And although it may not discuss all the aspects and details needed to fully cover the subject in question., I believe it does a sufficient job to at least "peak the interest" of others to possibly do a bit more research on their own...

This is another "classic" from the late Pastor Peter John Peters which was presented at his church in LaPorte, Colorado in 1990.

It's a basic "Christian Identity" (aka: "Anglo Israel Truth"), but is presented in a way that only Pastor Peters was able to do.!! It's not only done in a very understandable way., but also in a way "where the rubber meets the road"., in our present day modern life.!

This is a Truth that "our people" need to know AND understand., BEFORE any other way of action on our part., can even begin to "turn our world around" for the better.!!

May this video help those "sheep of His fold" understand who they are., and why it is so very important to know.....

Die Akte Rudolf Hess war nach seinem Tod Jahrzehnte lang verschlossen und geheim gehalten.

---- "Wurde Rudolf Hess ermordet".?? ----
Die meisten sehen in der Aussage, dass Rudolf Hess ermordet wurde eine krude Theorie. Die breite Masse der BRD Buerger ist dahingehend gleichgueltig und uninformiert.

In dieser Dokumentation sprechen Augenzeugen und Historiker. Angefangen mit Rudolf Hess' Friedenbemuehungen und seinem Flug nach England, seiner Inhaftierung und jahrelangen Freiheitsberaubung als laengster politischer Gefangener, bis hin zu seinem Tod kurz vor seiner Freilassung.

Besonders bemerkenswert und gewichtig sind die Aussagen seines behandelnden Arztes, der auch als Erster am Todesort eintraf, ueber die Gesundheit des 93-jaehrigen Rudolf Hess, dessen stark eingeschraenkte Mobilitaet und der Unmoeglichkeit eines Selbstmords. Ebenso kommt ein unabhaengiger Gerichtsmediziner zu Wort.

Rudolf Hess sollte zu Lebzeiten nicht gehoert werden und im Tode schnell verschwinden. Die Wahrheit ueber seinen Dienst fuer die Deutschen und seinen Tod wirft ein neues Licht auf die gelaeufige Geschichtsschreibung der alliierten Siegermaechte.

"Wahrheit hat keine Untersuchungsangst"..!!

This is an oldie-but-goodie "teaching-sermon"., or should I call it an eye-opener expose'., presented by Pastor Peter John Peters at his church in the late 1980s., and VERY clearly explains by the way of news articles, history, and of course the Bible., who the people of the TRUE "hate group" really are.!! -- Not only of our time., but also of any other time in the past history of this world...

Pastor Peters does a GREAT explanation., in straight-forward, logical, coherent, and amusing terms., not only who "they" are., but also as to "the why" they are, and most of all., why there is HOPE for the future to those of "us" who have an "ear to hear", AND a "hunger and thirst for knowledge".

May this presentation be a blessing to your life., and as it is VERY well written., "seek (and learn) truth., and the truth shall set you free".! And by doing so., you'll be able to make FAR better and beneficial decisions in your own life...

As always., after watching., do your best to "pass it on"...

!!!.Truth Does Not Fear Investigation.!!!

Yes / No ??

"The Truth shall make you Free., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad".!!!

"Harvest of Despair" is a documentary on the history and cause of the great man-made famine of 1932 - 1933 in which seven to ten million people starved to death in the Ukraine. It reveals that Joseph Stalin was mostly responsible by way of his ruthless confiscation of virtually all of the grain harvested in the Ukraine over a two-year period. The Ukraine was and is to this day., the "Bread Basket" of the Soviet Union.!!

This policy of his had several objectives...

By exporting wheat abroad., Stalin hoped to show the rest of the world that the "Communist experiment" was working, and at the same time, to finance the industrialization of the Soviet Union. He was also determined to destroy the Ukrainian peasantry who resisted the forced collectivization of their lands. These farmers, along with the Ukraine's intellectuals and artists were fiercely "nationalistic" in nature, and wanted their own independence. They were strongly opposed to the Ukraine being "absorbed" into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

"Harvest of Despair" documents this Ukrainian famine using interviews with survivors and scholars to supplement rare photographic evidence. It establishes that this "terror famine" was deliberately created by the Soviet Government as part of Stalin's decades-long effort to destroy the Ukrainian resistance to Communism. Since its original release in 1985, it has received many international awards. "Harvest of Despair" is a powerful film, which provides a rare insight into one of this century's least-known but most vicious "genocides"...

