Here are courageous knights go again we go again my mini frustrations! In this episode of Castle Crashers, our heroes come across an enemy ship stronghold. They smash there way inside hoping to find anyone of their stolen princesses and get them back. But it seems like their visit is cut short by a triggering warring. Now they have to all escape together to get out of there safely. But don't worry guys, Team WYF never leaves anyone behind... Right?

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Oh yes guys, you already know we're back at it again! This episode has way too many bugs in it. It is time we take on the mantle of exterminators. Some of these bugs must be on something, because they are too dang strong!

Hey guys, guess who's back? Your favorite heroic crew. This quest is getting more and more difficult for our brave knights. Will they prevail through this harsh episode or will they me their demise?

Our very hilarious adventurers are back at it again in their quest to save the fair princesses. Get ready for some fresh rage, comedy, frustration and more. Let's see if they can best these upcoming enemies that lie ahead.

Our very hilarious group of heroes are back at it again! Lightsabers... Shanking... Action! Stay tuned for more of your favorite 4.

And our hilarious adventurers are back at it again! In this epic episode of castle, These heroes face off against some very interesting enemies. Can they battle till their hearts content and win to save yet another princess?

ThatRandom1 goes old school and plays Super R-Type. Joined on the commentary by TheRealestMinion, Dejun, Sub-Zero and Black Morrigan.

After rescuing the first princess, the four knights venture onward to rescue the other captured princesses. Their journey leads them to a deep forest with enemies appearing from every direction. Will they succeed or die trying?

After four princesses are taken from the kingdom, their safe return rest on the shoulders of Sir ThatRandom1, Lady Nightshade, Sir AfroMage, and Sir RealestMinion. Can they do it without dying a million times over or will the princesses be lost forever?!


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