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Jews come in different flavors, some deny it and lie until their dying breath and then others proudly admit it in front of God and everybody. Cunning, brave even, i must admit, but fucking foolish.

But thank you, for admitting the narrative for me, makes my job easier.

What do you think? Accurate?

In this fight we must give up our humanity in exchange for existence. There is no other way.

An Andkon's Reich Production

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This is one way it could potentially work. LAC is very good at providing nuance and perspective both from a historical and practical lens on this subject. Even if you may disagree with some points of his, his video is nonetheless thought provoking and he gives a standard playbook on how dictatorship can work especially from an American perspective. Great video.

So apparently this erupted as a trend on tiktok back in January.

Had enough yet?

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This is a mainstream history video so he does unknowingly regurgitate a few lies that have been well debunked by revisionists, however these lies aren't major and he tries to give additional context...he also does mention War Plan Orange. Other than that a very patriotic and extremely well done video on our country's navy. Definitely deserves a re-upload.

Excerpts From the Die Deutsche Wochenschau (The German Newsreel) on August 23rd, September 7th, 14th and 20th 1939 which fully documents the outbreak and the campaign of Poland and the Germans justification for it.

For More Information On The Danzig-Bromberg Massacres please check out this film here:

An Andkon's Reich Production

Debunking the false atrocity propaganda of the water purification detachment unit of the Japanese Army Unit 731 which has recently made the rounds on social media as the "most Horrific acts in human history" didn't happen. Watch until the end.

An Andkon's Reich Production

Almost Done 😎. Here's the Trailer

The accusations by Lazarus start at 57:27
Get your popcorn and snacks. This VOD is hilarious from start to finish, some road content for you guys and yes I do address all accusations.

Full body camera footage of incident.
Just archiving in case they try to censor it

In Truth. Richard M Nixon was the most popular president in American history and was forced to resign from office on the altar of the Jewish Psyop known as Watergate because Nixon was aware of the truth regarding John F Kennedy's assassination and who was behind it. Like Kennedy, Nixon wanted to replace the US Dollar with his own $1 coin which would have not been under the control of the Federal Reserve

An Andkon's Reich Production


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