As always.., after watching.., do your best to "pass it on"...

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"

"He who Wins the War., also Writes the History"

"The Truth shall make you Free., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad".!!!

On the 22nd of February 2015., German lawyer Sylvia Stolz was sentenced to 20 months in a German prison for speaking at a "Free Speech conference"., in of all places., Switzerland., and even that speech was made three (3) years previously in 2012..!! And for reasons which will become quite clear., her discussion at the conference covered the topic of World War-II and the alleged plan of the Germans to "mass murder" millions of Jews in gas chambers.

In Germany, France, Austria AND many other European countries., to even question such a topic is actually a "criminal offence" (punishable with LARGE monetary fines and LONG imprisonment)., especially if such investigations or discussions will even SLIGHTLY cast doubt on the "politically correct" version of the official story.!!

One surely needs to be "numb to the core" to not find this set of circumstances deeply suspicious.!! Why would anyone have a need to conceal such a "watershed event" in history by granting it., or any other such topic., a status of being "un-touchable" AND un-questionable..?!?!

This is not the first time Sylvia Stolz has been imprisoned for "seeking the Truth"., as in the past, when she was the lawyer for (and subsequently imprisoned for over 3 years.!) in the defense of the "world famous" Ernst Zündel, AND that she is only the latest., in an alarming list of lawyers, engineers, historians and other professionals who have had the TRUE boldness of character., to examine this most "sacred of cows"..!!

Imprisoning law-abiding people for presenting information and seeking Truth should have ALL "free-thinking" people "up in arms".!! Instead, millions gather to protest the "Charlie Hebdo affair" (a French satirical weekly magazine, featuring cartoons, reports, and jokes of an "irreverent" and "non-conformist tone")., alongside the very same hypocritical "world leaders" who imprison truly courageous men AND women like Sylvia Stolz, and her defense of Ernst Zündel's "right" of true "free speech".!!

Likewise., "main-stream-media"., AND even most "alternative media", will give unending airtime to "ratings boosting" events like Charlie Hebdo, AND refuse to touch real news, such as these monstrous lies that form the foundation of our modern world and the unending stream of "psy-ops" (physiological operations) being "spun" upon our minds...

If a bunch of cartoonists scribbling degenerate drivel warrant protection under "freedom of speech", well then., so does Sylvia Stolz., and every other courageous individual that is prosecuted, persecuted and imprisoned under these laws..!!

We must remove these "infections"., and tend to these "wounds"., or we will succumb to this TRULY degenerative "disease of conscience"..!!

This video contains copyrighted video and music which is used in a non-commercial manner for solely educational purposes, and to advance the understanding of free speech AND social justice. No copyright infringement is intended whatsoever..!!

La Bas (Song of the Drowned) by Lisa Gerrard
Immortal Memory by Lisa Gerrard
The Lunatics by Fun Boy Three

Footage taken from various Hollywood propaganda movies:
The Bad War by Mike King
Hellstorm by Kyle Hunt
The Greatest Story Never Told by Denis Wise
Sylvia Stolz's excellent speech in Switzerland.

May the eyes of the world finally be open to the hidden machinations of a parasitic few.....

This was the first documentary film produced by "Scriptures for America" of LaPorte Colorado (ministered by Peter J. Peters) in 1988, and was actually made by his wife Cheri Peters.! (deceased 1998)

It begins with pastor Peters introducing the reasons why his wife Cheri felt a strong burden to produce this documentary which is a GREAT expose' on the little known "Sedition trial" that occurred during the Summer of 1988 in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

There have only been 3 such trials in all of American history.!! It includes interviews of many of the people (both defendants and lawyers) that were involved, and even one person who had been indicted in the "great sedition trail" of 1944...

This film is 68 minutes in length, and has a quality of about A8 / V7

As always., after watching., do your best to "pass it on"...

