Looks like Clearance isn't outta the job yet. After Don heard of Blue Estate's "death" he decided to have the ex-Navy Seal go into a party to assassinate the Russian mob boss. Not only that the party is populated with gun-totting Eurotrash shitstains, but hotties clad in red bunny suits that shills for the same meat company that owns the factory where the last level took place. Oh, where do I even begin with this level? You're given an assault rifle that shakes the screen every time you shoot it, which hinders the accuracy a little. Not only that, but the dog humping gimmick is a little more common now. At least you can see them all dressed up. You have to be very wise when it comes to where the enemy would pop up and shoot you immediately, at least there will be a bunch of parts where you can take cover. Me dying near the end was my total mistake of not choosing my targets carefully. Well, I'll consider that an example of what happens if you're not very careful about what you're gonna do.

Now onto the next story level where Clearance has to investigate a meatpacking plant owned by a mob boss to search for Don's missing titular horse. Now, this is the only thing I want to talk about at this level. Notice that you no longer have to deal with Tony's loose hair as an annoyance gimmick since you're not playing as him. Think you're totally free from that? Well, you thought wrong because there will be chihuahuas humping your leg messing up your aiming and you're gonna have to toss him off. There were parts of this playthrough where a chihuahua came in when a guy was about to shoot and I'm forced to take damage. I always hate it whenever that happens.

The second boss fight in this level was also a breeze to fight. All you have to do is drop crates on him to do more damage. You can shoot him, but it's useless just as shooting Kim Bum Sik. At least you'll get your 50 points bonus, though. There will be a few parts where he does a charge attack and you'll have to dodge it with a directional gesture.

Okay, here's when the game switches up to another protagonist of the game, Clearance. An ex-Navy SEAL gun-for-hire trying to save his mother from financial ruin by doing work for the same mob that Tony is running along with his Dad just to clean up his son's mess. Okay, now that's enough of explaining what's going on in this part of the story. This is when the game is going to ramp up the difficulty a little starting at this level, the only stress relief against that is there are explosives rigged up against the walls that you can shoot. Set them off in front of a group of enemies nearby and boom. It's very useful when there is a crowd of enemies while there's gonna be a couple about to shoot you. This level also has you collect my favorite weapon in the game, the lever-action rifle. Felt like it had the stopping power and it can pierce through an armored enemy and insta-kill them.

The third level of the story. Tony sure picked a nice bag to carry the money with just to negotiate with the Siks and I'm sure his dad wasn't treating him well. Lol. Now, about living through the level, you need to keep your eyes wide open for distant enemies that hide in the fog. There's a chance they might take a quick aim and pick you off. Oh, and I really should mention the special objects you should destroy throughout the levels. There will be points of the stage where there's gonna be special objects sometimes hidden in the background, destroy them and you'll earn points. Destroy them all, and it'll be a part of the bonuses you'll get at the end of the levels.

It's time to go back to where I started now that I finally got the girl back. Getting out of the club ain't gonna be easy because there's gonna be a bunch of gun-toting men that I gotta go through and a boss fight. Kim Bong Sik ain't that hard. You just need to shoot or throw back the projectile he throws at you and kill his backup until you get the slow-motion powerup by shooting it. Once you got the slo-mo powerup, empty your clip on him because when it's active he takes more damage from your shots. It's nice to get those 50 points whenever you shoot at some bosses without anything that would hurt them more, but in the end, you're only wasting bullets.

Alright, folks. Time to get started on a wild ride with this satire-rich action rail shooter game based on a comic by Viktor Kalvachev. The game's story mode is played on the highest difficulty Crazytrain and to beat it without too much trouble, you just have to aim and shoot as fast as you can. Make sure you don't run out of bullets before reloading since it'll take longer. The scoring will be here to make the experience better. You gain points by killing enemies, but the value gets added for killing enemies in certain ways like shooting them in the head or in the nuts. It's kinda hard to go for nutshots, though... Lol. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this part of the playthrough where you see Tony Luciano tear through a bunch of Korean gangsters just to get to his girl Cherry Popz.

A soundtrack exclusive for Wipeout Fusion.

From the Album Movement in Still Life by Black Hole Recordings.

Game Featured on-screen: XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association

The final stretch of taking the fight to the Chaos heretics! Time to mow down the scum and have a showdown against the Chaos Lord himself.

