The European crusade

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Troops of the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler, marching in Nuremberg, on the occasion of the 6th Nazi Party Congress held there in 1934

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Award ceremony of the German Sport Badge to recruits from the SS-Schule Avegoor (Colorized History)

Avegoor was an educational institution for the Dutch SS, about 20 km north-east of the city of Arnhem. At the Avegoor estate from May 1941 the volunteers for the Dutch SS were trained in the NS-ideology and had a short military training. Although the training-centre was meant for the Dutch SS, it was under the supervision of the German SS. It's commander was SS-Hauptsturmführer Dr. Alfons Brendel.
(Confiscated war material.)

Confiscated war material: NSB propaganda film / newsreel of the NSB.

-Sign showing "Villa Slijkhoek" in a trench.
-Dutch. SS volunteer walks in the muddy trench on the Eastern Front.
-The mail is distributed among a group of soldiers.
-Soldiers' activities, laying telephone lines, installing machine guns, are monitored.
-Soldiers also checked during combat actions, such as machine-gunning, shooting with mortar, operating the rangefinder.

Sports competitions of the different parts of the SS in the Netherlands: running, long jump, shooting. An oath is taken on the Führer and the manifestation is concluded with a distance march.

Confiscated war material.

Report of the propagandistic Spiegel der Beweging. (Confiscated war material)

John Amery (14 March 1912 – 19 December 1945). He was the originator of the British Free Corps, a volunteer Waffen-SS unit composed of former British and Dominion prisoners-of-war.

Amery conducted recruitment efforts, and made propaganda broadcasts for Germany. He later gave direct support to Benito Mussolini. He was prosecuted by the British authorities and pleaded guilty to eight counts of high treason, for which he was sentenced to death, seven months after the war in Europe ended.

Fridolin von Spaun (July 4, 1901 in Anacapri, Italy – † March 20, 2004 in Geretsried, Germany) was the last remaining member of the Freikorps Oberland, famous for his street battles against communists and Polish insurgents in the early years of the Weimar Republic. When the Freikorps Oberland in Upper Silesia fought against the Poles after the referendum on staying with the German Reich or the annexation to Poland in 1921, Spaun took part in the " Storm on Annaberg " and captured the Polish flag there. In the 1920s he met Adolf Hitler , whose movement he unreservedly joined, about which he spoke in an interview with the BBCgave information in 1996.


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