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"

"He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History"

"The Truth shall make you Free., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad".!!!

There's really not much I can add (or want to add.!) to the description of this video., that is., outside of its VERY curious title.!! -- It's one of Pastor Peter's GREAT classic "where the rubber meet the road" type of "teaching sermon", that he was sooo well known to give., in which he's able to VERY clearly AND understandably relate "the Word"., to what's happening to "our people" in today's world of self-absorbed, self-serving, and pleasure-seeking people.!

And although it may be a 48 minute talk., if ya take the time to finish it to the end., I *truly* hope ya'll not only enjoy it (he can be quite humorous at times.!), but also come away from it with a greater understanding of why "we as a society" continue to decline...

In his presentation here., a VERY angry David Irving recalls incident after incident., where the Holocaust lobby., in which he coins the phrase "The Traditional Enemy"., has tried to discredit., his up till then., brilliant career as a skilled biographer of some of the most important historical figures / people of the 2nd World War era.!

It's a very outspoken discussion about the little-known AND career destroying "modus operandi" of the "gate-keepers" of the traditional., but NEVER forensically verified "Holocaust" claims of large-scale mass-gassings...

This is an EXTREEMLY interesting and eye-opening description of how "political correctness" AND "the powers that be"., have made countries that claim to be "free and democratic societies" into what can only be described as completely biased and politically controlled "thought crime" prosecuting entities.!!

This speech is 60 minutes long has relatively good quality., as it was made from an old VHS cassette...

As always, after watching, do your best to "pass it on"...

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"


"He who Wins the War., also Writes the History".! Yes / No.??

"The Truth Shall Make You Free"., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad.!!!

!!..Truth does NOT fear investigation..!!

This is an old "VHS" video-cassette copy from one of a series of cable TV programs (made in the mid 1990s) that were done by Pastor Peter John Peters. In this particular program, Pastor Peters interviews Ernst Zundel not only about the fallacy of the movie "Schindler's List"., but also discusses (in depth) many of the famous "Holocaust" photos and false claims that we've ALL been taught since our childhood..!!

And just as an "FYI" to those who may not already know., but the book "Schindler's List"., from which the movie was made., was originally listed in the Library of Congress in the "Fiction" section., and then was "conveniently" re- classified as non-fiction AFTER Spielberg made the movie.!!

Actually., I thought it was a relatively well-known fact.! But for the benefit of those "seekers of Truth" here who don't know the details (which can be found with a bit of research)., here's just one "documented" example that can found below:


In the spring of 1994, before and after the Spielberg movie Schindler's List won the Academy Award for best picture of the year, essayist and playwright Bradley Smith bought the first (1st), second (2nd) and third (3rd) edition of Thomas Keneally's novel.

He soon noticed the strange disappearing act with regard to the word "fiction" among the usual publication data on the back side of the title page. Whereas the words "fiction" and "fictitiously" appeared five (5) times in the first edition, and the word "fiction" appeared three (3) times in the second edition, both words had been EXCLUDED from the publication data in the third (3rd) edition..!!

Smith noted these omissions in his Summer 1994 issue of his "Campus Update for Editors" During this same period, the literary supplement ("Focus") in weekend editions of the "Toronto Globe and Mail" began listing the Keneally novel in the nonfiction section of bestsellers.


"TOUCHSTONE" Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, 10020

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Copyright ©1982 by Hemisphere Publishers Limited Cover art copyright ©1993 by MCA Publishing Rights, a Division of MCA, Inc. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part of any form. This Touchstone Edition © 1993.

TOUCHSTONE and colophon are registered trademarks of Simon & Schuster Inc. Designed by Eve Metz Manufactured in the United States of America.

5 7 9 10 8 6

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataKeneally, Thomas. Schindler's List. 1. Schindler, Oskar,. 1908-1974 - fiction. 2. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) - fiction. 3. World war, 1939-1945 - fiction.

