A restaurant in California wants their patrons vaccinated before they enter the establishment. This is explained in the form of what is illegal about it and what the people need to do against it

Apparently this was recorded the day of Biden’s fake inauguration, Trump had some choice words in a very questionable scenery that mainly should get peoples attention.

Any council meeting they discussed how to classify Covid cases despite having other debilitating health conditions. They openly admitted at a council meeting

I’m one of the normal segments of one American news network They mention about the inauguration and then Biden being in federal custody and going to an arraignment hearing. What is this an accident or is there more here than what we’re not seeing?

What if there is a major scandal more than 20 years ago that was covered up by a more pointless scandal.

Any Canadian city Council meeting, a doctor Drop some truth about the Covid pandemic. His expertise is of a viral pathologist. He raises some very damning questions and puts out there how this may be political more than an actual legit pandemic

This video includes an image of someone who works for the Australian Prime Minister she tries to make it look like that she’s taking a vaccine but in actuality the cap is on the vaccine to try to paint the narrative you’re supposed to take it in actuality they’re not taking it because they want you to take it.

Portions of the 1961 farewell speech warning Americans of the military industrial complex and their long term plans

In the short video I’m about to show you how CNN is promoting open faced racism. They bring on a guest who does nothing short but physically attack the white when she brings up the issue about Democratic leaders taking over.

This was from a press conference by Boris Johnson. He talked about the vaccine And how it’s about to be distributed to the people in UK. But the slip up with the tongue is now raising some questions as to what is in the vaccine. What kind of an agenda is definitely involved here. Btw thank you for anonymous X for the info brought to me.

What if I was to tell you everything you were talking about COVID-19 made me something totally different. More leaning towards a scam with one major piece of information that I just found out.

I read the post from 5/13/18. Talk about the Iran deal, eu, john kerry violating the Logan act. Money and agendas in play here

I go into details about q anon posts from 5/12/18. I explain best detail what’s going on with the details of the posts.


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