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I decided to just turn my recorder on and speak my mind. Hope you don't mind. Great projects coming up. It might take a longer to get the documentary completed. I've been working on it for almost a month and a half so it shouldn't be too longer
As of now it's about four hours long so i hope it will fit into one file. I hope i don't have to segregate it into parts

Best of luck to you all. Kiss your girls, hug them. Play with your children if you have any. May God be with you all
Heil Hitler.



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This is an Incoming warning about Project Zyphr, ID2020, Agenda 2030 and the Coronavirus Outbreak. This film contains vital information that every honorary and western person should seek and view.

Thomas Rousseau Speech - Patriot Front 2020 National Demonstration

#PatriotFront activists marched through Washington DC and demonstrated at the Capitol Building in support of national sovereignty, and the collective liberty of the American people.




A brief description of the principles and ideas of National Socialism, an ideology of Christianity, an ideology to protect and strengthen the natural order such being, faith, family, folk and nation.
This generation will decide if National Socialism shall have it's resurrection or it's final collapse


Kennedy dare spoke against the jew in just one speech. He was killed for it. Had he lived i think we would be in a different place. Thousands are against this nation both on our side and the opposite. It must be resurrected. I will not live otherwise.

The final installment of the documentary The Jews Are Our Misfortune. Assortment of clips that have shaped and formed the movement over the years from different channels all across our spectrum.

Part Four. The Talmud is the Bible and blueprints for international world jewry with several passages stating that non jews are slaves to jews and that the Jews should rule the earth, rape, genocide and subversion towards Goyim are the most important pillars of the Jewish religion and the Jewish people. Jews to deflect exposure and criticism from dissidents have repeatedly mistranslated copies of the talmud to shine a good light on jews when the opposite is the case.

Part Three: Richard Von Cudenhove Kalergi's plan to exterminate the white race through immigration, race mixing, low birthrates and forced assimilation.

Part Two of The Jews Are Our Misfortune will dive into the sexual exploitation of European/White Children and the Jewish Conditioning of America and her people.

Within each realm of civilizations history there has existed a group of deceivers and corruptors to disconnect the other groups from the natural order of man, his consciousness and his talent. Every war in the 20th century was financed by this group, egalitarianism, communism, multiculturalism, all are established by this group of people. You will learn the extended truth about Zionism, The Talmud, The Entertainment Industry, The History of The 20th Century and this groups influence. I give you with my produced put together, The Great Misfortune. May this go popular and may the truth be heard.
Part One: Media Control and The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion

I shelved this remake for a few months because of other projects. Enjoy. I made it better.

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The Reich did not just preach to it's citizen's to think only of the realm, it preaches to us, in times of strife, it calls to us and when it calls to us, groups will come with groups, men will come with men, the folk will come among itself to declare, one revolution, one people, one reich out of many realms. Think only of it and do everything to protect it.
Es lebe die nationalistische bewegung. Es lebe unser rennen

Music by BloodSoil
Sequel to War Thunder and Ouroboros

We live in a much worse Babylon than Germany did or any other nation did. The only thing lacking is hunger, which is not far off. No one mentions it, no one speaks of it, and what we have to do in the modern world requires great dedication and great unity among ourselves and we have finally come together, not only on this channel but other places both within the physical world and the virtual world. Keep going, keep working, collectivize, unite and act for the future of your children depends on it.

In the end, the only option is victory, our enemies will see our triumph



Fascism is about national rebirth and collective action to put folk, nation and families first and its understanding our differences and that egalitarianism is unachievable within human nature.

In one part of the video i misspoke, i meant, unity, respect and cooperation doesn't mean eqaulity.
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It's been an honor to speak to you. If only i could address my entire nation like this. We are growing, rapidly, im proud of all of you. Keep fighting, keep speaking, keep leading, darker times are certainly ahead but it will get better. It will be done again.


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My name is Andkon, welcome to my Reich, this channel is for the purpose of enlightenment of non fascist people and refreshment of politics within National Socialism or Fascism. I am a ethno nationalist, I am a white Saxxon American. If you are non white (no heritage towards the Scythians or Europe) you may view my channel, understand this channel is not directed at non whites, if you have a disagreement with my views then please contact me if you wish on social media platforms I use, you can find them at the end of each video.