I. Title. PR96l9.3.K46S3 1982 823 82-10489 ISBN: 0-671-44977-X 0-671-77972-9 0-671-88031-4
The author extends his grateful appreciation for photographs supplied through the courtesy of Yad Vashem Photographic Service and Leopold Page (Leopold Pfefferberg) ""


This is a GREAT interview made in 1976 about Hanna Reitsch (the German test-pilot) who was born on March 29, 1912, and passed-away on August 24 of 1979.

In May, 2015, Ursula Haverbeck (an extremely "sprite" AND well-read 86 year old woman.!) "made history"., in what can only be called a truly defiant video interview (with Robert Bongen) done by a German magazine called "Geo Panorama", in which she "threw down the gauntlet" to the biggest "taboo" of our times. Namely., World War II "historical revisionism"., and no less., on a nation-wide German television station..!!

She coves such a vast amount of topics & details, and even near the end of the interview, speaks about a few of the TRULY disgusting topics in the Jewish Talmud... It was a truly "seismic" event..!!

In the end, when the interviewer says "You know the things you say and believe in., that the Holocaust did not happen., could naturally land you in prison"., her response is., "Well then, that's just a risk I have to take, if people want to do that. It's better to stick to your beliefs".

She then also adds a few notable quotes, such as: "If you will not stake your life., you'll never win life as your prize"., also., "If a people is ready to pay the price for freedom., then no one can make them un-free" It just depends on the price, one is ready to pay..!!

God bless this truly courageous AND well articulated woman for her bravery AND service to her people...!!!

"The Truth shall make you Free., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad".!!!

This was a Sunday sermon., or should I call it an analysis of the "Sheeple" that make up the majority of those that are a part of "Churchianity" today., or anywhere else in "our great society" for that matter.!!

It was spoken by Pastor Peter John Peters (LaPorte Colorado) in 1985.

I consider it to be one of the best of his "classic sermons"., where he is able to translate thought provoking ideals and observations into words that are able to communicate., "as to where the rubber meets the road" so to speak., along with his well known humor and sarcasm :-)

This audio file is 52 minutes in length and has a quality of about an 8., as it was made from an old audio cassette. Remember those.?!? There's also a few intermittent CB radio interference signals from passing truckers., as the church building is only 50 ft. from a small, 2-lane highway.

As always., please share here, there, or however you can., in order to possibly help those who are asleep., but who just may., wish to be AWAKENED..!!!...

Again.., "The Truth shall make you Free., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad".!!!

This video is only about 18 minutes long, but like most of his interviews., is VERY well articulated and more than worth your time to watch.

As far as I know, this interview was made only a few years before his "bogus entrapment" arrest for violating one VERY small immigration law (February 5th 2003). It was engineered and arm-twisted by "they" (you know., those that are NOT to be mentioned) in order to shut down the projects that he and his wife were working on.

This "great and egregious violation" of the US immigration law, was nothing more than Mr. Zundel missing the very routine "2nd interview" (30 minutes maximum.!) that was to be with his American wife (Ingrid) and an immigration agent. This interview is required to prove that they still had a "bona-fide marriage" (joint checking account, housing, insurance, photos, etc.) after being officially married for one year. This interview is required approximately one year after an immigrant marries a US citizen (at which time is the 1st official interview with an immigration agent). This 2nd immigration interview., is nothing more than a follow-up interview.

BUT., here's "the twist".!! What "they" did., was to change his interview appointment date to an earlier date., BUT without first notifying him of it.!! So of course, when he didn't show up for his "appointment", "they" just came to his home (multiple "armed-agents" at that.!) and arrested him for being in violation of federal immigration statutes. What an easy (and cowardly) set-up it was by "them".

The rest is now history. Two years in a Canadian type of "gulag" prison, and then another 5 years in a German prison. Now, as of the Summer of 2010, he was FINALLY released and was living in his ancestral home of south-western Germany.

The only thing is., he was not "allowed" to come back to the USA for another 20 years because of his violation., AND his wife., could not go to ANY of the European countries, for fear of being arrested (and imprisoned.!), just because she runs a web-site dealing with the same subjects that her husband has in the past.!

So., up until his and her death (just a few years ago) these two VERY devoted and loving people., could ONLY on RARE occasions (and at GREAT expense) meet AND hold each other again. :-(

In this interview., Ernst Zundel speaks about how and why he asked Fred Leuchter, the only known gas chamber expert in the country (if not the world) to go to Poland and scientifically research (to record and return actual samples for forensic testing) whether or not such gas chambers ever existed.

