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Hi Friends,
My Mission here and in Life is to Raise the Positive Vibration of Myself, My Pets, My Family, My Friends, My Home, the General Environment Around Me and the Entire Multiverse as a Whole, to Provide Viewers with Helpful Information and to have a Good Time in doing it.
Please join me in my journey into a more Healthful Environment and Mental State in this next leg of my Life's Journey, here on My Happy and "Healthy Suburban Homestead".
I am an Artisan, working in many different Disciplines from Painting Oil on Canvas or the Outside and In of the House that I'm in, to Creating Container Gardening & a Food Forrest in My own way Here in the "High Desert" of Colorado or Making Earrings & Pendants Here in My "SEGAMI ART Studio", along with the Quartz Crystals, Amethyst and other Wonderful Aspects of Creativity.
Giving Thanks To Creator For All of the Opportunities Available To Us & the Wonderful Experiences that Life has to Offer.
Many Blessings To You All, Thanks And I Hope You Enjoy My Content.
R. Erik Weigand