With the presidential election less than two weeks away, #COVID19 has become one of the biggest issues between the 2 candidates. While they both seem to agree that a vaccine will be available, where do the candidates stand on a potential vaccine mandate? Take a look.


Trump and Biden Clash on Mandates; Details on Death During Covid Trials; America’s Frontline Doctors Founder, Dr. Simone Gold Joins Del



We have the facts and the evidence today. Yet we continue to sell #COVID19 Fear through the counterfeiting of that information, so much so that people are treating it as the real thing.
We’ve seen governments and health units go ‘fast and loose’ with the truth. In this video, I take my time to deliver a thoughtful, deliberated rebuttal to the current narrative. give a few examples of this counterfeiting; do you have any more examples? Leave them in the comments.
Don’t forget to remind the media, your representatives, your local health unit, and let your school boards know that you can see their counterfeiting and you’re not buying it. When you speak out, you have the power to get us back to normal.
For those who are curious, that is the Tibetan Flag behind me; on the desk to my left is an award I received when I was a Member of the PC Party for my ‘outstanding service’ to the Party. And yes, I am a Leafs fan.

Doctors unite to bring in a BETER NORMAL.\
Announcing the World Doctors Alliance

Doctors - Scientists - Peace Activists

W.H.O. Flips on Lockdown; 'MASK'ERADE Exposed by CDC?; Dr. Bartlett’s COVID-19 ‘Silver Bullet’; Piece of the Covid Mortality Puzzle Found?


If the mainstream narrative was a conspiracy...

Demonetized from FACEBOOK


While there are those who have cause to celebrate and give thanks today, our government has caused many to have little reason to celebrate, with the closure of thousands of businesses. As a Ford Cabinet Minister announces that COVID ‘is much like a bad flu season’, Public Health Ontario elicits panic, screaming “the alarm bells are ringing” and we must lockdown. How can both these statements be true? Watch my video and learn of many COVID contradictions that expose either incompetence or malfeasance.
Who is in charge of our democracy? Is it our elected government, or the unelected health bureaucrats?
What is becoming increasingly clear to all those who are thinking critically, is that lockdowns have become the religion and ideology of health bureaucrats, while science, evidence, and common sense has been masked and suffocated.
All this at the cost of the freedom, justice, and democracy we all hold so dear?
It is time we stand up and speak out. Sign my two petitions to stop a second lockdown and against mandatory masking. Contact your local representatives & let them know what you think of more lockdowns. Together we will return to normal.
Let’s all work together so that we can all celebrate and give thanks, and end these lockdowns.
No Lockdowns: https://www.randyhilliermpp.com/petition_nolockdown
No Mandatory Masking: https://www.randyhilliermpp.com/petition_facemasks

Kamala Harris an Anti-Vaxxer?; Doctors Defecting Catches Azar’s Eye; More #Covid19 Vaccine Injuries; Texas Rises; OSHA Safety Experts Drop New Mask Bombshell

TRUMP treated successfully for COVID-19

Studies conducted as far back as 2008 among health workers using surgical masks and N95 respirator masks (both sealed and unsealed) . There has been infectious disease outbreaks among health care workers wearing both types of masks.
Surgical masks are recommended by the CDC as a last resort

OSHA using the masks as a first resort, not following the science and their own hierarchy of safety and controls
OSHA even stated surgical masks are not tested under NIOSH approved
An OSHA director has stated that using Surgical masks may lead to adverse health effects


The CDC published the NEW Infection Fatality Rates. Here's my take on the new numbers...
OK so the numbers presented on the left of the screen might be off by factor of 100 (need to multiply the numbers by 100 to get the reall % values - probably done for comedic reasons) but the numbers are still lower than the rate on the right side....

FDA Acts On Mercury Fillings; Florida Open!; Moms On Masks; Doctor Arrested In UK Speaks Out; ICAN Sues Again!


What are your thoughts on this regarding Aluminium in vaccines? (3 mins)
full hearing here:

CT Public health committee public hearing on hb5044 the removal of the religious exemption to [email protected] for public school attendance. The testimonies went on for 22 hours here is only 28 minutes of it. I urge you to listen.
Eye opening statements by DR. Larry Palevsky!
[email protected] and medical mandates in general will be one of the biggest topics of our time, are you willing to pay attention or get left behind?
Where there is risk there must be choice!
Its time to end censorship around the discussion!
look up any insert and check section 13.1 you'll find the following.
13.1 Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility
(insert [email protected] name here) has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility.
Listen to doctors they say. Ok, so here is one but are you listening? #dothestudy #askquestions #science #endcensorship #makeconversationgreatagain #publichealthfallacy #health #wellness #share #repost #thinkcritically #thinkforyourself #think #follow #love #listen2doctors #follow4follow #scienceaintsettled


Rand Paul/Fauci fail

Flu Shot for Dummies
07APR2020 Study - Flu Shots do not work

Flu Shots Cause More harm
Flu Shots up to 1Billion pay out in vaccine court
94% of vaccine compensation are adults.

For not wearing a mask?
Arresting a mother, tazing her, inappropriate touching private areas and pulling her traumatized child away from her.

You Can Stick Your New World Order Normal Up Your A$$

Dr Andrew Kaufman at Trafalgar Square in London on a massive screen and
he completely destroys the CV narrative.
The amount of scientific fraud he breaks down is shocking! This needs to spread far a wide! Reject the new normal!


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