There were great risks involved with such a mission (the international political pandering to "they"). This was done, in order that this "expert" was to enter testimony in Mr. Zundel's trial in Canada. All this, in spite of the fact that Mr. Zundel knew quite well, that Fred Leuchter believed quite strongly (just as Ernst Zundel had many years ago) in the stories of "the gas-chambers" existing...

As always., after watching this short but very poignantly spoken interview., do your best to then PASS IT ON., in whatever way possible...

!!!."Truth Does NOT Fear Investigation".!!!

This is a wonderfully written document that appeared in a monthly newsletter written by the late Hans Schmidt, which was called "GANPAC" (German-American National Political Action Committee), and describes a view-point of Germany's National Socialism., as seen through the eyes of a German of a person who lived, worked and fought for his country., during the days of Germany's re-birth / renaissance.

We need to also remember., that the "Western point-of-view" of National Socialist Germany has been generated from a Jewish view-point., and that what we have seen of Germany (via the Jewish owned / controlled "main stream media") is through the eyes of Jews who hated National Socialism (for cutting them off from their parasitic, corruptive AND profiteering ways)., and wanted to completely overthrow the German people., so they could again., control AND profit from the German people once more..!!

This is one of Ernst Zundel's most enjoyable speeches he's ever made..!! It had been spoken at a conference, which was hosted by the Institute for Historical Review, on May 27-29, 2000.

Its titled "My Struggle in Canada", in which he explains his many "trials & tribulations" that came about for simply publishing a short booklet (about 30 pages) entitled "Did Six Million Really Die - Truth at Last Exposed".

Early on in his speech, he also talks about some of the first books he wrote (in the early 1970's) on the subject of "UFO"s, and explains as to why he did cover such subjects at the time.

Later on, he then speaks about subjects including (but not limited to.!) the "Leuchter Report", the David Irving versus Deborah Lipstadt trial, the Israeli / Palestinian conflicts, "historical revisionism" in general, and the strategies of informing others of such Truths..!!

His presentation here is not only VERY informative., but it's also a VERY enjoyable (and quite entertaining.!) experience., to listen to the wonderful personality of this truly GREAT and courageous., "combat-hero" for the Truth..!!

As always., if you find this presentation / speech to be of possible value to others., then pass it along in whatever way you can., and thereby to help those who you believe may have an "ear to hear" the Truth., so that they may also "wake-up" from the many years of "mass media" indoctrination / brainwashing that has occurred...

Again., how many times must the obvious be stated., "Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"..!!!

This is a video commentary about the book "Other Losses" which describes the attempt by "The Allies" (especially General Dwight D. Eisenhower) to systematically destroy as many Germans as possible after the end of World War II.

"God, I hate the Germans" (Eisenhower in a letter to his wife in September 1944)

One month before the end of World War II, Eisenhower issued special orders concerning the treatment of German Prisoners with this statement: "Prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts"

Eisenhower in his personal letters did not merely hate the Nazi Regime, but that he HATED the German people as a Race.

He ordered that these German prisoners did not fall under the Geneva Rules and were not to be fed or given any water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the camps.!

Months after the war was officially over, Eisenhower's prison camps were still in operation, BUT denying that they were prisoners., where as General George Patton simply turned his prisoners loose to fend for themselves and find their way home as best they could.

Eisenhower was furious, and issued a specific order to Patton, to turn these men over to the camps. Knowing Patton as we do from history, we know that these orders were largely ignored, and it may well be that Patton's untimely and curious death may have been a result of what he knew about these wretched Eisenhower camps.

When the book OTHER LOSSES found its way into the hands of a Canadian news reporter, Peter Worthington, of the Ottawa Sun. He reported in his column on September 12,1989 in part., "it is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions. His policy killed more Germans in peace than were killed in the European Theater"

"For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POW's on the Russians. Witnesses and survivors have been interviewed by this author"

It's well known that the Allies had large stockpiles of food and medicine to care for these German soldiers, and that it was deliberately and intentionally denied them. Many men died of gangrene from frostbite due to deliberate exposure. Local German people who offered these men food, were denied. General Patton's 3rd Army was the only command in the European Theater to release significant numbers of Germans.