Alright, now that this is the final part of the playthrough, I'm gonna give my thoughts of the game. It was a pretty great one, and I totally loved how the gameplay blended in the melee combat + shooting very well, and speaking of melee combat, performing executions on enemies to regain health always satisfies me a lot. The guns packed their weight and it's always nice to have a sidearm weapon just in case you run out of ammo with all your other three weapons in your arsenal. The campaign, while being short, was pretty good since it has parts in levels that make you use a strategy or two for you to survive. Although, I'm not too concerned and focused on the story as much. All I mostly know is that you step into the shoes of an Ultramarine squad trying to liberate a planet being overrun by the Ork Xenos and then Chaos heretics. It sounds pretty simple enough for a plot if that's what the game's story is all about. This game was another thing that made me kept my interest in the insane grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000 while the first being Dawn of War (have no plans of making a playthrough of that game since I really sucked at it hard). Hopefully, in the future, we get another fine Warhammer 40,000 game that could be as good as Space Marine. Only time will tell.

After having our little showdown with the Ork leader, it's time to destroy the tower that happens to be a place of teleportation for the Choas and the Daemons. Finally found another weapon for my arsenal, the Storm Bolter. It's pretty much like a submachine gun. It has a high rate of fire and a messy bullet spread, so be sure to use it at a considerable range or else you'll be having a hard time taking out your enemies from afar with this thing. Oh, and there are a couple of new enemies that made this playthrough a bit hairy. I'll start with the Tainted Psykers. These guys are a serious threat if you don't focus on them along with a couple of squads lead by the Chaos Space Marines, and their lasers can rip you a messy new one if you don't find cover as soon as they start frying you with it. Then we got the blight drones, they're not as serious as the Psykers, but you still need to be behind something in case it shreds your shields away with its guns. Last but not least, we have the mace-wielding Chaos Space Marines. They're kinda like the heavy Orks who charge you while soaking up damage but beware. They're faster and a single heavy strike from these dudes can not only take your shields away but half of your health. I almost forgot to mention the Ork Warboss... He ain't that difficult to defeat. All you have to do is stay away from his grenades (kinda hard not to get blinded by some of them), roll under his machine gun, and don't get hammered by his insta-kill melee attack.

It looks like the Chaos has joined the party. And Drogan? A traitor! Ohhh, plot twist! Oh, wait... He was possessed by the Daemons... Was he? Alright. It turns out this game's antagonist isn't the Ork leader, plus we also got a new army to fight against. Not only that you fight against the Chaos Daemons, but you also fight Chaos Space Marine lances as well. The Chaos Space marines can be trouble in combat if you don't take them out and stop their barrage of slow but powerful explosive projectiles.

Here's another thing to add in my arsenal, the Plasma Gun and the Iron Halo. The Plasma Gun is like the stronger variant of the Plasma Pistol, but the differences are that it has ammo while it could still overheat. The Iron Halo makes your shielding stronger and more resilient to attacks, but you still have to watch out for heavy hitters and explosive projectiles that could kill you in like a few or a couple of hits.

The very first vehicle-oriented section of the campaign where you fly to a designated location and blast some Orks fliers coming after you. Later on, I get to finally upgrade my Bolter to a Kraken Bolter where it fires more slowly but is more powerful and accurate. These servo turrets were a pain in my ass and both of them managed to kill me because I couldn't find any cover quick enough, but it was my fault mostly. Not only they fire fast, but they can chip away your shields quickly, so beware when you see them.

Ugh... I died twice in this part of the playthrough and it hurts me a lot to upload this, but hey, what could I do? On the bright side, I get to fight new Ork units. The one that just shoots rockets and another one that has a heavy rifle and shoots a few missiles. You ought to be careful while they're around because their rockets can home in on you and do a lot of damage. Not to mention the Ork Shaman that infinitely spawns enemies. My biggest suggestion when dealing with these freaks is to take them out first. I managed to get my hands on three new weapons which are the Lascannon, Melta Gun, and the Thunder Hammer. The Lascannon is a pretty damn powerful long-ranged weapon and it can fry infantry enemies in one hit. I'll always recommend using the gun on tougher enemies in long ranges, and make sure you aim for their heads if you wanna conserve ammo. The Melta Gun is a pretty powerful close-range weapon, and I'll always recommend using it on a mob of melee enemies bum-rushing you. If you want to prepare to smash up a lot of Orks into mush, then the Thunder Hammer could help you with that. The problem is that the melee weapon is pretty damn slow, but it trades the attack speed for its power and AoE. It can even stop an armored Ork if you time your swings right. One more thing: Never ground pound near explosive barrels when you're trying to kill enemies near it. I learned that the hard way in this video.

