Shawn Skelton, medical professional who took COVID VAX and is now suffering from uncontrolled convulsions


This is a real profile on FB from a real person ....,
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Shawn Skelton writes the 07012021 :
"If you are considering the vaccine for covid..... the MODERNA.... I would advise against it! I’m in bad shape! Everyday getting worse and I’m not getting help or answers! I’m scared to death to say the least! And to find someone willing to attempt to figure this out hasn’t been very successful! I went to 2 hospitals today, walked out of deaconess and went to St Vincent. No answers there either. They say let’s see a neurologist( who knows when they can see me) yesterday my tongue began to spasm and it hasn’t quit. Today my whole body has been convulsing all day! They sent me home!! I’m posting 2 videos that are quite embarrassing if you know me but I want you to see what’s happening to me!
Just please pray for me"

The implications/health problems involved.cytokine storm, autoimmune reaction and organ failure and death.

Dr. Richard Bartlett Joins Debbie Georgatos to talk COVID CURES, like budesonide. In Taiwan with 24 million people there are only 7 COVID deaths. (1) Dr. Bartlett’s letter to Senator Hall; and (2) Dr. Bartlett’s primary paper (updated)
The video is uploaded from her website


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