Others, such as Omar Bradley and General J.C.H. Lee, Commander of Com Z, tried, and ordered the release of prisoners within a week of the war's end. However, a SHAEF Order, signed by Eisenhower, countermanded them on May 15th.

Veteran Martin Brech of Mahopac, NY, in 1945, was an 18 year old Private First Class in Company C of the 14th Infantry, assigned as a guard and interpreter at the Eisenhower camp at Andernach, along the Rhine River, and stated on February 12, 1990:

"My protests regarding treatment of the prisoners were met with hostility, and when I threw our ample rations to them over the barbed wire. I was threatened, making it clear that it was our deliberate policy not to adequately feed them"

"When they caught me throwing C-Rations over the fence, they threatened me with imprisonment. One Captain told me that he would shoot me if he saw me again tossing food to the Germans. Some of the men were really only boys 13 years of age. Some of the prisoners were very old men. The average weight of the prisoners at Andernach was 90 pounds. This is what I witnessed as a prison guard for one of Ike's death camps along the Rhine."

In the photo of Ike's West Point yearbook picture (published in 1915) he was dubbed "Ike the Terrible Swedish Jew". He was also nearly to the last in his class.!

At West Point Academy (at that time) it was a routine procedure to test a cadet's blood to insure White racial integrity.

After some discussion with the headmaster, Eisenhower admitted having a Jewish background. Although he was allowed to remain at the academy. The issue of Eisenhower's Jewish background is essential to understanding his psychopathic hatred of German men, women and children.

During Eisenhower's military career, his behavior was a concern to his fellow officers. When Col. Eisenhower was working for Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the South Pacific, MacArthur protested to his superiors in Washington DC that Eisenhower was incompetent and that he did not want Eisenhower on his staff.

In 1943, Washington not only transferred Col. Eisenhower to Europe but also promoted him over more than 30 more experienced senior officers to five-star general and placed him in charge of all the US forces in Europe.

Thus it comes as no surprise that General George Patton (a real Aryan warrior.!) hated Eisenhower.

Patton was keen to fight the Soviets, and reportedly kept some German units ready to move against the Soviets. Unsurprisingly he was killed after the war, in a "car crash", just like Lawrence of Arabia was conveniently bumped off, in a similar manner for his "pro-fascist" views.

No-one can do everything., but every-one can do something..!!

The word 'Genocide' does NOT necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation or a group of people. -- It is also intended to signify a coordinated plan of numerous actions., which aim at the destruction of the essential foundations, which form the life of a national group., all with the aim of annihilating the group itself. -- The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions., culture., language., national feelings., religion., and the economic existence of a national group., and then the eventual destruction of the personal security., liberty., health., dignity., and even the lives of the people belonging to a nation..!!

This is the very first video-documentary that was ever made by Ernst Zundel. It consists of Ernst Zundel along with a Swedish historian and an American military analyst, and was recorded in Canada in 1983.

It's a VERY detailed examination (made with numerous "documented sources") regarding the "Death-camp of all Death-camps"., Auschwitz.!

This documentary is almost 2 hours in length, but is EXTREMELY well worth your time to watch.!!

I consider that anyone who will actually take the time to watch AND listen to the entire video (regardless of the video quality) and then still believe that the Auschwitz prison camp was "the death camp of ALL death camps", is either lying to them self., or does not have the ability to "think for them self".!!

I also believe that the greatest disadvantage to a person learning truth (and un-learning a falsehood) is when they have an attitude that is equivalent to them as saying: "I already have my mind made-up., so PLEASE don't confuse me with the facts".!!

This video was made into an "avi" format file from a VHS cassette copy., of another VHS cassette copy., that was made all the way back in 1983. I did my best with cleaning-up and sharpening this video, and believe it is more than watchable for anyone who wishes to watch AND hear "the facts".!!