Our objective. Find the Inquisitor and then secure a device while fighting through a bunch of rowdy Orks. Now I finally got my hands on a new pistol and a melee weapon, the Power Axe and the Plasma Pistol. The ax swings a little slower than the chain sword, but it can kill regular infantry almost instantly and does more damage to stronger enemies. The Plasma Pistol stronger than your regular Bolt pistol and when it's charged-up shot is fired, it'll stick onto enemies and explodes doing a lot of damage. Oh, and watch out for overheating...

Now I've finally made it to the part where we have to destroy the gun controlled by the Orks and their battering ram, along with their dropship. Also, this is the first time when you get to use the Vengeance Launcher. It's a little tricky to use properly if your timing habits are off, but it is worth it when you use it on crowds of green skins or tougher enemies that take a lot of bolter bullets to take down.

Alright, folks. It's time to begin the campaign of Warhammer 40K Space Marine, where you step into the big, metal shoes of Captain Titus and his squad from the Ultramarines chapter of the Imperium of Man and stomp into the faces of Ork xenos.

The campaign is played through the highest difficulty since I've beaten this game numerous times while being used to how the combat goes and what to do in order to survive most encounters.

Here's me playing everybody's favorite Firefight playlist, Firefight Arcade. Where the mode itself is less hard, repetitive, and a little tamer comparing to Limited. You would go into matches that restrict you to use a certain weapon but provides you infinite ammunition and there are also matches where you spawn with random weapons while the damage from the players towards enemies is doubled. From my experience, this playlist is only good for players who just wanna grind and level up quicker, especially on Double XP events that are happening at this time. Another playlist that is being played at the last parts of the video is Doubles where you are playing with one player instead of four.

One of the most challenging, and yet my favorite, variant of Firefight matchmaking to date. You fight waves of alien lances as your trying to survive. You're given certain heavy weapons to use wisely once things would either get dicey or when you and your team have trouble dealing with vehicles. If you survive the entire set, you'll be in a bonus round when you fight hordes of endless grunts and score more additional points as much as possible.

I decided to give two Big Team Battle matches a run. You may notice that I don't pay attention to what we gotta do in order to win matches, but it doesn't matter. As long as I get to rack up some kills and not get killed as much I don't mind winning nor losing.

I really do not mess around with the multiplayer as much as I did before in the Xbox 360 days. I usually have a lot more fun killing enemies in Firefight more than taking all of that time making sure that I find a nice spot to kill enemy players and not worry about getting jumped for thier easy kills unless I'm very mindless enough to play FFA Slayer.

This is it. The last-last level of this game's campaign. It all boils down to how long will you survive the last onslaught of enemies, and you can kill as many aliens as you can or die trying. At least your efforts will be remembered.

Whew! What a good campaign. It really shows you what happened before it was Master Chief's turn to fill the graves of the Covenant scum. It was pretty rewarding to beat the entire campaign on Heroic with six skulls on since your score is multiplied. There were a couple of levels I found that was pretty tough to beat without dying (Yes, I played through the entire campaign with the Iron skull on and faced failed attempts) unless you know how to strategize your ways of how to kill the enemies they throw at you. It makes me proud to beat them and upload them here for you guys to enjoy. It was worth the challenge.

This is it. The last objective for Noble is to deliver the package to the Pillar of Autumn. It sounds like it's easier said than done because there will be a bunch of alien squads in your path between you and the UNSC flagship.

ONI Sword Base has been dominated by the invading alien scum, and now we're ordered to go back there and blow it up. But there is something that we have to get first. Something very important...

Reach may have nearly fallen, but we haven't given up our fight to the aliens yet. This mission has us fly our Falcons and go inside of buildings and destroy Covenant signal jammers that have been set up.

Covie bastards have hit the city hard and killed many civilians, but it ain't over. Time to rescue those who are alive.

This is the mission where you go in outer space at the orbit of planet Reach and take on the Covies up there and destroy their titular flagship.


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