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This is a great video by Augustus Invictus on who the enemy is in specific.

Like this animation? Check out this guys work here.
And remember PRAISE THE FLOYD!

#svenstreams will return soon. Go check out the stream archives on - and check out the top10 best eps:
#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #blm #justiceforgeorgefloyd #breonnataylor #icantbreathe #policebrutality #memes

If you're ever feeling suicidal, remember, don't kill yourself, do something positive for society, and if you're wondering who the enemy is, watch this video here.

And always remember, these "people" would burn you and your family alive in order to smoke you out over some trivial violation of some unconstitutional law you allegedly violated.

Lastly, this is the best Minecraft tutorial ever made!

The lyrics are the most true lyrics I've ever heard!

The solution is to become Slenderman

Gender swapping minors is child abuse!

Picture is a still image from a vid from some assassination in Turkey.

Fat libtarded she/her NPC gets distracted and short circuits into another vehicle lol


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So, send me a message if you want to start taking back our future. We need decentralized small groups with the same goal.

Even bitchute is controlled by (((them))) as they have deleted/censored a good few of my videos that have given out too much knowledge.

Bitchute is a lie, it's controlled opposition. They pretty much use the same AI to flag videos as google. And they aren't doing it because they are forced to like some people claim, if that was the case, they'd say "sorry, your video violates EU law" or something. No, they say it violates THEIR terms and service agreement. So, I've given up trying to spread meaningful knowledge here and am mostly focused on simply uploading meme tier videos, most of which are reuploads.

Some of these vids are my creations, most of them are downloaded from 4chan and other sites so idk who made most of those.

Also, if you see a video on here that is yours that you would like remove just message me in some way.