The quality of the video only approaches "good" (A7 / V5) especially when one takes into account that the original "video-master" (made by Ernst) was not only made almost 35 years ago, but also with a VERY limited budget "BetaMax" video camera and tape.

This copy (in "AVI" format) is about 300 Mb in size, but I do have my original VHS cassette-tape, and the digital "rip" copy made from it (in "MPG" format) that is a bit clearer, but is about 1.2 Gb in size.

If there's anyone out there that would be interested in, or would have the ability to digitally re-master the MPG file or the VHS cassette for the sake of "our posterity", just ask me.!., as even the original "archive" VHS cassette copy that Ingrid Zundel had sent to me some years ago, is virtually un-watchable in both video and audio :(

In conclusion., after watching this incredibly well documented and articulated examination of Auschwitz., do your best to then PASS-IT-ON., in whatever way possible...

!!!.."Truth Does NOT Fear Investigation"..!!!

This is a summary of Ernst Zundel's political outreach and struggling to restore the honor of his German people from 1983 to 2003.

By way of this unique documentary, it explains in vivid detail., how a powerful special interest Lobby masterminded a modern political kidnapping on American soil., in a last-ditch attempt to silence an "inconvenient dissident"...

It's also quite a revealing insight on how "Political Correctness" in our modern times has gone too far.!!

I don't know how much anyone knows about Ernst Zundel's life, but his wife Ingrid did a great job making this video., despite having to use almost all old VHS video cassette material...

This video has been produced with the help of patriots from all over the world. Join the struggle for freedom of Speech.!!

As always., after watching., do your best to "pass it on".....

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"


"He who Wins the War., also Writes the History"

Yes / No ???

In this VERY "revealing" video., the viewer will get a partial glimpse into the numerous types of TOTAL decadency AND hedonism (*Warning - nudity - 18+*.!) that existed in Berlin (and elsewhere in Germany / Europe) for at least a decade BEFORE the election of Adolf Hitler., and what "true and upright" Germans were exposed to AND had to put up with., when it was almost exclusively owned / operated by the Jews AND their "Goy" collaborators AND "customers".

It's also no wonder., that when a large portion of these powerful people ("The Chosen") had left Berlin and then emigrated to America (and elsewhere) that the "sexual revolution" was then "just around the corner" AND also., the "monetary inflation" brought on by the (for the most part, Jewish) international banking system...

This documentary will *certainly* remind you of what is NOW (and has been) taking place in America AND all across the world..!!

As always., PLEASE share this with others you believe may benefit from its thought-provoking & truthful content...


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I first began to place a few of my videos here as it became TRULY apparent that the wonderfully un-biased "bastions of freedom" (NOT.!) at YouTube were REALLY doing their very best to make my channel there "virtually-invisible". This had been done by means of restricting / limiting many of my 89 videos, by pre-empting their viewing with first making the following announcement to the viewer (though they were still available by way of searching my channel's video list).

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The above "pre-empt" then made the video(s) no longer a "related" or "suggested" video(s) in the "side-bar" of an "OK'ed" YT video(s) that someone was presently watching. Though they were ALL still available by searching my channel's video uploads list, via the (now dead.!) web-links given above.

Along with NOT allowing "features" (for viewers) such as comments, likes, sharing, "play-listing", etc., ((they)) even decided to hide the video's "view counts". -- One of which was only a few thousand views away from reaching 2,000,000 views.!!

I'm only interested in keeping these videos "alive" (ie: "feature enabled") and for viewers (regardless of their view-point.!) to be able to decide for themselves the merit of their content AND to also have the ability to make a comment., whether for OR against.!!

Please do your best to share whatever videos are here, that you would consider to be beneficial for others you believe to have a true "Hunger & Thirst for Knowledge & Truth".....

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I'm also doing my best to keep a spare computer up & running with this tiny program 24/7 (with the videos in its associated folder) to at least help in making my videos available for others to view, that is, if one allows a enough "buffer-time" and / or., to re-fresh / re-load the particular video and then to click "play" again...

"Truth Does NOT Fear Investigation"
"Who Wins the War., also Writes the History"
"The Truth Shall Set You Free., BUT at first., it'll Make ya Damn Mad".!!